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This Month in World War I

British soldiers in Palestine following the Action of Arsuf
By TomStar81
Western Eastern Italian
Caucasian Middle Eastern Balkan
African Naval Air
Politics Asian and Pacific Gallipoli
Dates Events
February–September Allied forces occupy the Jordan Rift Valley. Details
March 23 – August 7 Artillery bombardment of Paris. Details
May 27 – June 6 Third Battle of the Aisne (also known as Operation Blücher-Yorck, third phase of the Spring Offensive). After initial gains, the German advance is halted. Details
June 1–26 Battle of Belleau Wood, part of the German Spring Offensive.
June 6 The RAF's Independent Air Force is established as a strategic bombing organization to strike German railways, aerodromes and industrial centres. Details
June 8 Action of Arsuf.
Ottomans re-enter Tabriz. Details
June 8 The Czechoslovak Legion forms the Committee of Members of the Constituent Assembly in Samara. Stanislav Čeček calls to join forces with anti-Bolshevik Russians to overthrow the Communist government and reignite the Eastern Front. Details
June 8 – October Germany interferes in the Caucasus. Details
June 9–12 Fourth phase of the Spring Offensive, Operation Gneisenau (also known as Battle of Matz). Despite substantial territorial gains, the Germans do not achieve their strategic goals. Details
June 13 Provisional Siberian Government formed in Omsk.
June 13–23 Second Battle of the Piave: the Austro-Hungarian offensive is repelled. Details
June 15-31 Ottomans occupy Dilman, Khoy and Urmia. Details.
June 30 Battle of Moreuil Wood.
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