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  1. Cyberwolf434344 (talk · contribs) raised in central indiana I mostly work on motor sport articles
  2. 3Todd (talk · contribs) - Central Indiana born and raised. Mostly doing WP:GNOME type things these days.
  3. AChrisTurner (talk · contribs) - Web community member and technologist with an economic heart.
  4. Alexeenko (talk · contribs) - Indiana art and local history buff
  5. bburk (talk · contribs) - Archivist at the IUPUI University Library with an interest in history and philanthropy.
  6. Bedford (talk · contribs) - have lived in Jeffersonville almost all my life. I'm concentrating on the State Parks and the Falls Cities, as that also gels with Wikiproject:Louisville.
  7. Buaidh (talk · contribs) 05:36:53, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  - Native Hoosier now living in Colorado.[reply]
  8. Caleb The Wipper (talk · contribs) - Lived in Carmel, Indiana since 5th grade.
  9. Charles Edward (talk · contribs) - Formerly from Mauckport and Lanesville, currently residing near our former capitol, Corydon. Working largely Indiana History and Indiana Government, but glad to help in any area.
  10. chris4682 (talk · contribs) - Currently attending Ball State University as a Graduate Student in anthropology. Resides in Muncie.
  11. cntrlaltdel33t (talk · contribs) - From South Bend. Currently enrolled at Purdue University in West Lafayette.
  12. Cooper0 (talk · contribs) - Living in Chalmers. I'm interested mostly in articles relating to the towns and cities of White County
  13. Davodd (talk · contribs) - Born in Fort Wayne, raised in Churubusco, attended Ball State University before moving to Silicon Valley. I may as well join this since I started or have edited so many articles in this project.
  14. DDima (talk · contribs) - World traveler from Ukraine, living in Northwest Indiana
  15. Dogface (talk · contribs) Born in Greenfield, raised in Lafayette and Lawrence, matriculated at Earlham College, and now living in Indianapolis.
  16. Eightball (talk · contribs) - Born in Bloomington, attending Indiana University Bloomington.
  17. Enfcer (talk · contribs) - Born in Indianapolis
  18. Estemshorn (talk · contribs) - Born in Indianapolis, raised in Pittsboro. Currently resides in Sheridan
  19. Evking22 (talk · contribs) Born in Jasper, and is still living here. I've traveled all throughout the state.
  20. Exhummerdude (talk · contribs) - Born in Indianapolis and have extensive knowledge of local buildings and such.
  21. Extermino (talk · contribs) - Born on the south side of Indianapolis.
  22. FlyingPanzer (talk · contribs) - I Alrernate Between Goshen And [[1]] And Am A Big Firefighting Expert.
  23. John from Idegon (talk · contribs) - Originally from Hobart. Interests are: NW Indiana, Schools, State Parks, Railroads and National Register of Historic Places.
  24. Grngu (talk · contribs) - born in Indianapolis, resides in Noblesville
  25. GXIndiana (talk · contribs) - Hoosier bred and corn fed, former IU student disc jockey (thus Gary X Indiana) and underground music biz scenester, especially on the West Coast. Formerly. Now residing in suburban Indy hometown.
  26. Hermera34 (talk · contribs) - A strong interest in southern Indiana information.
  27. HurricaneGonzalo (talk · contribs) - Live in Fayetteville. Want to help the effort of towns in Indiana.
  28. Huwmanbeing (talk · contribs) - From West Lafayette and particularly interested in ghost towns in Indiana.
  29. Ian of Planet Earth (talk · contribs) - Originally from Indianapolis, currently an undergraduate at Huntington University. Interested in strengthening the accuracy and reliability of articles concerning nearby places and their relevant topics. Capable of and willing to take quality photos for the public domain!
  30. JibunWo (talk · contribs) - I reside in Hamilton County. I use to live near Chicago Illinois. I love the area and love the history.
  31. JJIndiana (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. Well informed on the connections and developments of North Central Indiana/Kokomo area.
  32. JordanHenderson (talk · contribs) - Born in Anderson, Daleville is the first place I recall, but I was raised in Bedford. Interested in Indiana and Lawrence County history.
