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This WikiProject has managed to standardize the articles on the known chemical elements (see Guidelines page). Now it is aimed at the maintenance of these at an agreed upon format discussed in Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Elements and at the expansion and improvement of each article to featured article quality (check out our Goals below). See also WikiProject Isotopes. For a complete list of articles covered, including talk pages and templates, click here. To see all articles covered, but not talk pages and templates, see the periodic table by quality.

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Periodic table by the quality of the articles on each chemical element. (dark blue for FA, dark green for GA, light blue for A, light green for B, yellow for C, orange for Start, and red for Stub)

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Current FACs, FARs, GANs, GARs, PRs, AIDs and similar activities


Successful FACs, FARs, GANs, GARs, or milestones

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Periodic table by article qualityEdit


Short term
  1. Continue current projects or collaborations between our members, bringing the target articles to FA-class.
  2. Bring the remaining ancient metals (tin and gold), along with aluminium, to GA-class.
  3. Bring the p-block family articles to C-Class or above (All that remains is Pnictogen)
  4. Bring all elements in periods 4, 5 and 7 to GA-class or above (left: arsenic, tin, radium respectively).
  5. Bring all of the periods of the periodic table to a minimum of C-Class. (All that remains is Period 4 element)
  6. Bring phosphorus and sulfur to a minimum of B-Class.
  7. Other side projects of articles that project members see fit to pursue.
Mid term
  1. Bring all the element articles to GA-class or above (turn the "Periodic Table by Quality" completely dark green and blue.) (111/124 = 89.5% as of 11 June 2019)
  2. Bring all six of the CHNOPS elements (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur), to FA-class.
Longer term  
  1. Bring all of the seven ancient metals (iron, copper, silver, tin, gold, mercury, lead), along with aluminium and silicon, to FA-class.
  2. Bring the four most homogeneous groups (alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, halogen, noble gas) to FA-class, along with transition metal. All other groups (including lanthanides, actinides, and transactinides) need only be GA-classes at this point.
Ultimate goals  
  1. Bring all element articles to FA standard (turn the "Periodic Table by Quality" completely dark blue.) (24/124 = 19.4% as of 11 June 2019)
  2. Also bring all supporting articles to FA standard.

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