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Bridal Veil, Oregon in its heyday.

Welcome to the Ghost towns WikiProject. We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of listings on ghost towns throughout the world.

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  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of listings on ghost towns.
  • Create guidelines for ghost town articles.
  • Determine guidelines for article creation and notability of individuals and companies affiliated with ghost towns.


The project covers all articles about ghost towns and defunct settlements. This is to include any towns or municipalities which were absorbed by another entity. Though the popular image (and the images to the right) are of ghost towns in the Western United States there are myriad defunct settlements and ghost towns in the eastern half of the U.S. as well. Ghost towns exist worldwide, in the classical "old west" sense as well as in the non-traditional sense, e.g. cities abandoned because of wars. This project will strive to be all-inclusive. This page should be revamped, be bold, and the U.S. stuff put into its own division. Other division should be created as interest merits. The division pages should be like so: Wikipedia:WikiProject Ghost towns/United States, Wikipedia:WikiProject Ghost towns/Canada, Wikipedia:WikiProject Ghost towns/Australia etc. The pages should be structured after this main page, ah yes, copy and paste, for the sake of consistency.

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Our main categories for this project are:


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest, state, territory, country.



This section is meant to provide a brief outline and starting point. A more detailed discussion will be taking place here, for ideas on improving any of the following.

Articles should include: Map and external link, as well as coordinate information at the top right of the page. information as any other settlement on Wikipedia would.

This code may help for US cities. I have included an arbitrary example, fill in the coordinates of the settlement your article is about:


Basically, I like to follow conventions that seem to have become the norm on Wikipedia regarding cities, villages, towns and other municipalities.

Like so:


The intro should have basic information. Place name, county, state, founding if known and any other important info that needs to be top loaded.


Any history section should be more than mere speculation if possible. Cite reliable sources, see Wikipedia:Reliable sources


This section should always contain the coordinates, as accurately as possible. Use the following:

Esmond is located at {{coor dms|42|02|01|N|88|56|08|W|city}} (42.0336383, -88.9356512){{GR|3}}.


This section is often the hardest to know to any real degree of accuracy when dealing with ghost towns. Sometimes places will be near ghost towns or ghost towns and still have some available U.S. Census data, it's good to just check anyway. Any information must also be sourced and referenced in this section.

== See also ==

Any pertinent internal links that weren't (preferably) linked in the article.

Use this code: {{Geolinks-US-cityscale|42.0336383|-88.9356512}}

Article namesEdit

Articles should be named as any other settlement would be, e.g. (Place name, State/Territory name). In cases where there is more than one place in the same state/territory/province etc. with the same name, include the county, country, township or other higher identifying incorporaion, e.g. (Place name, State name (County name)).


For free-license historic photographs to illustrate your USA ghost town article, the best place to start is the Historic American Buildings Survey and Historic American Engineering Record:

Other photo resources:

Open tasksEdit

  Open tasks for WikiProject Ghost towns.

Edit or discuss these tasks.

  • Disambiguation - , , more...
    • Verifying locations - Check wrong locale, county etc., more
    • Pre-existing entries - Places may be known by another name more
  • Article guidelines - Article guidelines, open questions discussion, more
  • Assessment - Insert template, assess, more
  • Categories - Clean-up, population, etc., more
  • Incoming links - After creating a stub or article, more
  • Stub addition - When a Ghost town article is small & new, more
  • Talk pages - Template insertion must begin, more

The most important open task you can participate in is what is happening at the Article guidelines talk page, make sure you check the open questions first, then chime in. We need consensus and quickly if we are going to get the initial tasks and organization completed.


See also: /Assessment

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  • Ghost town: This article needs sources and inline citations at the very least. It should be a goal to bring this, probably our main article up to FA status.

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Please feel free to list your new Ghost town-related article! To add your article:

  1. Click the link above – don't edit this page.
  2. Add your new article to the top of the list.
  3. Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them should be suggested for the Did you know? box of the Main Page.

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Please feel free to list Ghost town-related articles with new pictures added to them here (newer pictures at the top, please). Consider nominating any particularly striking ones as featured pictures, either here or on WikiCommons, wherever they're stored.


Article requests by stateEdit


  • Pearl - a Ghost Town in Jackson County, cite of Uranium mine, abandoned mid 1900s
  • Coalmont - a Ghost Town in Jackson County, abandoned in 1970s or 80s
  • Teller City - a Ghost Town in Jackson County abandoned in 1870s or 1880s
  • Kings Canyon - a Ghost Town in Jackson County abandoned in early 1970s
  • Gillette, Colorado ghost town and the site of the only bullfight ever in the United States

Photo requests by stateEdit


  • Phillips, Texas: former company town of Phillips Petroleum near Borger in the panhandle.


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