  33. Josh_a_brewer (talk · contribs) - Born in Searcy, Arkansas, I live near Crawfordsville and teach at Purdue University and Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. I'm working on an article about Lake Holiday, near Crawfordsville, and on the Ivy Tech page.
  34. Jpbrenna (talk · contribs) - Fort Wayne. Has yet to complete his undergraduate degree at Indiana University; currently studying at Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne.
  35. kristinafh (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Fort Wayne. Currently live in Fishers and that's the page I'm starting to focus on at the moment.
  36. Lincolnphile (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Central Indiana, now living in Elwood. I'm interested in antebellum Indiana.
  37. Mhking (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Gary (my folks live in Winfield now); currently living near Atlanta
  38. Mtminchi08 (talk · contribs) - Originally from NW Indiana and a graduate of IU Bloomington. Would like to expand the history section of the Hammond article sometime in the next few months. I created the Woodmar Mall article earlier in 2017 and would like to hear from anyone else working on NWI-related topics.
  39. Muzekal Mike (talk · contribs) - Born in Merriville and still being raised in Rensselaer.
  40. Notrapturedyet (talk · contribs) - Born in Terre Haute and currently lives in Martinsville.
  41. Nowimnthing (talk · contribs) - born and raised in Indiana. Fountain County and Tippecanoe County mainly.
  42. Omnedon (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in west-central Indiana, with an interest in local history, small towns, cemeteries, roads, maps, copyediting, and the like.
  43. ONUnicorn (talk · contribs)
  44. Optikos (talk · contribs) — Working on enhancing all college and university articles in Indiana, especially regarding a consistently-formatted set of corresponding information in infoboxes and external links.
  45. Pennsy22 (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Logansport, currently live near Tampa, Florida. Interested in Indiana railroads, local history, covered bridges.
  46. PhantomPlugger (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in West Lafayette, currently live in Chicago area.
  47. Pika32141 (talk · contribs) - Talma in Northcentral Indiana, and have lived there for my whole life
  48. politicsislife (talk · contribs)- From Corydon- the state's first capitol. Currently in high school. Plan on either going to Indiana University Bloomington or Ball State University. I am a political geek and that is what I plan on focusing on.
  49. Reywas92 (talk · contribs) - Fishers. I can help best with Indy locale, but also others. Photographer.
  50. Rhatsa26X (talk · contribs) - A 19-year resident of Owensville. Pensacola, Florida native. Fall 2007 Vincennes University alumnus. Largely Responsible for many articles pertaining to Southwestern Indiana and the Illinois-Indiana-Kentucky tri-state area as well as most of the articles on the Indiana High School Athletic Association conferences, a largely complete project. My current project is on the power stations of Indiana, which is also largely complete. Mainly help with small corrections these days when my new job allows it.
  51. RichardMcCoy (talk · contribs) - Indianapolis. I'm interested in articles about public art in Indiana.
  52. Rjensen (talk · contribs) — Hoosier from Mishawaka; professional historian interested in social and political, history and historiography.
  53. Rogerd (talk · contribs · count) - A non-native, 27 year resident (as of 2005) of Indianapolis.
  54. Rosalina523 (talk · contribs) — editor and historian, interested in all aspects of Indiana history
  55. Rylee Amelia (talk · contribs) 23:33:01, 25 April 2023 (UTC)  Born just south of Indianapolis. Interested in Midwest, Politics, and LGBT[reply]
  56. SanePsychotic (talk · contribs) - I was born in Indianapolis and was raised in Danville. Currently living in Danville.
  57. Sarah (talk · contribs) - An Australian who graduated from South Knox High School in Knox County. Now mostly Southwestern Indiana, Spencer, and Dubois Counties.
  58. ScorpSt (talk · contribs) - Born in Merrillville, raised in Bloomington. Briefly attended Purdue and Vincennes Universities. Currently attending Ivy Tech in Bloomington.
