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1. When does the GA Cup start/end?

The first round of the 4th GA Cup will begin on November 1, 2016. Four rounds are currently scheduled (which will bring the competition to a close on February 28, 2017).

2. When/How can I sign-up?

Sign ups are open for the 4th GA Cup until the 29th of December. You can also sign up for our newsletter to follow the competition and receive news about future GA Cups.

3. When/How do I create a submission page for my reviews?

The judges will create all the submission pages. All you will need to do is start adding your reviews.

4. What is the purpose of such a competition?

Firstly, to have fun. Secondly, to improve Wikipedia in the midst of friendly competition. And thirdly, it's an attempt to decrease the traditionally-long backlog at GAN.

5. I'm a new editor/reviewer. Where can I learn about the review process?

Some useful essays and guidelines that will help you learn the review process are linked below:

6. I'm new to Good article reassessments? Where can I learn about the reassessment process?

Details about how the Good article reassessment process works can be found here.

7. Where can I find the rules?

The rules for the GA Cup are listed here.

8. What happens if I want to drop-out/withdraw from the competition?

Please notify one of the judges immediately and leave a message here. You will be eliminated from the competition as soon as a judge reads your request. You may also ping a judge(s) by using the {{Ping|USER|USER|USER|...}} template (see FAQ #12 for more). Also, you will receive the award corresponding to the last round you completed. For example, if you withdraw in Round 3, you will receive the award for Round 2.

9. What happens if I withdraw, but then decide that I want to get back in?

As long as the GA Cup is in the same round as the round you withdrew from, you can rejoin. Again, please notify a judge immediately. For example, if you withdrew in Round 2 and you want to rejoin while the GA Cup is still in Round 2, that is fine; however, if you want to rejoin when it is Round 3, you cannot rejoin (see FAQ #12 for more).

10. I think a participant is breaking the rules. How can I report them?

To report a participant, click here and explain how they are breaking the rules. A judge will review the report as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact a judge directly (see FAQ #12 for more).

11. Why did I get disqualified?

The most likely cause of you getting disqualified is because you have violated the rules of the GA Cup (listed under the "Scoring" tab) on more than one occasion. If you believe that you did not violate the rules, contact the judge that disqualified you so both of you can resolve the issue (see FAQ #12 for more).

12. I need to contact a judge. Who are the judges?

The judges for the GA Cup are: 3family6 (talk · contribs · email), Figureskatingfan (talk · contribs · email), Jaguar (talk · contribs · email), MrWooHoo (talk · contribs · email), and Zwerg Nase (talk · contribs · email).

13. How does the point system/scoring work?

Please see this page for detailed information.

14. Why can I only earn points for reviewing nominations and not for writing GA quality articles?

This competition is for reviewing articles only. You can also review Good Article Reassessments.

15. What happens if I complete a review after the round has ended?

In the event that you pass/fail a nomination after the round has ended, the points earned for that review will be added on to the next round (if you qualify). You must mark your review as "passed", otherwise, the review's points will not be added on to the next round.

16. What happens if there is a tie and one person needs to be eliminated?

We will look at the points in the previous round.

17. What happens if someone drops out and they are definitely going to qualify for the next round?

The user with the next highest score in that pool will go through (as long as the withdrawing user withdraws before the midway point of the round they dropped out in). This is to allow for fairer competition, keeping those with highest scores in the competition.

18. What happens if a user stops reviewing during the competition with or without warning or notification?

Nothing will happen. If they stop reviewing, they will most likely drop to the bottom of their pool and be eliminated anyway.

19. What on earth is a pool?

It's a group. It's an American term; as most participants are this way inclined.