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Welcome to the seventh Bugle for 2022!

Adam Cuerden has kindly prepared this month's article news section. It includes three new FAs, three new A-class articles and five new featured pictures - four of which were restored and nominated by Adam.

Hawkeye7 and Nick-D have contributed to the book review section. Hawkeye's review covers the memoirs of a British army gunner during the Falklands War, and notes that it provides useful insights into the role of artillery in the war and artillery tactics more broadly. Nick-D has assessed a work from the prolific Osprey Publishing on the 1943 Battle of the Ruhr, and concludes that it's a cut above the company's usual efforts.

Your editors, Ian Rose (talk) and Nick-D (talk)

Awards and honours

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Contest department

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The June edition of the MilHist article writing contest saw a total 35 articles created or improved by six editors. The winner this month was a new competitor (for 2022), Kges1901, who entered 15 articles that collectively earned 87 points. Kges1901 is awarded the WikiChevrons for his efforts. The runner-up was Hog Farm with seven articles and 51 points resulting in the award of the Writer's Barnstar. Djmaschek, Gog the Mild, Pickersgill-Cunliffe and Zawed submitted the remaining entries.

At the halfway point of the competition, Hog Farm leads handsomely with 284 points earned from submitting a total of 35 articles. Zawed is in second place, with 175 points from 27 articles, while Gog the Mild is just 15 points behind, having entered 15 articles. The efforts of Pickersgill-Cunliffe and Kges1901 in the past two months prove how easy it can be to achieve big point totals and be a threat to the competition leaders, so editors working on articles should consider submitting them for inclusion in July's instalment of the competition.

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