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This is a list of where characters live in EastEnders. It is not a Wikipedia article (as that was previously deleted at AFD) but is purely a reference for EastEnders editors.


Albert SquareEdit

1 Albert SquareEdit

All three flats were converted into a house in 2015 and Vincent Hubbard along with wife Kim and daughter Pearl moved in. They were later joined by Vincent's mother Claudette Hubbard. Kim's Sister Denise Fox and surrogate father Patrick Trueman temporarily moved into the house in January 2016 but both moved back into Number 20 the following month. On Mothers Day 2016 Claudette was believed to have died having been buried in the floor under the basement, but was later revealed to be alive in Hospital. In April 2018, Vincent is kidnapped and disappears, so Kim and Pearl move back into Number 20. Max and Rainie Branning squat in the house for a few days whilst they look for somewhere to live.

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Denise Fox 2016
Patrick Trueman 2016
Claudette Hubbard 2015–2016
Vincent Hubbard 2015–2018
Kim Fox-Hubbard 2015–2018
Pearl Fox-Hubbard 2015–2018

1A Albert SquareEdit

The basement flat of 1 Albert Square ("Cranleigh"), number 1A was the doctor's surgery, which has been run by all of Walford's local GPs.

There were two flats above the surgery.

The surgery was closed in 2015 due to property developers deciding to turn the entire building into a single property.

1B Albert SquareEdit

Ethel Skinner initially lived in the middle flat, 1B Albert Square. Ethel later moved into sheltered accommodation in 1988 after she was unable to cope with the stairs. Barry Clark and Pat Butcher both lived here for a brief periods. Dr Legg originally lived in Islington, North London, but he later decided to move into the vacant flat with his nephew David.

When Dr. Legg moved away from Walford, Dr Fonseca lived in 1B with Mick McFarlane. Dr. Oliver Cousins lived in flat 1B from January to May 2006 but then left the Square for a new job in Leeds. Next Dr. May Wright lived in the flat with her then husband Rob Minter, but then they separated. May was in custody for trying to kidnap Summer Swann. She came back to get Summer but her plan failed and she died by lighting a cigarette when the gas oven was on and caused a huge fire. In 2008 Dr. Poppy Merritt had a brief stint as the doctor but left in April 2009 and then Dr. Al Jenkins had become the new doctor and replaced her. Al moves out in early 2010 when he decides to move to Cornwall. Heather Trott moves in with her baby George in September 2010. The flat is incorporated along with 1A and 1C into a house in 2015.

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Ethel Skinner 1929–1988
Dr. Harold Legg 1946–1997
Pat Butcher 1987–1989
Barry Clark 1988–1989
Dr. David Samuels 1988–1989
Fred Fonseca 1998–2000
Mick McFarlane 1999–2000
Oliver Cousins 2006
May Wright 2006–2007
Rob Minter 2006–2007
Al Jenkins 2009–2010
Heather Trott 2010–2011
George Trott 2010–2011

1C Albert SquareEdit

The top flat, 1C Albert Square, was originally the home of Lofty Holloway. When Lofty married Michelle Fowler, he lived there with her and Michelle's daughter, Vicki.

In 2007, Max Branning bought the flat as a wedding present for his son Bradley and his new wife Stacey. Bradley kept it a secret from Stacey, and revealed it at Christmas. However when Max and Stacey's affair was revealed, Bradley smashed up the flat and later gave the keys back to Max. In 2014 Cora Cross moved in with her granddaughters, Abi and Lauren Branning. And her grandson, Dexter Hartman. Later, Abi and Lauren move back into Number 5. Dexter moves to Birmingham to live with his mum in January 2015. In April 2015, Cora gets evicted after property developers begin refurbishing the building. She moves away from Walford to live with her daughter Tanya, but is later found to be homeless.

Previous residents:

character Resident
Michelle Fowler 1986–1987
Vicki Fowler 1986–1987
Lofty Holloway 1981–1988
Bradley Branning 2007
Stacey Branning 2007
Lauren Branning 2014
Abi Branning 2014
Dexter Hartman 2014–2015
Cora Cross 2014–2015

3 Albert SquareEdit

3 Albert Square is originally owned by Tony Carpenter, who bought it in 1975 but converted the property into flats 10 years later. In 2011, the house becomes a squat in the spin-off EastEnders: E20, however, Janine Butcher purchases the property and it becomes a care home, housing Ava Bourne, Donnie Lester and Faith Olubunmi.

3A Albert SquareEdit

Kelvin Carpenter originally occupied the basement flat, but after he left in 1987, Ian Beale moved in with his girlfriend Tina Hopkins for a while. By the end of the year, Simon Wicks had moved in with Magda Czajkowski. Both vacated by 1988 and when Kathy Beale split from her husband in 1989, she moved in.

Garry Hobbs and Minty Peterson lived here as flatmates for several years beginning in 2005. A third flatmate, Naomi Julien, lived with them between 2006 and 2007. Others who have stayed here briefly during this time have included: SJ Fletcher, Sonia Fowler, Heather Trott, Shirley Carter, Hazel Hobbs and Queenie Trott. Dawn Swann moved in with her daughter Summer Swann after her fiancee Jase Dyer's death. Dawn's half-brother Darren Miller moved in in 2009.

Garry and Dawn left Walford in August 2009 taking Dawn's daughter Summer with them to make a fresh start after they marry.

Manda Best moved in in August 2009 to give boyfriend Minty some company. They were later joined by Manda's son Adam Best in September 2009, but he only made brief visits. Manda departs from Walford in early 2010 when she discovers that boyfriend Minty is in love with his ex-girlfriend Sam. In March 2010, Billy and Jay move in after they are kicked out of Number 27 by Phil Mitchell. Billy and Jay left a couple days later after receiving complaints from Minty. In July 2010, Minty throws Darren out after Darren accidentally destroys their World Cup tickets at the laundrette.

Heather Trott, Shirley Carter and George Trott move in after being made homeless. After a fire at The Queen Victoria, Shirley moves out to help Phil, and Sam Mitchell moves in with her baby Richard. Minty and Heather had become a romantic couple, but Minty's longtime crush on Sam causes him to sleep with her when she begins manipulating him so she will have someone to take care of her baby. Ultimately Minty realises Sam's agenda and she moves to Portugal with the baby. Heather tells Minty they cannot be a couple as she knows he does not genuinely love her. Minty leaves Walford, and his home, to live with Garry and Dawn. Without Minty's salary, Heather and George are then forced to move.

Previous residents:

character Resident
Kelvin Carpenter 1987
Ian Beale 1987
Tina Hopkins 1987
Simon Wicks 1987–1988
Magda Czajkowski 1987–1988
Kathy Beale 1989–1993
SJ Fletcher 2006
Sonia Fowler 2006
Naomi Julien 2006–2007
Hazel Hobbs 2007–2008
Queenie Trott 2008
Vinnie Monks 2008–2009
Callum Monks 2008–2009
Garry Hobbs 2005–2009
Dawn Swann 2008–2009
Summer Swann 2008–2009
Manda Best 2009–2010
Adam Best 2009–2010
Billy Mitchell 2010
Jay Brown 2010
Darren Miller 2009–2010
Shirley Carter 2008, 2010
Sam Mitchell 2010
Ricky Mitchell 2010
Minty Peterson 2005–2010
Heather Trott 2008, 2010
George Trott 2010

3B Albert SquareEdit

Tony Carpenter lived in the middle flat, 3B Albert Square, with his wife Hannah and daughter Cassie from 1985 until 1987. His son Kelvin Carpenter also lived here, but after Tony's departure, he moved into the basement flat.

Carmel Jackson purchased the flat in 1987 and she was later joined by her husband Matthew Jackson, her brother Darren Roberts and his children Junior and Aisha.

