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Illustration Task Force

Engine movingparts.jpg

Engine Moving Parts, 2004, Blender, GNU | Author: User:Wapcaplet

Back in 2003 a user created a Wikiproject with the simple purpose of enhancing the presence of various forms of visual illustration on Wikipedia. Some people thought the wikiproject was unimportant except some few Wikipedians interested whom made contact for the last time in the discussion page. It was User:Moonriddengirl who in April 2009 merged the project and User:Camilo Sanchez who got lost looking for wikiprojects related to illustration.

Given the fast growth of Wikipedia and as encouraged by the project I am including this page with the purpose of coordinating the presence and contributions of users interested in illustrating articles that deserve to be illustrated.

As a part of the Wikiproject Images and Media, this task force will have to abide to the current guidelines of the parent project.

Although Wikipedia already has a an Illustration workshop located at the graphic lab the goal of this page is to make a contributor driven task force that under the current guidelines of Wikipedia can serve as a support area for users interested in contributing with illustration to articles they are interested in working on. Because of the nature of illustration (time consuming labor) it is important to maintain a sense of flexible participation.

About contributionsEdit

It is important for Users that want to contribute with illustrations to be aware of the following:

  • Wikipedia has a policy on illustration that basically encourages users to contribute as long as their illustrations do not include Original Research.
  • Illustrations must have an encyclopedic nature. Therefore the concept of illustration in an article is used as it was meant to be and that is to enlighten readers by making concepts graphically more clear.
  • Graphic contributions must not violate the current copyright and fair use guidelines. If your contribution infringes copyright it will likely be deleted.
  • Most but not all graphic contributions can be added through Wikimedia Commons. At the present time Wikimedia Commons do not allow fair use contributions so they have to be added in every specific Wikipedia.

A user interested in contributing with an illustration ideally should want to make his/her contribution available to the sister projects. So the best way to do so is by uploading their contributions via Wikimedia Commons. By uploading material in this project it becomes available to the Wikipedias in other languages.

Wikipedia encourages the use of Scalable Vector Graphics for the depiction of diagramas and illustration. The goal of this page is in particular to address the community of users with some level of knowledge of this kind of Vector graphics.

List of UsersEdit

Please add yourself to the list and give a brief outline of what you might be interested in illustrating and the kind of software or medium you use.



Link your gallery

Camilo Sanchez

I am interested in working with articles related to Latin America. I am also interested in adding illustrations to articles where an illustration would really help to clarify the idea. I work with SVG by using inkscape and Adobe Illustrator.



2D illustrations of abstract concepts mostly, vector or bitmap


illustrations by pen and ink, oil pastel and acrylic painting, graphics through Adobe Photoshop and photography.


Can illustrate with colored pencil, oils on canvas (sometimes still the best way) and in recent years have learned a great deal of 3D vector art, Photography. In the past year and a half I have been involved with SVG vector art using Inkscap.

Mr A

An amateur palaeo-artist working to illustrate as many of the prehistoric animal articles as possible.


Diagrams, illustrations, photographs, correction/repair/colouring of existing images. Ask on my talk page and I'll see what I can do.


photoshop, vector graphics, photography

David Remahl

It is fun to make computer generated graphics, especially procedure generated illustrations. If something is too tedious to do by hand, I can do it in Mathematica or write a small program.

Daniel C. Boyer

I'm open to requests for illustrations


Can do just about anything ok.

Emoscopes Talk

2D vector illustration, schematics and illustration. Particular interest in mechanical things, military and aviation.


happy to do work on vector based 2-D illustrations, I'm also especially happy with re-doing pixellated, MS Word-Draw style illustrations in Illustrator.


Skilled in Photoshop. Cloning, warping, brightening, sharpening, you name it I can do it


if you have a (copyrighted) rastered illustration, I'll make a free .svg from it in Inkscape.

Jon C Talk

I can help you create original illustrations for articles, and make vector-based manipulations on existing images. I'm interested in illustrating natural and social sciences subjects, information visualization, and also open to other requests. My academic background is in chemistry. I use a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender, complemented by programmatic (python) and specialist tools to create the illustrations.



- Can do technical illustrations, open for requests on my talk page.

Will McLeod

- Photoshop, Illustrator, Alias Studiotools, Pro/ENGINEER

- 3D, animation, exploded views, mechanical breakdowns, cut-aways - 2D, vector work, diagrams - Likes: anything complicated. Good with multidimensional concepts and diagrams. Would love a good reason to learn a new media.



2D vector work with flags, diagrams or logos. Also occasionally delve into 3D diagrams


Fleet Command

My area of expertise is Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visio and (if necessary) Microsoft Word. Feel free to send requests for photo retouching and special effects as well as diagrams, charts and floor plans. I'll assist to whatever extent I can. My area of interest is computers, information technology and robotics.

My Contributions


With emphasis on Paleontological and Anatomical illustrations, I'm also available for any kind of visual work really. Just no Pokemon requests, please.


Brylie Oxley

I work with digital photography tools such as GIMP, digiKam, and Hugin, and am familiar with re-touching, color balance, composition, and batch processing. I am also learning design/vector graphics using Inkscape.

Profile page


The area of my interest is data visualization. I am not sure whether/where it is actual for wikipedia, but, say, taking lengthy table data and convert it into easy-reading graphics would be just nice. I use Illustrator and (possibly) scripting.

my works


Skilled graphic designer. My interests are data visualization & map making. I truly believe that Wikipedia would benefit from better (and nicer) visualizations. Obsessive-compulsive, i work on Wikipedia to clear my mind. I work only with vector graphics (mainly Illustrator and scripts).


I am a medical and scientific illustrator/animator. I am interested in and welcome requests for illustrating for categories like microbiology, zoology, anatomy, pathology, physiology, chemistry, or anything really. I can produce 2D and 3D illustrations and animations in a variety of styles. Requests can be made on my Talk page.



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape

How you can helpEdit

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Policy and guidelinesEdit




  • {{Overlay}} - Annotate illustrations, maps, and images and create linked legends, with numbers or colours.
  • {{Imagepair}} - Hide the reverse aspect image or illustration of an object, showing the front image, of a pair of images.


You may place our userbox on your user page with {{User illustration}}.

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