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Goals and ScopeEdit

Goal: To create, improve and expand Wikipedia's first aid related articles.

Scope: First aid articles which would not be more appropriate in the medicine wikiproject or the Wikipedia:WikiProject_Medicine/Emergency_medicine_and_EMS_task_force.

Statement: As first aid trainers, we see a need for articles relating to this subject to be more organised. There are many articles in existence, but many have serious problems, both stylistically and factually (see below for details of individual articles). Many first aid articles contain how-tos not appropriate for an encyclopedia.

How to helpEdit

A lot of work can be done to improve our first aid articles without knowledge of first aid:

  • Use Wikipedia:Manual of Style (medicine-related articles) for guidance on article format (as a suggestion, not a rule).
  • Remove howtos which are prevalent throughout Wikipedia's first aid articles, but feel free to move then to Wikibooks, where howtos are allowed.
  • Add articles to the section below. Use template {{First aid}} on article talk pages.
  • Improve structure, grammar
  • When in doubt, research! There's a lot of free information on the web on first aid. But be very careful about making unverified claims - its important not to spread incorrect information on first aid, especially on serious topics such as CPR or Tourniquets.

List of interested usersEdit

To add this userbox to your userpage, just add the following: {{User First aid}}
 This user contributes to the First aid WikiProject.

Categorized contributors listed here

If you are interested in this WikiProject please add either the template or category to your user page. We are transitioning from listing users on the project page to organizing by category. The userbox will automatically add you to the contributor category. To add the category without the userbox, add [[Category:WikiProject_First_aid_contributors]] to your user page. Feel free to also your name to the list below:

How to add an articleEdit

  1. Put {{WikiProject First aid}} at the top of the Article's talk page.
  2. Put {{First aid}} at the bottom of the Article
  3. Add the article to the list below using one of the following color codes:

Article Alert Status
in limbo This article may need to be deleted or merged into another article. Please clarify in comment section.
stub or empty Please create this article or help turn this stub into a full article.
poor This article is in poor condition, and could use a lot of help.
needs exp/org/NPOV The article needs expansion, organization, and/or a neutral point of view. It may contain inappropriate howtos.
good The article is in good shape. With a little care, it could be a Featured Article candidate.
featured This is a featured article! Congratulations!
needs opinion This article has not yet been classified into the categories above. Please help by classifying this article.

The color codes are as follows: #FF00FF, #FF5555, #FF9900, #FFFF66, #77BBFF, #00CC00 and #FFFFFF.

Use the following code to add a row to the table:

|[[article name]]||bgcolor=#FFFFFF|needs opinion||

Articles in the WikiProjectEdit

Category:WikiProject First aid articles has a list of articles included in this project. Please make specific improvement comments on the discussion page of the article, perhaps using a {{To do}} template.

First aid related articles
Article Status Comments (optional)
Certified first responder needs opinion
Tourniquet redirected See discussion page please]
SAMPLE History needs opinion Mattvct-
Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician needs opinion no longer a stub but need opinions Mattvct

Wilderness First Responder stub Article could use expansion and a professional opinion Fmandog85 15:56, 19 January 2007 (UTC
Golden hour stub needs citations

Wilderness_medicine needs merge should be merged with Wilderness first aid St.isaac 22:57, 25 June 2007 (UTC)
Wilderness First Aid remove howtos This article needs a complete rewrite. An expert was requested; I'll try to get to it soon. St.isaac 02:54, 24 August 2006 (UTC)
Good Samaritan law needs rewrite Requires rewriting to cover international situation and generic explanation, with references to individual countries placed in main generic text if possible
Biological fluids needs rewrite No reference to Medical implications. Currently at AFD.
Basic life support needs consensus either needs significant expansion or merging in to another article such as ABC (medical)
Artificial respiration expand All howtos now removed - just needs more detail
Automated external defibrillator needs expert Lots of potential, but as it stands this article is a mess. Will try to see to it sometime soon. --John24601 20:47, 23 August 2006 (UTC)
Recovery position pretty good still has some howto's in the Purpose and Precaution sections. St.isaac
Bleeding needs expert
Dressing (medical) needs expansion needs more first aid input
Bandage needs expansion No longer a stub, but in major need of expansion
Oropharyngeal airway Good basis to expand Guedal pattern airway merged here, needs expansion
Airway management needs input Start of a good structure, needs input
Emergency bleeding control Good basis to expand Article started, expansion would help Owain.davies 18:59, 29 April 2007 (UTC)
RICE (medicine) needs expansion Good structure, but some more first aid input would help
Bag valve mask needs expansion More input needed to make this a good article
OPQRST needs expansion needs more detail, maybe history of term, scope of use etc.
Choking needs expansion needs more detail
Street medic good needs more Citations
ABC (medical) Good Updated with new structure (and new place)
AVPU system good needs picture
First aid good now lets make it featured!
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation good CPR is a featured article on fr.Wikipedia. It could use more info, if somebody knows French...
Emergency action principles Rewritten Rewritten completely - removed POV and walkthroughs to make generic article, applicable worldwide
Direct pressure Redirected Now part of [[Emergency bleeding control]
DR ABC redirected This article now redirects to ABC (first aid). It has been merged.
Jaw thrust Redirected Moved this detail to Airway management for more complete article Owain.davies
Pressure point (first aid) Redirected Now part of Emergency bleeding control Owain.davies 20:37, 29 April 2007 (UTC)
Rescue breathing Redirected Now part of Artificial respiration
Face shield Redirected Now part of Artificial respiration
Abdominal thrusts Redirected Now part of choking

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