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Welcome to the assessment department of the Event Venues WikiProject! This department will focus on assessing the quality of Wikipedia's sports facilities articles.

Subject specific assessmentsEdit

Please refer to this page for music venue assessments.

Sports venue assessments will be added soon.

To do listEdit

  • Rework {{WikiProject Sports facilities}} to work with assessment
  • Set up article quality categories
  • Tag and assess existing categories and templates
  • Development assessment criteria in concert with editorial committee
  • Determine if comments should be used
  • Assess articles with existing tags
  • Begin article tagging other articles

Quality scaleEdit

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This page categorizes pages using assessment grades, through built-in transclusion from {{WikiProject Event Venues}}.

Information on Grading Scheme
WikiProject article quality grading scheme

For a list of articles so classified, see the Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Event Venues articles by quality page (both quality and importance are reflected in the table).