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Working Groups at WikiProject History:

Working Groups at WikiProject History:

About Us

The History Assessment Department, supported by WikiProject History, finds historical articles for the first time and rates them on quality and importance scales. A template is then placed on the article's talk page stating that the article is within the scope of WikiProject History and displaying what rating the article has been given.

Historical articles can be found in Category:History and its subcategories.

Participants edit

Current active members:

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Quality statistics edit

Notes edit

Please feel free to leave any notes at all in this section, regarding articles to be assessed, items to discuss, tasks to be done, or anything else.

please add your signature to any items that you add or any other text that you add on this page. that makes it much easier for active members of this project to help each other, to work on common projects and to assist each other. thanks. --Sm8900 (talk) 15:49, 9 January 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Tasks, items, notes, comments or questions edit

Popular pages edit

There is a list of list of popular pages, ordered by number of views, a bot-generated list of pageviews, useful for focused cleanup of frequently viewed articles.

Template edit

WikiProject iconHistory NA‑class
WikiProject iconThis article is within the scope of WikiProject History, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of the subject of History on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
NAThis article has been rated as NA-class on Wikipedia's content assessment scale.

Usage edit

The following is the full syntax used for placing this template on a talk page:

{{WikiProject History
|Contemporary History=
|Contemporary history-importance=

Parameters edit

  • class – a rating of the article's quality; see the quality scale for more details.
  • importance – a rating of the article's quality; see the importance scale for more details.
  • attention – "yes" if the article is extremely low quality and requires the attention of experienced editors.
  • auto – used by bots if the article has been assessed automatically
  • needs-infobox – "yes" if the article requires an infobox
  • Contemporary History – "yes" if the Contemporary History task force applies
    • Contemporary history-importance – see "importance" parameter above

See also edit

Quality scale edit

Featured articles edit

Reserved for articles that meet the featured article criteria and have received featured article status after community review

Featured articles are selected at Wikipedia:Featured article candidates

A-Class edit

Reserved for articles that have received A-Class status after review by the project. Such articles are expected to largely meet the featured article criteria, and must be comprehensive, accurate, well-sourced, and decently-written.

A-Class articles are selected by the project at Wikipedia:WikiProject History/Review#A-Class Review.

Good articles edit

Reserved for articles that meet the good article criteria and have received good article status.

Good articles are selected at Wikipedia:Good article nominations.

B-Class edit

The article meets the following six criteria:

  1. It is suitably referenced, and all major points are appropriately cited.
  2. It reasonably covers the topic, and does not contain major omissions or inaccuracies.
  3. It has a defined structure, including a lead section and one or more sections of content.
  4. It is free from major grammatical errors.
  5. It contains appropriate supporting materials, such as an infobox, images, or diagrams.
  6. It is written from a neutral point of view

Start Class edit

Start class article have a few paragraphs that provide all the key points but may not cover all aspects of the subject. These articles usually have an image or infobox to support the text.

Start-class articles are selected by individual assessors.

Stub Class edit

Stubs are very short articles which offer a quick description of the subject

Stub articles are selected by individual assessors

Assessment data edit

Importance scale edit

Need The article's priority or importance, regardless of its quality
Top Subject is a must-have for a good encyclopedia
High Subject contributes a depth of knowledge
Mid Subject fills in more minor details
Low Subject is mainly of specialist interest.

Statistics edit

History article rating and assessment scheme
(NB: Listing, Log & Stats are updated on a daily basis by a bot)
Daily log of status changes
Current Statistics

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