  59. Scottandrewhutchins (talk · contribs) - Lived my first 28 years in Indianapolis. Currently in New York City.
  60. Searchme (talk · contribs) - Just a lost Texan. :)
  61. Spastic Legend (talk · contribs) - Some random guy from Clarksville.
  62. Sweet_kate (talk · contribs) - Living in Terre Haute, currently working for the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.
  63. Th3 Cr15py Ch3353burg3r (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Elkhart. I love maps, history, and statistics.
  64. TheHoosierState89 (talk · contribs) - Born in Indianapolis, currently living in Danville.
  65. TwoScars (talk · contribs) - Indiana University grad, raised in East Central Indiana.
  66. Tysto (talk · contribs) - Born in Bremen. Currently traveling between Bremen and South Bend to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and taking aerial photos as well as ground photos.
  67. Ukd2wixdp6ccmx56 (talk · contribs) - Vermillion County
  68. Visviva (talk · contribs)
  69. WTGDMan1986 (talk · contribs) - vandalism reverts (if needed...)
  70. YHoshua (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Evansville. I've significantly expanded the pages on the city and I'll continue to clean it up and make it better. I've also added some local politicians, and the law school I currently attend here in Indiana.
  71. Tgmod (talk · contribs) 03:05:47, 26 August 2020 (UTC)  interested in politics or anything interesting in indiana from Northwest IN[reply]
  72. Jaireeodell (talk) 03:38, 13 December 2020 (UTC) Academic librarian in Indianapolis, interested in scholarly publishing, open access, poetry, and too many other things.[reply]
  73. User:BandH2020- born, raised, and currently residing in South Bend, Indiana. (Local history buff)
  74. Severestorm28 (talk · contribs) - Currently residing in Bloomington, Indiana. Interest in meteorology.
  75. VillageCindy (talk · contribs) - I am a Hoosier at heart and was born in Anderson, Indiana . I now live in Florida.
  76. BeckyAnne (talk · contribs) - Currently live in DeKalb county.
  77. Grahaml35 (talk · contribs) 04:45:32, 4 February 2023 (UTC)  - Currently live in Indiana. Interests in politics and racing.[reply]
  78. TungstenPoet1 (talk · contribs) 14:51:55, 10 April 2023 (UTC)  - DeKalb County, genealogist and cemetery enthusiast[reply]

Former members edit

Thank you for your help! If your username has been moved here, it is because you have been inactive on Wikipedia for over six months. Feel free to move it back into the active list, but it may be moved backed to the inactive list if you go inactive for a lengthy period of time.

  1. AAARanger5 (talk · contribs) - Worked out of Ft. Wayne for many years.
  2. Adamwelp (talk · contribs) - I was born in Indianapolis, raised in Jasper and since 2004 have been living in New Albany.
  3. Ancjr (talk · contribs) - lived in Floyd County, Indiana my entire life.
  4. BeastRHIT (talk · contribs) - Born and grew up in Brown County. I have lived in Nashville, Terre Haute (college), Bloomington, and currently North Vernon.
  5. Bieker567 (talk · contribs) - Born in Evansville. Currently lives in Jasper.
  6. BleachBaby (talk · contribs) - -Born in Indianapolis, IN; Currently attending Indiana University, Bloomington. Interested in articles pertaining to Indiana University, particularly student activities. (i.e. Little 500)
  7. Casito (talk · contribs) - Currently working on a graduate degree at Purdue
  8. Ccorr (talk · contribs) 2001 graduate of University of Notre Dame and 2004 graduate of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Have lived in Indy since 2002 with a particular interest in downtown Indy development.
  9. Carenab (talk · contribs) - Lifelong resident of Lake County and a Purdue University Calumet graduate with a bachelor's degree in finance. Currently back in school pursuing a bachelor's degree in nursing from Indiana University Northwest.
  10. Cenestrad (talk · contribs) - -Raised in Anderson and now living south of Bloomington.
  11. Chr.K. (talk · contribs) - Currently residing on the west side of Indianapolis, near Speedway.
  12. Chevalrouge (talk · contribs) - Raised in Washington (Daviess County). Live in Newburgh. Interested in Indiana history, particularly railroads, specifically the Ohio & Mississipp Railroad.