Vince Johnson moved here in 1989 when Carmel left. In 1999, Dot Cotton lived in 3B with Lilly Mattock. Beppe di Marco lived in flat 3B with his son Joe when he came to Walford in 2000, and his ex-wife Sandra also lived with them for a while. Ricky Butcher then lived in 3B with his ex-wife Sam and son Liam in 2002, but Gus Smith moved in when she moved out. Janine Butcher stayed as Ricky's guest. Dawn Swann moved into 3B in March 2007, and Rob Minter moved in with her in April, but both had moved out by June. Denise Fox and Kim Fox move into 3B in 2012 before returning to Kim's B&B.

Previous residents:

character Resident
Tony Carpenter 1985–1987
Hannah Carpenter 1985–1987
Cassie Carpenter 1985–1987
Kelvin Carpenter 1985–1987
Carmel Jackson 1987–1987
Darren Roberts 1987–1988
Junior Roberts 1987–1989
Aisha Roberts 1987–1989
Matthew Jackson 1988–1989
Vince Johnson 1989–1990
Lilly Mattock 1998–1999
Dot Cotton 1998–1999
Sandra di Marco 2000–2001
Joe di Marco 2000–2002
Beppe di Marco 2000–2002
Sandra di Marco 2000–2001
Sam Mitchell 2002–2003
Janine Butcher 2003
Ricky Butcher 2002–2004
Liam Butcher 2002–2004
Gus Smith 2003–2004
Dawn Swann 2007
Rob Minter 2007
Denise Fox 2012
Kim Fox 2012

3C Albert SquareEdit

Colin Russell originally lived in the top flat, 3C Albert Square, first with Barry Clark then with Guido Smith.

Rod Norman squatted in 3C with his girlfriend Hazel after Colin left. Colin then rented 3C to Ian and Cindy Beale and Cindy's son Steven in 1990.

In 1996, David Wicks lived in 3C, and his son Joe lived with him briefly. In 1998, Josie McFarlane moved into 3C with Kim McFarlane. Mick McFarlane came to live in 3C with his sister Kim in 2000 after Josie was deported.

When the Ferreira family (Adi, Ash, Ronny, Kareena and Tariq) were forced to move out of their home at 55 Victoria Road, they moved into the middle and top flats, along with Sasha Perkins. All left in 2005.

In May 2015, Kat and Alfie Moon rent 3C for Stacey Branning and Lily Branning; he pays the first year of rent for Stacey. Stacey then invites Martin Fowler to live with them. Kat, Alfie and the kids move in briefly over the festive period before returning to Spain. Stacey's half-brother Kyle Slater moves into the flat in March 2016, and Stacey's cousin Belinda Peacock moves in after leaving her husband Neville. Andy Flynn stays with them briefly for a few weeks until Belinda kicks him out because the flat is too crowded. Martin's daughter Bex moves in when her mum moves to Kettering. After Bex moves in and the flat becomes too crowded again, the Fowlers and Slaters all move into Number 31, leaving the flat vacant again.

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Barry Clark 1987–1988
Colin Russell 1986–1989
Guido Smith 1988–1989
Rod Norman 1989–1990
Hazel 1989–1990
Ian Beale 1990
Cindy Beale 1990
Steven Beale 1990
David Wicks 1996
Joe Wicks 1996
Josie McFarlane 1998–2000
Kim McFarlane 1998–2002
Mick McFarlane 2000–2002
Adi Ferreira 2004–2005
Ash Ferreira 2004–2005
Ronny Ferreira 2004–2005
Kareena Ferreira 2004–2005
Tariq Larousi 2004–2005
Sasha Perkins 2004–2005
Kat Moon 2015–2016
Alfie Moon 2015–2016
Tommy Moon 2015–2016
Bert Moon 2015–2016
Ernie Moon 2015–2016
Andy Flynn 2016
Stacey Fowler 2015–2016
Martin Fowler 2015–2016
Lily Fowler 2015–2016
Arthur Fowler 2015–2016
Kyle Slater 2016
Belinda Peacock 2016
Rebecca Fowler 2016

5 Albert SquareEdit

The house was originally owned by Benny Bloom, who lived here with his wife Golda, but throughout the show's early history, this house was derelict and was used as a squat by a number of homeless characters, including Rod Norman, Donna Ludlow, Mandy Salter and Aidan Brosnan.

Richard Cole bought the property in 1993 and converted it into bedsits. The house was later sold to Phil Mitchell. During its time as flats/bedsits it was lived in by Ricky and Bianca Butcher, Liam Tyler, Sanjay Kapoor, Della Alexander and Binnie Roberts.

It was then converted into a semi-detached property and Phil and his wife Kathy lived here with their son Ben, until Kathy left Phil and took Ben with her to South Africa. Phil then shared the house with his girlfriend Lisa Shaw, and his godson Jamie also lived here. Other guests to stay with Phil have included his mother, Peggy, Dan Sullivan, Conor Flaherty and Harry Slater. Phil later moved to the Queen Vic with Sharon, and Steve Owen bought the house. He lived here alone, and later with Mel.

The house was then left empty until Den Watts' return from the 'dead'. He bought the house for his family, but when the family fell apart, Johnny Allen bought it. His daughter Ruby Allen and girlfriend Tina Stewart moved in soon after. Tina left Johnny, and Ruby moved in with her boyfriend Juley Smith, and then Ruby and Johnny left Walford to live in Essex. Johnny has since died in prison and Ruby moved in with the Slaters before leaving Walford for good.

The house, still owned by Ruby, was then left empty, until Max Branning, his wife Tanya and children Abi and Lauren moved in in late June 2006. Max has since been kicked out upon the revelation of his affair with Stacey, and, shortly after, Tanya's sister, Rainie Cross returned. Rainie was later asked to leave by Tanya as Max did not like the idea of an ex drug addict living with his children and was going to use that against Tanya to gain custody of his kids. The house is now occupied by Tanya, Lauren, Abi and baby Oscar.

On 1 July 2008, Max announced he'd bought the house from Ruby. However, on 3 July Max's brother Jack Branning announced that he had been in touch with Ruby and had beaten Max's bid for buying the house. After Max had recovered in hospital for being run over by Tanya, (but in fact it was Lauren who ran him over, as Tanya had been lying for Lauren to protect her) he then kicked Jack out of the house to look after Lauren, Abi and Oscar himself. In January 2009 when Tanya had been released from prison she kicked Max and his son Bradley out as she wanted to just be with her children. Lauren had gone off to live with people in the care of the social services after she had confessed to running over her father Max on 31 October 2008.

After being away for three months for the court hearing over Max's hit and run Lauren was allowed to return home to her family in April 2009. Max moved back in in July 2009 when Tanya and the kids let him back in so they can be a happy family again. As part of a wife-swap Tanya swapped places with best friend Jane Beale for a week. Tanya leaves with Lauren and Oscar in December 2009 when she finds out that Max has been in debt and didn't tell her, however Abi stays with Max. On Christmas Day, Tanya comes to the house and Max tells Abi that she must go with her as there is no need to stay with him, leaving Max living on his own in the house. In early 2010 Abi unexpectedly turns up at the car lot, surprising Max, telling him that she hated living with Tanya and wanted to move back in. Max's sister Carol and her son Billie move in several months later, as Carol had to help Max after the sudden death of his son Bradley. In spring 2010, Billie left to join the army. In July 2010, Abi convinced Max to let Darren Miller move in after Darren was kicked out of his flat. In August, Tanya's sister Rainie returned for a visit, and caused friction with Carol, as Rainie, in need of drugs, had stolen some of Carol's money. Ultimately Max threw both Carol and Rainie out. Vanessa Gold moves in after Harry throws her out, along with her daughter Jodie Gold. Vanessa and Jodie depart in Autumn 2011, after Vanessa discovers that Max has been having an affair with Tanya and Tanya and the kids move into number 5 after Greg Jessop sells their old house to Janine Butcher. In November 2011, Max returns with Derek Branning in tow. He reunites with Tanya and moves back in. Tanya's mother, Cora Cross moves in but after an argument, Tanya kicks out Cora. In 2012, Max's nephew, Joey Branning (who was having a secret relationship with Lauren) briefly moves in.

