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WikiProject Kerala was formed in 2006 to better organize information in articles related to Kerala. This page and its sub-pages contain links and information about the project. This project's goal is to help focus and coordinate the efforts of Wikipedians on Kerala related topics, and increase article quality and coverage.

The project noticeboard can be used to make suggestions to, or seek the help and opinion of other project members. Adding it to your watchlist will keep you informed of Kerala related events. If you'd like to join and become a part of this project, simply sign the Membership Page. To receive our Newsletter, just add your name to the list here.

The scope of this article fundamentally is loosely defined as all articles and sections relating to Kerala. Almost all of these will be (eventually) categorised under Category:Kerala and Category:India

Goals edit

If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there.

  1. Creation of a generally standard look and feel for all Kerala-related article
  2. To produce as many Featured Articles as possible related to Kerala.

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The sand box in WikiProject Kerala serves as an area for the new comers or those strollers who don't have an account with wikipedia to experiment their edits before contributing to the article.

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