Wikipedia:WikiProject Kent/To Do

Here's a list of the Kent-related articles which need more work and then nominated (for those not yet Good Article rated). Our main initiative on this front is to tackle the Top and High importance articles (but please do feel free to contribute wherever you feel so inspired). We will be attempting to get the quality of all of these up to A-Class (that is, barring minor edits or new information, they should be "complete"). Depending on length and the availability of sources, the goal may be Featured Article status (FA).

Article Priority Class GA
nomination date
Kent Top B ?
Dover High B
History of Kent High Start ?
List of places in Kent High Start ?
Maidstone High Start ?
Maidstone (borough) High Start ?
Medway High Start ?
Port Ramsgate High Start ?
Rochester, Kent High Start ?
Royal Tunbridge Wells High Start ?
Thanet High Start ?