After it is revealed that Max has a secret wife (Kirsty Branning) and reveals in an argument with Tanya that he still has feelings for her, Tanya ejects Max from the family. Cora then moves back in to support Tanya and then Tanya leaves with Oscar after realising she can't stay in Walford and takes Lauren with her however Lauren comes back a few weeks later. In 2014, Cora and Dexter get kicked out by Max. In May, Abi and Lauren argue with Max and go to live with Cora - but they both later move back. Max begins a relationship with Emma Summerhayes and she moves in before dying. In 2015, Abi moves into 55 Victoria Road with the Mitchell's and Lauren leaves Walford for a new life in New Zealand with Peter. Max later moves in with his sister Carol Jackson as he cannot pay the mortgage after he loses the car lot so he rents it out until he and his daughters can be a family again. But when Max is later sent to prison he falls behind on the mortgage repayments and it is repossessed. In April 2016 Jack bought the house and decided to turn it into flats.

Previous residents:

character Resident
Benny Bloom 1938–1945
Golda Bloom 1938–1945
Donna Ludlow 1987–1988
Mandy Salter 1993
Aidan Brosnan 1993
Ricky Butcher 1994
Bianca Butcher 1994
Liam Tyler 1993–1995
Sanjay Kapoor 1993–1995
Della Alexander 1994–1995
Binnie Roberts 1994–1995
Kathy Mitchell 1996–1998
Ben Mitchell 1996–1998
Connor Flaherty 1998
Lisa Shaw 1999–2000
Dan Sullivan 2000
Jamie Mitchell 1998–2001
Peggy Mitchell 2001
Harry Slater 2001
Phil Mitchell 1996–2001
Steve Owen 2001–2002
Melanie Owen 2001–2002
Sharon Watts 2004
Vicki Fowler 2004
Dennis Rickman 2004
Den Watts 2003–2005
Chrissie Watts 2004–2005
Tina Stewart 2005
Johnny Allen 2005–2006
Ruby Allen 2005–2006
Jack Branning 2008
Jane Beale 2009
Carol Jackson 2010
Billie Jackson 2010
Darren Miller 2010
Vanessa Gold 2010–2011
Jodie Gold 2010–2011
Rainie Cross 2008, 2010, 2011
Joey Branning 2012
Tanya Branning 2006–2009, 2011–2013
Oscar Branning 2007–2009, 2011–2013
Kirsty Branning 2013–2014
Cora Cross 2011–2014
Dexter Hartman 2013–2014
Emma Summerhayes 2014–2015
Abi Branning 2006–2015
Lauren Branning 2006–2015
Max Branning 2006–2007, 2008, 2009–2013, 2013–2015

5A Albert SquareEdit

After Jack Branning purchased the house in 2016, he converted it into flats.

5B Albert SquareEdit

After Jack Branning purchased the house in 2016, he converted it into flats. And in November, Lee and Whitney Carter move in. After Lee and Whitney's marriage breaks down, Lee moves to Dover and Whitney moves back in to The Vic, leaving the flat empty. In August 2017 local high school teacher Gethin Pryce moves into 5B Albert Square, but he moves out in November after his kiss with Bex Fowler is revealed.

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Lee Carter 2016–2017
Whitney Carter 2016–2017
Gethin Pryce 2017

5C Albert SquareEdit

After Jack Branning purchased the house in 2016, he converted it into flats. In 2016, Lee Carter is seen talking to Craig Washington, who says he lives at 5C.

5D Albert SquareEdit

After Jack Branning purchased the house in 2016, he converted it into flats.

5E Albert SquareEdit

After Jack Branning purchased the house in 2016, he converted it into flats.

18 Albert SquareEdit

18 Albert Square (also Kimberley's Palace B&B and The Abercorn Bed and Breakfast) started as a B&B consisting of two doubles, three singles, dining room and lounge. It was managed by Madam Doris Bover (a character who was never seen) with the help of Marge Green, until it was bought by Pat and Frank Butcher in 1989. They also bought the attached house, 20 Albert Square. Frank's mother Mo Butcher and children Janine, Ricky and Diane lived here with them and Marge stayed on as their cleaner. Guests at the B&B included Simon Wicks, Cindy Beale, Mandy and Lorraine Salter, Mark Fowler, Sam Mitchell, Joe Wallace and Disa O'Brien. Both properties were sold to Mr. Charles Raymond in 1992.

Vicar Alex Healy converted the B&B to a shelter for the homeless for a while, and later it was restored to a B&B by Audrey Trueman and her son Anthony. When Audrey died, it was run by her ex-husband Patrick and other son Paul. Guests at the B&B during this time included Trevor and Little Mo Morgan, Sharon Watts, Wilfred Atkins, Janine Evans, Precious Hudson, Pat Butcher (who also worked as staff), Chrissie Watts, Barry and Natalie Evans, and JJ. Billy Mitchell and Honey Edwards stayed here briefly until they found a place of their own. Patrick's wife Yolande has since moved in, but it is no longer run as a B&B. Aubrey Valentine stayed with them briefly in 2006 and attempted to seduce Yolande. Bert Atkinson stayed there for several weeks with his grandson Jay. Denise Wicks and her daughters Chelsea and Libby Fox also live here. Darren Miller also moved here after the fire at his family's house and he now is satying here with his girlfriend Libby Fox. Lucas Johnson had recently moved in with his son Jordan Johnson to be with Denise as they had got back together. In June 2009 Chelsea Fox had run away to be with her drug dealer boyfriend Ellis after dumping recent boyfriend Theo Kelly but returned near the end of July 2009. Jordan Johnson later moved out to go live with his mother Trina Johnson.

Trina was impaled on a rake in September 2009 during an argument with Lucas, resulting in her death, and Jordan lived full-time with Lucas. Libby meanwhile began attending Oxford University, but returned home for frequent visits. The family went through considerable turmoil over the next year as Libby's father Owen Turner returned and Lucas strangled him, burying his body underneath Trina's memorial tree in the middle of Walford. When the body was found, Denise became a prime suspect, and Lucas subdued her and then kept her prisoner in a basement of the house next door, allowing everyone to believe she had committed suicide. Denise managed to escape and returned home to her surprised family, with Lucas right behind her. The police soon apprehended Lucas, but this was all too much for Chelsea, and she agreed to go to Spain with Libby's grandmother, Liz Turner. Wanting Libby to have a fresh start, Denise convinced Libby to go on holiday with them and not return from university for visits.

Denise was left with Patrick and Jordan but the quiet house would soon have more noise when Denise's sister Kim Fox moved in following a breakup with her cheating boyfriend.

In 2011, Kim Fox re-opened the house after renovations as Kimberley's Palace B&B with local Doctor Yusef Khan as the first guest. After a fire started by Yusef, the B&B was destroyed however it reopened in 2012. Kim goes on a cruise in 2014. Denise moves out to live with Fiancée Ian Beale and closes the B&B. Patrick is left on his own in the house and has a stroke. When he comes out of Hospital, he moves in with Ian and Denise. When Ian's secret is revealed, Denise and Patrick move back into 18-20 Albert Square. In December 2014, Stacey finds out that Dean raped Linda and kicks him out of 91A George Street, he moves in with Patrick and Denise and his mum Shirley later joins him. Dean is arrested but he is then released after questioning. Buster Briggs later moves in with Shirley and Dean. Tina Carter moves in for a month before moving in with her girlfriend Sonia. Kim's husband Vincent Hubbard later moves in so he can be a father to Pearl and a husband to Kim. Vincent later forced Buster Shirley and Dean to move out as they knew about him sharing a kiss with Ronnie Mitchell. Kim Vincent and Pearl later moved into Number 1 Albert Square. When Kim decided to split the house in 2 and sell off Number 18, Denise and Patrick temporarily moved into Number 1 with Kim and Vincent until they could move back into Number 20. In 2016 some students moved in but were later kicked out due to noise.

