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This project page provides guidelines regarding the categorization of dermatology-related articles.

Categorization schemeEdit

Categorization of dermatology disease articlesEdit

Please categorize disease dermatology articles based on the proposed "Cutaneous conditions" categorization scheme outlined above. If you are not sure where an article belongs, for diseases, visit the list of cutaneous conditions to find out the "header" a disease has been placed under, and this will correspond to the category that should be used. If you believe a disease should be classified under more than one category, please start a discussion. If you are still uncertain how to categorize an article, please feel free to ask for help or simply categorize the article under Category:Cutaneous conditions, and someone else will categorize it for you.

Categorization of dermatology disease article redirectsEdit

For more details see Wikipedia:Categorizing redirects.

Where a disease is known by two or more names, there is an article under one name and one or more redirects to that article from the other names.

These redirects are categorised to allow readers to browse through articles easily by providing the alternative names in listings.

Redirects for difference in spellings, misspellings, tenses or capitalizations should not be categorized.

Additionally, when appropriate, relevant redirect templates should also be included on redirect pages.

Category descriptionsEdit

All dermatology-related categories should have a description placed at the top of the page discussing the scope and contents of the category. Please see Wikipedia:Categorization for additional information.

About this categorizationEdit

This categorization scheme is the product of an extended discussion at WikiProject Medicine page, WikiProject Pharmacology page, and several subsequent CfD's[3]. However, the discussion is never over; therefore, if you feel there should be changes made to the current categorization scheme, please start a thread.


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  2. ^ a b c This category contains additional subcategories not listed here, subcategories which fall outside the scope of the dermatology task force.
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