Wikipedia:WikiProject Good articles/GA Cup

The GA Cup

The GA Cup is a championship on Wikipedia focusing solely on Good Articles. Established in 2014, the 2016–2017 GA Cup is our fourth competition. The Cup will be played and won by reviewing Good article nominations and being part of Good article reassessments. The purpose of the GA Cup is to encourage high-quality reviews and promotions of Good Articles, and to help decrease the traditionally long queue of good article nominations. The competition is open to all editors, new and old, although it is recommended they have a good knowledge about the process of reviewing articles. For newer editors, you can read these instructions that may help you while reviewing articles. If you are interested in following the GA Cup, please add your name to this list. All participants will be added automatically.

The layout for the 2016–2017 tournament is as follows:

  • November 1 to December 29 – We start with one group of all contestants.
  • January 1 to January 29 – 16 contestants left – 4 groups of 4, with the top 2 in each pool progressing, as well as the top participant ("9th place") of all remaining users.
  • February 1 to February 26 – 9 contestants left – 3 groups of 3, with the top editor in each pool progressing, as well as the top 2 of all remaining users.
  • March 1 to March 31 – 5 contestants left – 1 group of 5, the top user will win.

Prizes (in the form of barnstars) will be awarded at the end of the GA Cup. To see the results of previous Cups, see 2014–2015, 2015, and 2016.

For the full rules clarifying what points can be awarded, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject Good articles/GA Cup/Scoring. However, the spirit of the rules is more important than the letter, and the judges reserve the right to deny points to anyone deemed to be abusing the system, as well as remove persistently problematic users from the competition. The judges for the 4th GA Cup are:

If you believe one of the contestants is abusing the spirit of the rules, intentionally making subpar reviews with the aim of getting more GA Cup points, or anything similar, please contact one or more of the judges. They will look into the matter and take action if necessary. Use {{@GACup judges}} to ping the judges into a discussion. Please use this template only when it is much needed.