In February 2017, Ben Mitchell and Jay Brown move in after they think its time to move out of Phil and Sharon's House. Donna Yates moved in with Ben and Jay in April 2017 when they needed help with the rent, and Donna's boiler broke. Abi Branning moves in the following week after Donna persuades Ben and Jay to let her. When Abi's sister Lauren Branning's fiancé Steven Beale dies, her and her young son Louie Beale move in with her for a few weeks until they move back to Number 45. After falling off the roof of The Queen Victoria, Abi is declared brain dead and later dies in hospital. Ben decides to move to France after stealing money belonging to Ciara Maguire and leaves Walford. Jay invites Billy Mitchell to move in after his wife, Honey Mitchell kicks him out. Woody Woodward also moves in after returning to Walford.

Current residents:

character Resident
Jay Brown 2017–
Donna Yates 2017–
Billy Mitchell 2018–
Woody Woodward 2018–

Previous residents:

character Resident
Marge Green 1989–1990
Frank Butcher 1990–1992
Pat Butcher 1990–1992
Mo Butcher 1990–1992
Diane Butcher 1990–1992
Ricky Butcher 1990–1992
Janine Butcher 1990–1992
Charles Raymond 1992
Audrey Trueman 2000–2001
Paul Trueman 2001–2004
Anthony Trueman 2000–2005
Yolande Trueman 2004–2008
Chelsea Fox 2008–2010
Libby Fox 2008–2010
Darren Miller 2008–2010
Lucas Johnson 2009–2010
Jordan Johnson 2009–2010
Michael Moon 2011
Yusef Khan 2011–2012
Fatboy 2012–2013
Kirsty Branning 2012–2013
Max Branning 2013
Carl White 2013
Sharon Rickman 2012, 2013
Dennis Rickman Jr 2012, 2013
Aleks Shirovs 2014
Tina Carter 2015
Shirley Carter 2014–2015
Dean Wicks 2014–2015
Buster Briggs 2015
Vincent Hubbard 2015
Kim Fox-Hubbard 2010–2011, 2012–2013, 2014–2015
Pearl Fox-Hubbard 2015
Patrick Trueman 2001–2010, 2011, 2012–2014, 2014–2016
Denise Fox 2008–2010, 2011, 2012–2013, 2014–2016
Lauren Branning 2017
Louie Beale 2017
Abi Branning 2017
Ben Mitchell 2017–2018

20 Albert SquareEdit

20 Albert Square "'(Garfield)'" (also Kimberley's Palace B&B, formerly The Abercorn Bed and Breakfast) started as a B&B consisting of two doubles, three singles, dining room and lounge. It was managed by Madam Doris Bover (a character who was never seen) with the help of Marge Green, until it was bought by Pat and Frank Butcher in 1989. They also bought the attached house, 18 Albert Square, for use as their residence, which was first occupied by Mrs Pollock. Frank's mother Mo Butcher and children Janine, Ricky and Diane lived here with them and Marge stayed on as their cleaner. Guests at the B&B included Simon Wicks, Cindy Beale, Mandy and Lorraine Salter, Mark Fowler, Sam Mitchell, Joe Wallace and Disa O'Brien. Both properties were sold to Mr. Charles Raymond in 1992.

Vicar Alex Healy converted the B&B to a shelter for the homeless for a while, and later it was restored to a B&B by Audrey Trueman and her son Anthony. When Audrey died, it was run by her ex-husband Patrick and other son Paul. Guests at the B&B during this time included Trevor and Little Mo Morgan, Sharon Watts, Wilfred Atkins, Janine Evans, Precious Hudson, Pat Butcher (who also worked as staff), Chrissie Watts, Barry and Natalie Evans, and JJ. Billy Mitchell and Honey Edwards stayed here briefly until they found a place of their own. Patrick's wife Yolande has since moved in, but it is no longer run as a B&B. Aubrey Valentine stayed with them briefly in 2006 and attempted to seduce Yolande. Bert Atkinson stayed there for several weeks with his grandson Jay. Denise Wicks and her daughters Chelsea and Libby Fox also live here. Darren Miller also moved here after the fire at his family's house and he now is satying here with his girlfriend Libby Fox. Lucas Johnson had recently moved in with his son Jordan Johnson to be with Denise as they had got back together. In June 2009 Chelsea Fox had run away to be with her drug dealer boyfriend Ellis after dumping recent boyfriend Theo Kelly but returned near the end of July 2009. Jordan Johnson later moved out to go live with his mother Trina Johnson.

Trina was impaled on a rake in September 2009 during an argument with Lucas, resulting in her death, and Jordan lived full-time with Lucas. Libby meanwhile began attending Oxford University, but returned home for frequent visits. The family went through considerable turmoil over the next year as Libby's father Owen Turner returned and Lucas strangled him, burying his body underneath Trina's memorial tree in the middle of Walford. When the body was found, Denise became a prime suspect, and Lucas subdued her and then kept her prisoner in a basement of the house next door, allowing everyone to believe she had committed suicide. Denise managed to escape and returned home to her surprised family, with Lucas right behind her. The police soon apprehended Lucas, but this was all too much for Chelsea, and she agreed to go to Spain with Libby's grandmother, Liz Turner. Wanting Libby to have a fresh start, Denise convinced Libby to go on holiday with them and not return from university for visits.

Denise was left with Patrick and Jordan but the quiet house would soon have more noise when Denise's sister Kim Fox moved in following a breakup with her cheating boyfriend.

In 2011, Kim Fox re-opened the house after renovations as Kimberley's Palace B&B with local Doctor Yusef Khan as the first guest. After a fire started by Yusef, the B&B was destroyed however it reopened in 2012. Kim goes on a cruise in 2014. Denise moves out to live with Fiancée Ian Beale and closes the B&B. Patrick is left on his own in the house and has a stroke. When he comes out of Hospital, he moves in with Ian and Denise. When Ian's secret is revealed, Denise and Patrick move back into 18-20 Albert Square. In December 2014, Stacey finds out that Dean raped Linda and kicks him out of 91A George Street, he moves in with Patrick and Denise and his mum Shirley later joins him. Dean is arrested but he is then released after questioning. Buster Briggs later moves in with Shirley and Dean. Tina Carter moves in for a month before moving in with her girlfriend Sonia. Kim's husband Vincent Hubbard later moves in so he can be a father to Pearl and a husband to Kim. Vincent later forced Buster Shirley and Dean to move out as they knew about him sharing a kiss with Ronnie Mitchell. Kim Vincent and Pearl later moved into Number 1 Albert Square. When Kim decided to split the house in 2 and sell off Number 18, Denise and Patrick temporarily moved into Number 1 with Kim and Vincent. Before moving back in February along with Jordan and his son JJ. Jordan was then arrested for attempting to break Lucas out of prison and JJ was sent to live with his mother. Denise's Mother Emerald Fox turns up in January 2017 and stays at Number 20 until she leaves in early February 2017. Denise later moves out in order to live with her fiancée, Kush Kazemi. In April 2018, Kim and Pearl move back in after Vincent is kidnapped.