  13. ClairSamoht (talk · contribs) - former residentMilan Center, Fort Wayne, Warren, Noblesville
  14. dnrwebguy (talk · contribs) - - Lives in Muncie, Indiana works for Indiana Department of Natural Resources.
  15. Ericbradley (talk · contribs) - Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, raised near Liberty Mills, Indiana, currently residing in Indiana.
  16. Falphin (talk · contribs) - Raised in Evansville, Indiana.
  17. Future...Destination (talk · contribs) - Born in Richmond, Indiana and have currently been helping expand the Cambridge City, Indiana page.
  18. GabrielCanada (talk · contribs) - I am a great grand nephew of John Dillinger through mairrage. A third cousin of former US Representative Mike Sodrel(R) and live in the Garfield Park section of Indianapolis Indiana. Hoosier Legend and the original King of the Road, Erwin Cannon Ball Baker, was also a longtime resident of Garfield Park and lived there during his tenure as commisioner of Nascar.
  19. gazebo_dude (talk · contribs) - Born in Los Angeles, California but raised in Princeton, Indiana. Soon marrying & moving to Australia but still wish to contribute to the Princeton article.
  20. Girlinblack (talk · contribs) - Born in Hammond, currently living in Lafayette & attending Purdue University.
  21. Goldwiser (talk · contribs) - Born in Huntington Beach, California. Lived in Indianapolis for 11 years. Now attends Full Sail in Orlando, FL.
  22. Indiana Fats (talk · contribs) - Interested in banks, newspapers, and universities
  23. Hirakis (talk · contribs) - Online student at Indiana University East.
  24. Jablair51 (talk · contribs) - Born in Evansville, Indiana, raised across the river in Mount Carmel, IL. Graduate of Vincennes University. Currently resides in Indianapolis, IN.
  25. Jackola (talk · contribs) - Ball State student, web developer, photographer.
  26. Jahnx (talk · contribs) - Clarksville, Indiana resident.
  27. Jasont82 (talk · contribs) - Born and raised on the south side of Indianapolis. Lives in Whiteland and works in the media. Founder of WikiProject Indianapolis
  28. Kmweber (talk · contribs) - Project Founder; born, raised, and residing in Princeton, Indiana. Also attended Purdue University for some time.
  29. Jdcole1978 (talk · contribs) - Born in Terre Haute, Indiana; currently residing in Terre Haute. Interested in general Indiana history, Terre Haute area in particular, organized labor history in the state, and natural history.
  30. Jon Silpayamanant (talk · contribs) - Born in Thailand, currently interested in ethnic arts and the culture of Indianapolis.
  31. Kaclock (talk · contribs) - born in Muncie, currently living in Noblesville.
  32. Kelly Martin (talk · contribs) - 31 year resident of Indiana (Lafayette, Indianapolis, Bloomington), now living in nearby Chicagoland.
  33. Kristinafh (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana and now permanently resides in Fishers, Indiana.
  34. Kgmnmr (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Portage, now living in Burns Harbor working on Burns Harbor and NW IN articles.
  35. Letter_7 (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Richmond, Indiana
  36. Madisonstan (talk · contribs) - Newly retired to Madison, Indiana. Formerly a software developer and web site designer. There are many homes in the Madison historic district (including my own) that have no public documentation of their history, as far as I have found. I intend to set up a social website where people can upload pictures and stories about their homes. I welcome feedback about whether wikipedia is an appropriate destination for some of the information that I will hopefully collect.
  37. Martin Osterman (talk · contribs) - Living in Muncie, Indiana since 1999, currently a student at Ball State University majoring in CS and Meteorology.
  38. Missvain (talk · contribs) I live in Broad Ripple, and I have built Tim Brickley and Across Indiana with more to come :)
  39. mylifeisought (talk · contribs) - Born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, currently a freshman at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana
  40. nufftin (talk · contribs) - Lived in Bloomington for eight years, now in south suburban Indy.
