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Olav Tryggvason kåres til Norges konge (1860) by Peter Nicolai Arbo.

The Norse history and culture WikiProject is a collaboration area and group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of the history, culture, language, and religion of the Norse people, both at home in Scandinavia and in their many overseas colonies through the ages, up to the time of the Kalmar Union in 1397. The best-known time period covered by this project is the Viking Age, but the focus will also be on the less-well known Nordic Bronze Age, Pre-Roman Iron Age, and the Norsemen during the High Middle Ages (c. 1000-1300).

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Map showing area of Scandinavian settlement in the eighth (dark red), ninth (red), tenth (orange) and eleventh (yellow) centuries. Green denotes areas subjected to frequent Viking raids. Superimposed over modern state borders

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The approximate extent of Old Norse and related languages in the early 10th century:
  Other Germanic languages with which Old Norse still retained some mutual intelligibility

For spelling of Old Norse names, see Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Norse mythology).

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