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Wikipedia is free content
The third pillar

Goals edit

  • Spread the use of free images in Wikipedia.
    Since one of our pillars is to be as free as possible, by offering free alternatives to fair use images, we strengthen Wikipedia focus.
  • Correct misinterpretations of free images.
    One of the main complaints about free images is lack of quality when compared with a promotional images. That is not true: there are very good free images as shown by Wikipedia:Featured pictures. In the case of replaceable images, it is possible that a promotional image will look better than free versions. However, it is important to teach editors that a difference in quality between promotional and free images is acceptable.
  • Handle free image requests to the media, keeping a record of conversations between the WikiProject and third parties, and ensuring the correct attribution of images in this way delivered.
    Believing that, if contacted with the right approach, publicists would release a promotional image under a free license, this WikiProject will try to convince them into offering a free image.

Tasks to do edit

  • Polish scope and guidelines
  • Create a table explaining the differences between the different free licenses, focusing on images.
  • Generate a small list of mature articles currently without free images.
  • Create a generic letter aimed at publishers to request free images. Jimbo Wales is willing to send it to publicists for Hollywood stars.
  • Coordinate better with Commons.

Importance of freedom edit

Requesting images edit

Steps to request edit

Following are listed the steps to request an image.

  1. Inform intention at the announcement board (Wikipedia:WikiProject Free images/Announcements). This will prevent clashes with other contributors, check for precedents, and try to find the right approach to the organization/subject.
  2. Create a organization/company subpage (Wikipedia:WikiProject Free images/Contacts) if it does not exist, and update the contact index to include it (Wikipedia:WikiProject Free images/Contacts).
  3. Create a petition by using the petition template (Wikipedia:WikiProject Free images/Petition template) in the company subpage.
  4. Once the petition is ready, send it to the contact, keeping track of the different movements in the petition subpage.
  5. If the petition is successful, give full details of the addition to Wikimedia Foundation, add the given image to the gallery of the petition and the contact, and upload the image to Wikimedia Commons.

Request example edit

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