Current residents:

Character Resident
Patrick Trueman 2001–2010, 2011, 2012–2014, 2014–2016, 2016–
Kim Fox-Hubbard 2010–11, 2012–2013, 2014–2015, 2018–
Pearl Fox-Hubbard 2015, 2018–

Previous residents:

character Resident
Marge Green 1989–1990
Frank Butcher 1990–1992
Pat Butcher 1990–1992
Mo Butcher 1990–1992
Diane Butcher 1990–1992
Ricky Butcher 1990–1992
Janine Butcher 1990–1992
Charles Raymond 1992
Audrey Trueman 2000–2001
Paul Trueman 2001–2004
Anthony Trueman 2000–2005
Yolande Trueman 2004–2008
Chelsea Fox 2008–2010
Libby Fox 2008–2010
Darren Miller 2008–2010
Lucas Johnson 2009–2010
Jordan Johnson 2009–2010
Michael Moon 2011
Yusef Khan 2011–2012
Fatboy 2012–2013
Max Branning 2013
Carl White 2013
Sharon Rickman 2012, 2013
Dennis Rickman Jr 2012, 2013
Aleks Shirovs 2014
Tina Carter 2015
Shirley Carter 2014–2015
Dean Wicks 2014–2015
Buster Briggs 2015
Vincent Hubbard 2015
Jordan Johnson 2009–2010, 2016
JJ Johnson 2016
Emerald Fox 2017
Denise Fox 2008–2010, 2011, 2012–2013, 2014–2016, 2016–2017

23 Albert SquareEdit

23 Albert Square ("Ventnor") was converted back into a house and in 2000, the Slater family moved in. As of May 2008, the occupants of the house are Charlie Slater, Mo Harris, Sean Slater and Stacey Branning, and their mother, Jean Slater. Various members of the Slater family and their partners have lived here at differing times, occasionally returning to the family home due to personal or economic problems after they have previously moved out. Past family occupants included, Kat Slater, Lynne Slater and her partner Garry Hobbs, Little Mo Slater and her partner Billy, Belinda Slater and Zoe Slater. Lodgers and guests have included Kelly Taylor, Donna Andrews and her baby, Laura Beale, Ruby Allen and Bert Atkinson. Trevor Morgan and Tom Banks were killed here in a house fire in 2002.

Roxy Mitchell moved in with Sean in 2008. Roxy and Sean had eventually left to find a place of their own and in August 2008 Stacey's friend Danielle Jones who she befriended while giving her a job on the stall had moved in. Stacey Slater had eventually moved back in after her break up with Bradley Branning in September 2008. In January 2009 Jean Slater left to live somewhere else after she was mentally ill from her bi-polar disorder from her son Sean Slater leaving but she had returned to live with the family in March 2009. In April 2009 Danielle Jones had died after being run over by Janine Butcher by accident on the same day her mother Ronnie Mitchell found out about her being her daughter who she gave away nearly 20 years ago. Stacey had now not only lost her brother but her best friend which has made her go off the rails and cause her to have erratic behaviour as her mother Jean Slater thinks that she may have the same illness as her as she could see the signs for bi-polar disorder.

In May 2009 Stacey Slater went to stay with cousin Lynne Hobbs for a few weeks to get away from Walford but came back in June 2009 to face the fact she has the illness of bi-polar disorder just like her mother Jean Slater. In August Charlie briefly moves to Medeira with his girlfriend Brenda but returns within a few days. When Charlie returns he brings back a new Russian friend named Orlenda, she stayed there for a few days but left when Charlie realised she was using him for his money. In October 2009 Jean had Stacey sectioned as Stacey's bi-polar disorder was spiraling out of control. Stacey returned in December 2009, pregnant with what she believed was a child by Archie Mitchell's rape. Bradley moved in with Stacey after they got back together, with Bradley pretending to be the baby's biological father. Stacey's friend Becca also moved in when she was released from the mental hospital. Becca, bitter when Bradley and Stacey marry, called the police to make them think Bradley killed Archie. Bradley then died while attempting to run from the cops, and Stacey, who had actually killed Archie, was devastated. She stayed in a flat out of town for a month before returning to Walford and her family. She gave birth several months later, to a daughter Lily, and tried to cope with raising her. Becca tried to control Stacey and all but cut Jean out of Stacey's life. Finally, when Jean told Stacey that Becca had called the police to report Bradley as Archie's killer, which had led to Bradley's death, Stacey cut Becca out of her life. Becca moved out, but not before throwing Bradley's urn against the wall, covering Stacey in his ashes.

The Slater house was shaken again when Kat Moon returned after nearly five years, now on the run from thugs over some money. Her estranged husband Alfie Moon soon followed. They moved into 46 Albert Square, a couple of months later, with the rest of the family.

Mo rents out house to Alife's uncle, Eddie Moon and his two sons, Tyler Moon and Anthony Moon join him. Eddie leaves in October 2011, and Anthony leaves in August 2012 with Tyler moving in with girlfriend, Whitney Dean in the Butcher residence. Fatboy and Roxy Mitchell move in before Roxy returns to the Mitchell household and Mo kicks Fatboy out. She lets Derek Branning and Alice Branning move in. When Kat's affair with Derek is revealed, Derek let her live with him. He dies on 25 December 2012, leaving Alice and Kat living in number 23 and shortly after Alice's brother, Joey Branning moves in. Michael Moon moves in after estranged wife, Janine Butcher returns, until his death. Alice is imprisoned, and Kat briefly returns to The Queen Victoria when she reuintes with Alfie. Phil sells the pub so Kat, Alfie and Tommy Moon move into number 23 with Mo. In 2014 Alfie starts a fire and they have to move out because of the damage it caused. Although the building is severely damaged and very dangerous, when Nick Cotton is kicked out of Dot's house, he begins squatting in number 23. He later dies and the house becomes empty again. The house was then converted into flats.

Previous residents:

character Resident
Donna Andrews 2001
Sean Andrews 2001
Kelly Taylor 2002
Laura Beale 2003
Belinda Peacock 2001, 2002, 2003
Lynne Hobbs 2000–2004
Zoe Slater 2000–2005
Gary Hobbs 2000–2005
Zoe Slater 2000–2005
Billy Mitchell 2001–2005
Little Mo Mitchell 2000–2006
Freddie Mitchell 2004–2006
Ruby Allen 2006
Bert Atkinson 2007
Sean Slater 2008–2009
Bradley Branning 2009–2010
Becca Swanson 2010
Charlie Slater 2000–2011
Eddie Moon 2011
Jean Slater 2005–2011
Roxy Mitchell 2008, 2012
Amy Mitchell 2008, 2012
Anthony Moon 2011–2012
Tyler Moon 2011–2012
Fatboy 2012
Derek Branning 2012
Michael Moon 2013
Alice Branning 2012–2013
Joey Branning 2013
Tommy Moon 2012–2014
Bert Moon 2014
Ernie Moon 2014
Mo Harris 2000–2011, 2014
Kat Moon 2000–2004, 2005, 2010, 2012–2014
Stacey Branning 2004–2010, 2014
Alfie Moon 2010, 2013–2014
Lily Branning 2010, 2014
Nick Cotton 2015

23A Albert SquareEdit

23A Albert Square is where Ali and Sue Osman and their baby Hassan lived. Ali and Sue moved out in 1986 and Dot Cotton moved in. Later she did a swap with her neighbour, Tom Clements. Rod Norman came to live with Mary in 1987, and her father Chris also lived with her for a while.

Mo Butcher lived in the lower flat and took in Trevor Short as a lodger. Roly the dog also lived with Mo before returning to The Vic. Following Mo's departure in 1990, Disa O'Brien stayed in the flat with her baby Jasmine, then newlyweds Ricky and Sam Butcher squatted there. They were evicted by the council in 1992.

In 2015 after a fire destroyed the house the previous year the house was converted back into 2 flats.

In May 2017, Ted and Joyce Murray are rehoused in the flat by the council after their previous flat in Walford Towers is earmarked for demolition. In March 2018, Joyce dies in her sleep.