  41. NtoNtom (talk · contribs) - Lives in Bear Lake, Indiana also attended Central Noble High School.
  42. oktemplar (talk · contribs) - Spent most of my life in Indiana but currently living in the United Kingdom. Particularly interested in Indiana history articles.
  43. Oreos (talk · contribs) - Born and live in Indianapolis, IN.
  44. raymondgangel (talk · contribs) - Born in Bluffton, Indiana, currently resides in Columbia City, Indiana and employed at MOSH Mobile in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  45. redmid17 (talk · contribs) - Native of Indianapolis, but currently attending IU Bloomington. Likes Indiana
  46. Redphoenix526 (talk · contribs) - Native of Fort Wayne, student at IU Bloomington.
  47. SandbergFan (talk · contribs) - I was born and raised in Clarksville and still reside there to this day.
  48. Sedna10387 (talk · contribs) - Lives in Pittsboro, Indiana
  49. Speon (talk · contribs) - Can't wait to get involved in education policy in Indianapolis!
  50. Theoldanarchist (talk · contribs) - Lifelong Indiana resident, born in Hebron, lived most of my life in the Calumet Region, currently residing in Bloomington, but not attending Indiana University.
  51. Thrillrider08 (talk · contribs) - Born and still live in Downtown Indianapolis
  52. Tvaughn05 (talk · contribs) - Born in Oceanside, California, but raised in Lowell, Indiana.
  53. Vivvy (talk · contribs) - Indianapolis resident working in the tourism industry, and traveling the state regularly. I have access to many photos and local histories.
  54. VMAAXT (talk · contribs) - Willing to work on articles concerning Northern Allen County/ Ft. Wayne
  55. Wikichange (talk · contribs) - NAPTOWN!!!
  56. Yetiwriter (talk · contribs) - Lived in Indiana entire life. Interested in natural/geographic features of Indiana. Also interested in state history and politics.
  57. Yoberalf (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Danville, Indiana, graduate of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.
  58. agentmoose (talk · contribs) - Currently attending Vincennes University. Born in Vincennes and raised nearby.Currently works in Indianapolis.
  59. CQJ (talk · contribs) - Lurking about for the next collaboration
  60. Ekcnho (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Evansville, currently reside in Indianapolis.
  61. FTSKfan (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  62. haonhien (talk · contribs) - Graduated with two degrees from Purdue and worked in Indianapolis for a while before moving to California
  63. Juthani1 (talk · contribs) - I am a Hoosier, I can help with anything.
  64. MJSplant (talk · contribs) - Born a South Sider of Chicago with strong historical ties to Indiana
  65. Nanowolf (talk · contribs) - Born in South Bend, Indiana. Graduate of Marian High School.
  66. Nikki88 (talk · contribs) - Born in New Albany, Indiana, raised in Sellersburg, Indiana. Photographer.
  67. Ryan Delaney (talk · contribs) - Born in Richmond, Indiana. Currently completing an undergraduate degree at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.
  68. Wildhartlivie (talk · contribs) - Born in New Castle, raised in Millville and live in Hagerstown. Graduate of Ball State University.
  69. JP419 (talk · contribs) - Born in Gary and currently living in Central Indiana just outside Indianapolis. My background is law enforcement, interests include history, military history, conservative and libertarian movements, politics, and more. Schooling: Indiana University and some misc. courses from Indiana State Univ.
  70. Durin (talk · contribs) - There's so much about Indiana that is missing here.
  71. AMMcNew (talk · contribs) - I am the Director of Websites and Emerging Media at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. I am new to editing, but have been advocating for nearly a year to get our museum more involved in contributing educational content to Wikipedia in collaboration with Wikipedians. See WP:GLAM/TCMI for info about our project and let us know if you want to work with us!
  72. berries_and_cream_33 (talk · contribs)- Born and raised in Indiana; proud to be a Hoosier.
  73. Jason Straw (talk · contribs) - Born and raised in Elkahart County, Indiana. Retired USAF Critical Care Air Transport and ICU Nurse
  74. Rakeshashok (talk · contribs) — lives in Columbus, Indiana

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