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Welcome to the Merseyside WikiProject. We are a user group dedicated to improving and expanding Wikipedia's coverage of articles related to Merseyside, England. We cover the city of Liverpool and the boroughs of Knowsley, Sefton, St Helens and Wirral, as well as all articles relevant and important to the areas.

If you plan to be active in editing the articles above, or articles related to them, feel free add your name to the participants list below. We discuss the project on our talk page and you are most welcome to join in the discussion there.

Aims & ObjectivesEdit

  • Expanded coverage of articles that are significant to Merseyside.
  • Our overall long term aim is to improve the quality of articles relating to Merseyside.



If you would like to participate to this WikiProject, feel free to go to Wikipedia:WikiProject_Merseyside/Participants and add your name to the list.

You can also add a Merseyside userbox to your userpage to show other that you are a member. Simply copy the code on the right!


To be awarded to users who show outstanding effort in contributing to Merseyside articles. Other awards can be found at: Wikipedia:Awards

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Assessment and progress of articlesEdit

Below is a bot generated table of the assessment process of WikiProject Merseyside supported articles. See also Wikipedia:WikiProject Merseyside/Assessment. The stats are generated automatically every 2-3 days, but they can be updated manually by entering Merseyside (and replacing Foobar) into the Category box here.

As of 8 April 2011, the proportion of all articles with a project banner assessed is:

92.7% assessed (estimate: some more article talk pages may still need a banner)


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Article alerts are available, updated by AAlertBot. More information...


Need something to do? Look no further, we always have things that need doing!

Various Cleanup TasksEdit

The cleanup listing include a list of all of Wikiproject:Merseyside's articles that need such things as information sources, a re-write, coordinate information, updating and style or formatting.

Icone Cible.svg WatchlistEdit

The WikiProject Merseyside watchlist kindly created by Nev1. It is used to monitor edits to Merseyside related articles. If a edit constitutes as vandalism revert the edit and add a warning to users talkpage. (Remember to assume good faith.)

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Here you can find links to useful information resources. Local news and media.