Current residents:

character Resident
Ted Murray 2017–

Previous residents:

character Resident
Hassan Osman 1985
Ali Osman 1985–1986
Sue Osman 1985–1986
Dot Cotton 1986–1987
Nick Cotton 1986-1987
Tom Clements 1987–1988
Mo Butcher 1988–1990
Trevor Short 1988–1990
Disa O'Brien 1990–1991
Jasmine O'Brien 1990–1991
Ricky Butcher 1991–1992
Sam Butcher 1991–1992
Joyce Murray 2017–2018

23B Albert SquareEdit

23B Albert Square is where Reg Cox was found dead in the first episode of EastEnders. After Reg's death Mary Smith and her baby, Annie move in. Rod Norman came to live with Mary in 1987, and her father Chris also lived with her for a while. Mary left in 1988.

Mark and Gill Fowler squatted here in 1991. After Gill died, Mandy Salter moved into the flat with Mark. They were evicted by the council in 1992.

In 2015 after a fire destroyed the house the previous year the house was converted back into 2 flats and Shirley Carter, Buster Briggs and Dean Wicks moved in. They were later joined by Dean's girlfriend Roxy Mitchell, and her daughter Amy. Dean's daughter Jade later moved in with them. Roxy and Amy moved out on Christmas Day 2015 after Dean attempted to rape Roxy, and Dean was later arrested and sent to prison for his crime. After Dean's arrest Jade later moved away from the square with her mother Shabnam Masood. After Ronnie Mitchell had enough of her cousin Phil's drinking she kicked him out and he moved into the flat with his ex-partner Shirley. Shirley then kicked him out as he made Buster feel uncomfortable. Buster leaves the Square when his son Mick discovers his affair with Kathy Sullivan. Shirley invites her sister Tina Carter and mum Sylvie Carter to move in. Shirley is sent to prison after taking the blame for serving alcohol before they were legally allowed to. After Sylvie dies in March 2017 at the Queen Vic, Whitney and Johnny Carter move in for a few nights while The Vic is a crime scene, leaving only Tina living in the flat. However a week after Sylvie's death Tina is evicted due to the flat being sublet so they move back to The Vic.

After the Carters are evicted, building work is carried out and the loft is converted into a second floor and the living room and kitchen are knocked through into one room.

In June 2017 Karen Taylor and her children Keanu Taylor, Bernadette Taylor, Keegan Baker, Riley Taylor, and Chatham Taylor are relocated from Walford Towers, and the family moves in.

Current residents:

character Resident
Karen Taylor 2017–
Keanu Taylor 2017–
Bernadette Taylor 2017–
Keegan Baker 2017–
Riley Taylor 2017–
Chatham Taylor 2017–

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Reg Cox Late 1930s–1985
Mary Smith 1985–1988
Annie Smith 1985–1988
Rod Norman 1987–1988
Mark Fowler 1991–1992
Gill Fowler 1991–1992
Mandy Salter 1992
Amy Mitchell 2015
Roxy Mitchell 2015
Dean Wicks 2015–2016
Jade Green 2015–2016
Phil Mitchell 2016
Buster Briggs 2015–2016
Shirley Carter 2015–2017
Sylvie Carter 2016–2017
Tina Carter 2016–2017
Whitney Carter 2017
Johnny Carter 2017

25 Albert SquareEdit

25 Albert Square was originally Tom Clements' house, until he swapped with Dot Cotton. She lived here until she left the Square in 1993. During her time here she had numerous guests, including her son Nick and husband Charlie Cotton, and her friends Ethel Skinner, Rod Norman, Marge Green, Hazel, Nigel Bates and Donna Ludlow, who died in the living room.

The Jackson/Branning family moved in after Dot in 1994; they remained here until 1997 when they were placed in a witness protection programme, but returned to the property in 1999 and it has remained in the family's possession since. Various family members have lived here on a short or long-term basis. Past residents have included: Alan Jackson, Sonia Jackson, Robbie Jackson, Bianca Jackson, Billie Jackson, Blossom Jackson, Carol Jackson, April Branning. Past guests have included: Joe Macer, Bert Atkinson and Rachel Branning.

Jim Branning moved in here in 1999 and when he married Dot, she moved back in too. Following Jim's stroke in 2007, he was moved to a nursing home and as of May 2008, Dot lives here with Bradley Branning and Clare Bates. In August 2008, Clare Bates had decided to leave Walford as she felt there was nothing left for her. In December 2008 Bradley decided to move out as he couldn't stand living there while Dot's son Nick Cotton had turned up on Christmas Day with his daughter Dotty Cotton to stay. As of February 2009 Dot lives here with her granddaughter Dotty Cotton as Nick had left her to look after Dotty and ran off. Bradley Branning's girlfriend Syd Chambers moved in with Dot with her son Noah and dog Sugar in May 2009 after her flat is flooded and she has nowhere to go. A week after Syd and her son Noah and dog Sugar moved out as they found a flat which was being rented out by Ian Beale.

In June 2009 Nick Cotton left Walford after his plan to kill his mother Dot backfires when his daughter Dotty Cotton confesses all to grandma Dot Branning which causes him to lose the plot and start a fire at the cafe which he kept people hostage and leaft Dot's grandson Bradley Branning's life on the line and but he later recovers.Nick then moves out the following day to avoid being arrested by the police.

In June 2009 Bradley Branning moved back in with his father Max Branning after Dot let them stay as they get kicked out of their own home. In Late June 2009 Max Branning moved out of Dot's to move back in with Tanya, Lauren, Abi Branning and Oscar Branning.

Jim Branning returned in late August 2009. Bradley moved to Canada with Syd Chambers and her son Noah in October 2009 but he returns after three weeks without Syd and Noah. In October 2009 Dot and Dotty had gone to look after Nigel Bates as he had a heart attack but only for a short while. In November 2009 Owen Turner was murdered after Lucas Johnson didn't want him in the way of his wedding to Denise Wicks. In December 2009 Bradley had returned to Canada to be with Stacey. Late that month Dot and Dotty had also returned. Peggy Mitchell moves in on Christmas Eve after her family were kicked out of The Queen Victoria by ex-husband Archie Mitchell and his new fiancee Janine Butcher forcing her family to spend Christmas apart.

In the first few months of 2010, Dot lost her grandson Bradley after he fell off a roof while attempting to escape the police. Soon after this, Dotty's mother, whom Nick had told her was dead, showed up in Walford. Although Dot was fond of her granddaughter, she decided to let her go. Dot then lived alone with Jim and his carer, Liz Turner. Liz left the Square in August 2010 after learning of her son Owen's murder and seeing Lucas brought to justice.

Dot allowed Fatboy Chubb to move in and in August 2011, she found her half-sister and nephew, Rose Cotton and Andrew Cotton and let them move in. Fatboy and Andrew later moved out and Cora Cross moved in. In May 2012, Dot decided to go and live with granddaughter, Dotty. Rose shortly followed her. Poppy Meadow moved in shortly after Rose's departure. Andrew leaves, Poppy moves out and Cora is left to live here alone.

Dot returned in January 2013 and kicked out Cora and regained her place in No. 25. Fatboy later moves back in. In 2014, Dot's long-lost grandson Charlie Cotton moves in and so does his mum Yvonne Cotton. When Nick is revealed to still be alive, he moves back in. Dot decides to kick Fatboy out in-case he blabs that Nick's alive. However, when Dot realises Nick is unchanged and that Yvonne will always fall for Nick, she kicks them both out and asks Fatboy to move back in. In February 2015, Dot gets sent to prison for killing her son Nick. In May 2015, Charlie moves into 27 Albert Square with his wife, Ronnie and their son, Matthew, leaving only Fatboy remaining at number 25. Although Dot moves back in when she is released from prison in September. Fatboy is killed on Christmas Day. Dot's stepson Jack and his daughter Amy move in with her in April 2016, and they're joined the week after by Abi. They all move out in May , but Kathy, Ian and Bobby Beale move in after their home is declared a crime scene. Lauren Branning and her son Louie move in the week after, but move out to live in number 45 soon after. Abi later moves back in. In April 2017, Abi decides to move out after deciding she's too old to live with Dot, leaving Dot alone again. When Sonia and Robbie return from Kettering in June 2017, they move in to look after Dot when she has a fall.

