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This page has been created to identify and assess articles related to the Latvia WikiProject. This worklist may also be used to identify key articles for use by the Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team, who are working toward a set of articles suitable for release in print, CD, DVD, or some combination.

How to list articlesEdit

Use this page to identify articles related to Latvia and to assess their priority and quality. Feel free to expand the list. When adding an article, please add the template {{WikiProject Latvia}} to the articles talk page if it is not already there. Thanks.



What is the purpose of article assessments?
The assessment system allows the Firearms WikiProject to monitor the quality of articles that fall under its purview, and to prioritize work on these articles. The ratings are also used by the Wikipedia 1.0 program to prepare for static releases of Wikipedia content.
Are these ratings official?
No. These ratings are meant primarily for the internal use of the project to better prioritze work on the articles, and usually do not imply any official standing within Wikipedia as a whole.

Assessing articlesEdit

Who can assess articles?
In general, anyone can add or change an article's rating. However, the "GA" and "FA" labels should only be used on articles that have been reviewed and are currently designated as good articles or featured articles, respectively. Drastic changes to an articles rating should typically be discussed on the articles talk before making the change.
How do I assess an article?
Consult the quality scale below; once you have chosen the level that seems to be closest to the article, set the class parameter in the WPGUNS banner template to the level's name (omitting "Class" from the end). For example, to rate an article as "B-Class", use |class=B in the banner. Again, the "FA" and "GA" labels should not be added to articles unless they actually are currently designated as such.

Common concernsEdit

Someone put a project banner template on an article, but it's not really within the WikiProject's scope. What should I do?
Due to the large volume of articles falling under the project, occasionally a tag is added to an article that the project does not cover. Feel free to remove the tag if the article truly is not within the scope of the project. If there is any doubt, post a note on the articles talk page and discuss it.
What if I don't agree with a rating?
Feel free to change it (within reason) if you think a different rating is justified; in the case of major disputes, the project as a whole can discuss the issue either on the project's talk page or on the talk page of the article in question and come to a consensus as to the best rating.
Aren't the ratings subjective?
Yes, they are somewhat subjective, but it's the best system we've been able to devise. If you have a better idea, please don't hesitate to let us know!
Why didn't the reviewer leave any comments on the talk page?
Unfortunately, due to the volume of articles that need to be assessed, we are unable to leave detailed comments in most cases. If you have particular questions, you might ask the person who assessed the article; they will usually be happy to provide you with their reasoning.



An article's quality assessment is generated from the class parameter in the {{WikiProject Latvia}} project banner on its talk page:

{{WikiProject Latvia|class=???}}

The following values may be used for the class parameter to describe the quality of the article (see Wikipedia:Content assessment for assessment criteria):

FA (for featured articles only; adds articles to Category:FA-Class Latvia articles)   FA
A (adds articles to Category:A-Class Latvia articles)   A
GA (for good articles only; adds articles to Category:GA-Class Latvia articles)   GA
B (adds articles to Category:B-Class Latvia articles) B
C (adds articles to Category:C-Class Latvia articles) C
Start (adds articles to Category:Start-Class Latvia articles) Start
Stub (adds articles to Category:Stub-Class Latvia articles) Stub
FL (for featured lists only; adds articles to Category:FL-Class Latvia articles)   FL
List (adds articles to Category:List-Class Latvia articles) List

For non-standard grades and non-mainspace content, the following values may be used for the class parameter:

Category (for categories; adds pages to Category:Category-Class Latvia articles) Category
Disambig (for disambiguation pages; adds pages to Category:Disambig-Class Latvia articles) Disambig
Draft (for drafts; adds pages to Category:Draft-Class Latvia articles) Draft
File (for files and timed text; adds pages to Category:File-Class Latvia articles) File
Portal (for portal pages; adds pages to Category:Portal-Class Latvia articles) Portal
Project (for project pages; adds pages to Category:Project-Class Latvia articles) Project
Redirect (for redirect pages; adds pages to Category:Redirect-Class Latvia articles) Redirect
Template (for templates and modules; adds pages to Category:Template-Class Latvia articles) Template
NA (for any other pages where assessment is unnecessary; adds pages to Category:NA-Class Latvia articles) NA
??? (articles for which a valid class has not yet been provided are listed in Category:Unassessed Latvia articles) ???


An article's importance assessment is generated from the importance parameter in the {{WikiProject Latvia}} project banner on its talk page:

{{WikiProject Latvia|importance=???}}

The following values may be used for the importance parameter to describe the relative importance of the article within the project (see Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Priority of topic for assessment criteria):

Top (adds articles to Category:Top-importance Latvia articles)  Top 
High (adds articles to Category:High-importance Latvia articles)  High 
Mid (adds articles to Category:Mid-importance Latvia articles)  Mid 
Low (adds articles to Category:Low-importance Latvia articles)  Low 
NA (adds articles to Category:NA-importance Latvia articles)  NA 
??? (articles for which a valid importance rating has not yet been provided are listed in Category:Unknown-importance Latvia articles)  ??? 

Quality grading schemeEdit