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Past editions of The Bugle

Index of past op-eds

Author Issue Title
TomStar81 November 2020 Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
Hawkeye7 July 2020 Diversity and WP:MILHIST
Hawkeye7 November 2019 East Timor
Hawkeye7 October 2019 Writing a Biographical Article
TomStar81 June 2019 Peace with Honor
TomStar81 May 2019 Valiant Hearts
Indy beetle April 2019 Idi Amin's Downfall and the Problems of a Missing Historiography
Factotem January 2019 Infoboxes − Wikipedia's red bus?
Indy beetle December 2018 Historical Military Newspapers in East Africa
TomStar81 November 2018 All (Finally) Quiet on the Western Front
TomStar81 October 2018 We All Fall Down
TomStar81 September 2018 Twilight of the Gods
TomStar81 August 2018 More to War
TomStar81 July 2018 Requiem for the Romonovs
TomStar81 June 2018 We'll Always Have Paris...In Our Sights
TomStar81 April 2018 Death of Hero / Birth of a Legend
TomStar81 March 2018 Influenza in the Ranks
Hawkeye7 February 2018 Generalship on the Western Front in 1918
Hawkeye7 January 2018 The United States Army in the Great War: Doctrine and Dogma
TomStar81 December 2017 It's a (Dubious) Record!
TomStar81 November 2017 Guns & Mines
TomStar81 October 2017 Red Storm Rising
Hawkeye7 September 2017 The Anzacs in the Third Ypres Offensive
Nick-D August 2017 Military and military history photography
TomStar81 July 2017 Reign of Chaos
Hawkeye7 June 2017 Command in the Battle of Messines
TomStar81 May 2017 Time Out
Hawkeye7 April 2017 Advance to the Hindenburg Line
TomStar81 March 2017 Peasants of the Russian Empire: At Wit's End
TomStar81 February 2017 Running Silent, Running Deep
TomStar81 January 2017 Telegram from Mr. Zimmermann
TomStar81 December 2016 Passing the Torches of Leadership
TomStar81 November 2016 Our Pound of Flesh
TomStar81 October 2016 Hell...On Wheels
Hawkeye7 September 2016 The Australians on the Somme
TomStar81 August 2016 Aces High
TomStar81 July 2016 The Somme of our Discontent
TomStar81 May/June 2016 Clash of the Titans
TomStar81 April 2016 May the Luck of the Irish Be With Us
TomStar81 March 2016 The Gates of the Dam of Hell Have Been Opened on the River Styx
TomStar81 February 2016 Kamerun Has Fallen
TomStar81 January 2016 Over Our Dead Bodies, Apparently
TomStar81 December 2015 Unaggressive Expansion
TomStar81 November 2015 A Statistical Tragedy
TomStar81 October 2015 Here Comes a New Challenger
TomStar81 September 2015 We Can (Not) Advance
TomStar81 August 2015 Civil Disobedience, Mutiny, & the Pursuit of Liberty
TomStar81 July 2015 Amidst War, Charity
TomStar81 June 2015 War Horse / Iron Horse
TomStar81 and Simon Harley May 2015 Ignition (or the Unexpected Virtue of Having Sparks in a Powder Keg)
TomStar81 April 2015 The End of the Innocence
TomStar81 March 2015 Blind Man's Bluff
TomStar81 February 2015 Hold Your Breath
TomStar81 January 2015 No Friendly Skies
TomStar81 December 2014 A Hymn of Hope
TomStar81 November 2014 A Race Among the Ruins
TomStar81 August 2014 Playing Chess on Sacred Ground
TomStar81 July 2014 The Shot Heard Around the World
Peacemaker67 May 2014 Developing and maintaining Featured Articles involving Yugoslavia in World War II
TomStar81 December 2013 The year in review
AustralianRupert November 2013 Editing Wikipedia as a serving or former serving soldier
Nick-D October 2013 Some advice on reviewing articles
Sturmvogel_66 August 2013 Productivity secrets of an absurdly prolific contributor
TomStar81 June 2013 Anchors Aweigh for the Majestic Titans
Nick-D May 2013 Military history tourism
ErrantX April 2013 Down the Rabbit Hole
Prioryman March 2013 The German V-weapons sites and the historian's responsibility
Crisco 1492 January 2013 War films: the forgotten front
Ian Rose December 2012 The year in review – a personal look
Nick-D November 2012 How to navigate the FA and A-Class review processes
The ed17 October 2012 The Bugle: Past, Present, and Future
Nick-D September 2012 Conference report: "Kokoda: Beyond the Legend"
Bomzibar August 2012 Reichskommissariat Ostland
Hawkeye7 July 2012 Lessons from a weekend workshop
Hchc2009 June 2012 Remembering conflict
Nick-D May 2012 Some thoughts of the use of news archives in military history articles
The Land April 2012 Commemorating World War I
Hawkeye7 March 2012 Wikipedia meets the Australian War Memorial
Ian Rose February 2012 Article assessment levels: a layman's guide
Hchc2009 January 2012 John Goodall's The English Castle and delving into castle editing
DCI November 2011 A Call to Revitalize WikiProject History
Buggie111 September 2011 On Wiki-Life and Wiki-Death
Various contributors August 2011 Remembering 9/11
WereSpielChequers July 2011 RFA: your community needs you
Fifelfoo June 2011 Hunting for plagiarism: a case study
Hawkeye7 May 2011 Albert Kesselring: Observations on the article writing process
Buggie111 April 2011 Neutral point of view
Dank March 2011 Reviewing FACs and ACRs
Ed February 2011 Real-world collaborations
EyeSerene January 2011 Writing neutrally for Wikipedia
bahamut0013 December 2010 Jargon and acronyms
bahamut0013 November 2010 Nominating military biographies for deletion
EyeSerene October 2010 Five years of military history
Moonriddengirl September 2010 What we can do about copyright violation
Moonriddengirl August 2010 Copyright violation and why it's a problem
Nick-D July 2010 Opportunities for new military history articles
LeonidasSpartan June 2010 Frustration and Disappointment
Eurocopter May 2010 Project coordination and constructive editing
EyeSerene April 2010 Milhist's special projects
Ed and Parsecboy March 2010 Translating article writing to real life
Ed February 2010 Reliable sources in military history
Roger Davies August 2009 Getting to FAC via A-Class - some interesting new facts
Cam June 2009 How to prepare an A-Class Review
EyeSerene May 2009 How to use the Milhist template

Index of past interviews

Interviewees Issue Title
November 2016 New Military History Wikiproject Coordinators
Crisco 1492
Adam Cuerden
August 2015 Featured picture participants
I JethroBT
Jonas Vinther
January 2015 2014 Military History Newcomer Award nominees
Sturmvogel 66
Ian Rose
August 2014 Article writers' guide:World War I
April 2014 Article writers' guide: German military history
December 2013 Article writers' guide: less-represented areas of military history - part 2
HJ Mitchell
Kirill Lokshin
July 2013 What Wikimedia chapters can offer military history editors
March 2013 Article writers' guide: the Former Yugoslavia
Crisco 1492
December 2012 Article writers' guide: less-represented areas of military history
July 2012 Article writers' guide: buildings and fortifications
Ian Rose
May 2012 Article writers' guide: biographies
Kirill Lokshin January 2012 Kirill Lokshin, the first coordinator