After Stacey Fowler kicks her husband Martin and his daughter Rebecca out of their home, they move in with Martin's ex-wife Sonia although Martin moves back in with Stacey after they reconcile their marriage.

Current residents:

Character Resident
Dot Branning 1987–1993, 2001-2012, 2013–
Sonia Fowler 1994–1997, 1999–2004, 2017–
Robbie Jackson 1994–1997, 1999–2003, 2017–
Rebecca Fowler 2018–

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Tom Clements 1986–1987
Charlie Cotton 1987–1989
April Branning 1995–1996
Alan Jackson 1994–1997
Billie Jackson 1994–1997
Blossom Jackson 1994–1997
Carol Jackson 1994–1997, 1999
Bianca Jackson 1994–1997, 1999
Jamie Mitchell 2001–2002
Clare Bates 2008
Max Branning 2009
Syd Chambers 2009
Noah Chambers 2009
Peggy Mitchell 2009
Bradley Branning 2006–2009
Dotty Cotton 2008–2010
Liz Turner 2009–2010
Denise Johnson 2010
Kim Fox 2010
Jim Branning 1999–2007, 2009-2011
Andrew Cotton 2011–2012
Rose Cotton 2011–2012
Nick Cotton 1987, 1990-1991, 2008–2009, 2014–2015
Yvonne Cotton 2014–2015
Charlie Cotton 2014–2015
Matthew Mitchell Cotton 2015
Cora Cross 2011–2013, 2015
Fatboy 2011–2012, 2014, 2015
Jack Branning 2016
Amy Mitchell 2016
Lauren Branning 2016
Louie Beale 2016
Abi Branning 2016–2017
Martin Fowler 2018

27 Albert SquareEdit

The Taverniers lived at 27 Albert Square from 1990 to 1994 and Gidea Thompson resided with them for a while too. Ian Beale then bought the property, along with number 29, and knocked through, making it into one large house. However, it was repossessed when he went bankrupt and is now owned by the council, again shut off from number 29. The Miller family moved in in September 2004, and the house was occupied by Keith, Rosie, Mickey, Darren and Demi Miller. Demi's baby, Aleesha when she was born in October 2004, also lived here. A year later, Rosie's eldest daughter Dawn Swann also moved in when she returned to England from France. Rosie's ex-husband Mike Swann stayed with the Millers for a while, sleeping on their sofa. Keith temporarily moved out twice, once after Rosie almost had an affair with Mike, and again when Rosie kicked him out for deleting Mike's answering machine message to Dawn.

In July 2006 Rosie, Demi and Aleesha left to live in the Cotswolds. Dawn Swann left briefly and moved into number 3B with her then boyfriend Rob Minter, but then moved back with Rob in tow (briefly). In April 2007, Mickey and Li Chong moved in with Gus Smith. Mickey later moved back in, when Li left.

In 2008 Zainab, Shabnam and Tamwar Masood stayed with the Millers briefly. Almost straight after their departure Dawn's new boyfriend Jase Dyer and his son, Jay Brown moved in after being evicted from 15A Turpin Road, the flat above Beale's Plaice.

On 18 June 2008, the house exploded when May Wright lit a cigarette after leaving the gas cooker on without lighting it. As a result of the explosion, May was killed. For several months the house was under refurbishment from the council and Dawn, Jase and their children moved to 89 George Street.

On 8 September 2008 Suzy Branning had bought the property and she and her brother Max Branning moved in. Later on her boyfriend Phil Mitchell and his son Ben Mitchell moved in. However by Christmas Day, when Suzy's scheming ways were discovered by Phil, she left Walford.

Bradley Branning later moved in with his father Max Branning. Ben Mitchell and Phil Mitchell moved back out to go and live with the rest of the Mitchells back at the The Queen Victoria.

On 25 June 2009 Bradley and Max were evicted from the house when Suzy sold the property on to a company in Romford. They later since moved in with Dot Branning.

In July 2009 Archie Mitchell moved in with daughter Roxy Mitchell and granddaughter Amy Mitchell when he returned to Walford. In August 2009 Roxy and her daughter Amy moved out and back into The Queen Victoria after Roxy had found out from her sister Ronnie Mitchell that Archie had been getting Janine Butcher to spy on them. In late 2009 Archie invites Billy and Jay to come live with him. Archie later invites Billy's Children Janet and William to come stay with them during the Christmas holidays before revealing to Billy that he can have the house if he keeps quiet about his plans to take over The Queen Vic. Janine also moves in after Archie proposes to her. On Christmas Eve Archie and Janine move into The Queen Vic after the Mitchells did not pay up the loan which Archie had bought off Ian Beale. After Archie had been killed Roxy got the house in his will but she moved back to The Queen Vic with the rest of her family. Ronnie, Roxy, Amy, Peggy and Glenda Mitchell all lived here briefly after Archie's death. Roxy rents the house to Billy and Jay until Phil kicks them out due to needing his own place away from the Vic so he is able to bring his daughter Louise Mitchell home. He and Shirley Carter move in, along with Phil's son Ben, Shirley's niece Zsa Zsa, Shirley's friend Heather Trott and her son George. Heather and George were not supposed to move in but Shirley could not bring herself to leave her on her own. Heather and George leave shortly after Phil tells them there is no room for all of them. Phil's daughter Louise also moves in after she leaves her foster home.

Summer 2010 causes great tumult in the home. In July 2010 Ben is sentenced to a juvenile facility for his attack on Jordan Johnson. When Phil learns that his ex-wife Lisa Fowler has told the social worker she wants contact with Louise, he becomes paranoid and keeps Louise under lock and key. He also throws Shirley and Zsa Zsa out. After Phil hits Peggy during an argument, she becomes scared of what he might do to Louise, and after mistakenly believing he has returned to alcohol, she sneaks Louise out of the house and gives her back to Lisa. When Phil learns the news and manages to get the address from the social worker, he races to Lisa's home, but Lisa and Louise are both gone. Phil is left alone to strike up a dangerous relationship with drug addict Rainie Cross. Shirley comes back to help Phil get back off his feet from the drugs saying he doesn't need them and kicks Rainie out. After The Queen Vic Fire Peggy, Roxy, Sam, Richard ,Billy, Amy, Phil and Jay Mitchell all move back to Number 27. Peggy leaves the day after the fire and couple of weeks later Sam leaves too and then in November Phil, Shirley, Jay and Billy all move to 55 Victoria Road . Shirley again washes her hands of Phil but when he is at an all time low after the Queen Vic fire, she changes her mind, moving in with Phil to help him sort himself out. Billy and ward Jay also move in to help Phil.

Roxy Mitchell and her daughter, Amy move into number 27 with their dog however move out in January 2011 when Tanya Jessop and her husband, Greg bought it and moved in in February 2011 with Tanya's children and for their wedding in April 2011, Greg invites Tanya's mother and sister, Cora and Rainie Cross and they move in. When Tanya's affair with her ex-husband, Max is revealed, Greg moves away and sells the house to Janine Butcher without Tanya's knowledge.

Janine then moves in and is later joined by fiancee, Michael Moon. Their premature daughter, Scarlett Moon, later arrives. Janine leaves Michael and Scarlett in September 2012. Roxy Mitchell and her daughter, Amy move in with Michael so that Roxy can help him to care for Scarlett. She moved out and in with her new boyfriend, Alfie Moon after he and his wife, Kat Slater separated. Michael's brother, Tyler Moon moved in after he and girlfriend, Whitney Dean split. They have since reunited yet Tyler has still not moved back in. In April 2013, Janine returns and kicks Michael out, banning him from seeing his daughter as well. Tyler then moves out as well. When Janine is arrested for Michaels murder she is sent to prison leaving number 27 empty.

In 2014, Roxy, Ronnie and Amy move in but Ronnie leaves the square later. Ronnie returns in October 2014. Roxy starts a relationship with Aleks Shirovs and he moves in until he reveals that he has a wife and daughter in Latvia, but he later moves back in with daughter, Ineta. Ronnie is in a coma in hospital, after being involved in a car accident. Aleks and Ineta move back to Latvia in April 2015. In May 2015, Ronnie is discharged from hospital and she, along with her new husband, Charlie and their son, Matthew, move back into 27 Albert Square. Roxy and Amy later move into 23B with Dean. When Ronnie and Charlie's marriage breaks down she orders him to move out of the house and he moves back in with Dot. And Ronnie invites Honey Mitchell and her children to move in when they return to Walford from Canda. Phil later moves in with Ronnie as Sharon has kicked him out of their house due to his drinking. In March Honey and the children moves back in with Billy and after Phil fails to stop drinking, Ronnie kicks him out as she begins fearing for Matthew's safety. Ronnie invites Sharon Mitchell and her son Dennis to live with her in April 2016 due to Sharon and Phil getting a divorce. Peggy briefly moves in with Ronnie in May before going to live at Phil's. Sharon and Dennis move back to Phil's after they resume their relationship following Peggy's death. Ronnie's ex-husband Jack Branning and Amy move in with her in May, and are joined by Jack's niece Abi after Dot's house becomes too crowded. Abi moves back into Dot's soon after, and Andy later leaves when Ronnie discovers his true identity. On New Years Day 2017 Jack and Ronnie remarry however hours after the wedding Ronnie and Roxy drown in the hotel swimming pool. Ronnie and Roxy's mother Glenda also moves back into the house in order to support Jack and the children following their death. Glenda later moves out. After Charlie returns, he takes Matthew to live with him and his new wife Liz in Ireland.

Jack later hires Ingrid Solberg as an au pair to look after Amy and Ricky whilst he works. And in July 2017, after Ingrid is repeatedly late to work after delayed buses, Jack asks her to move in to the house. After Max's involvement in Weyland & Co's gentrification scheme is revealed to Walford, and his girlfriend Fi Browning dumps him, he moves in with Jack. After a break from Walford, Max returns with new wife Rainie. Rainie then persuades Ingrid to go travelling so that her and Max can move into her room.

Current residents:

Character Resident
Jack Branning 2016–
Amy Mitchell 2009, 2010–2011, 2012, 2014–2015, 2016–
Ricky Mitchell 2016–
Max Branning 2008–2009, 2017–2018, 2018–
Rainie Branning 2010, 2011, 2018–

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Lloyd Tavernier 1991–1992
Celestine Tavernier 1990–1992, 1993
Kofi Tavernier 1990–1993
Clyde Tavernier 1990–1993
Jules Tavernier 1990–1994
Etta Tavernier 1990–1992, 1994
Hattie Tavernier 1990–93, 1994
Ian Beale 2000–2002
Laura Beale 2000–2002
Steven Beale 2000–2002
Peter Beale 2000–2002
Lucy Beale 2000–2002
Rosie Miller 2004–2006
Demi Miller 2004–2006
Aleesha Miller 2004–2006
Keith Miller 2004–2008
Mickey Miller 2004–2008
Darren Miller 2004–2008
Dawn Swann 2005–2008
Summer Swann 2007–2008
Zainab Masood 2008
Tamwar Masood 2008
Jase Dyer 2008
Suzy Branning 2008
Bradley Branning 2009
Archie Mitchell 2009
Ben Mitchell 2008–2009, 2010
Billy Mitchell 2009–2010
Jay Brown 2008, 2009–2010
Louise Mitchell 2010
Shirley Carter 2010
Zsa Zsa Carter 2010
Heather Trott 2010
George Trott 2010
Tanya Jessop 2011
Greg Jessop 2011
Oscar Branning 2011
Cora Cross 2011
Tyler Moon 2013
Michael Moon 2012–2013
David Wicks 2013
Scarlett Moon 2012–2013
Janine Butcher 2009, 2011–2013
Aleks Shirovs 2014–2015
Ineta Shirovs 2014–2015
Roxy Mitchell 2009, 2010–2011, 2012, 2014–2015
Charlie Cotton 2015
Honey Mitchell 2015–2016
Janet Mitchell 2015–2016
William Mitchell 2015–2016
Phil Mitchell 2008–2009, 2010, 2016
Peggy Mitchell 2009–2010, 2016
Sharon Mitchell 2016
Dennis Rickman Jr 2016
Abi Branning 2016
Andy Flynn 2016
Ronnie Mitchell 2010, 2014–2017
Glenda Mitchell 2010, 2017
Matthew Mitchell Cotton 2015–2017
Ingrid Solberg 2017–2018

29 Albert SquareEdit

29 Albert Square was first inhabited by Ian Beale and his family, along with number 27, knocked through into one house. When Ian was declared bankrupt, the house was repossessed and converted into flats, again shut off from number 27. Harry Osborne also grew up there before moving away from Walford.

Previous residents:

character Resident
Harry Osborne 1990
Ian Beale 2000–2002
Laura Beale 2000–2002
Steven Beale 2000–2002
Peter Beale 2000–2002
Lucy Beale 2000–2002

29A Albert SquareEdit

29A Albert Square was bought by Jack Branning upon his arrival in 2007 and his brother, Max stayed with him for three months due to his being kicked out of his house following the discovery of his affair with Stacey Branning, then moved back home. Max since returned to the property, but moved out after punching Jack when he found out about his affair with Max's estranged wife Tanya Branning.

The property was empty after Jack purchased number 5 from Ruby Allen and moved in with Tanya. In July 2008, it was hinted that Ricky Butcher showed interest in renting the flat from Jack. Ronnie Mitchell eventually moved in and rented the flat from Jack but then later moved out to have a flat of her own.

Ronnie briefly moves back in when Jack is in hospital but later once again, returns to number 46, to allow her mother, Glenda Mitchell to move into Jack's flat. Ronnie stays with Jack in 29A after a falling out with her family. In December 2010, Ronnie gives birth to son, James Branning, who dies in cot. She swaps her dead child with Kat Moon's healthy child, Tommy Moon who was born at the same time as James. Tommy is returned to Kat in April 2011 and Ronnie is imprisoned in July 2011. Jack's daughter Amy Mitchell moves into 29a with Jack after he is temporarily awarded custody of her, but she is soon returned to Roxy. In August 2012, Sharon Rickman and her son Dennis Rickman Jr move in with Jack when Jack and Sharon start a relationship. They move out in 2013 after Jack cancels his wedding to Sharon. When Michael Moon is kicked out of number 23, he moves in with Jack for a few weeks until he goes back. Jack then leaves after he and Ronnie are unable to go back to the way things were.

Previous residents:

character Resident
Max Branning 2007–2008
Glenda Mitchell 2010
James Branning 2010–2011
Tommy Moon 2011
Amy Mitchell 2011–2012
Roxy Mitchell 2012
Sharon Rickman 2012–2013
Dennis Rickman Jr 2012–2013
Michael Moon 2011, 2013
Jack Branning 2007–2008, 2009–2013
Ronnie Mitchell 2008–2009, 2010–2011, 2013

29B Albert SquareEdit

Dennis and Sharon Rickman lived in 29B for a few months in 2005, before Dennis was murdered. Ronnie, Roxy and Amy moved back into number 29B in December 2009 as their father, Archie Mitchell had kicked them and the rest of the family out with his fiancée, Janine Butcher causing the family to spend Christmas apart, they later moved out and went to live in number 27 with Billy Mitchell and Jay Brown.

When Ronnie reveals to her family that her dad raped her when she was a teenager, Peggy Mitchell and Roxy don't believe her. Roxy soon changes her mind, but Peggy remains adamant in her belief. As a result, Roxy moves in with Glenda in flat 29B. After Ronnie and Roxy find out that Glenda knew about Archie abusing Ronnie, Roxy decides to move out with Amy and go live back in The Vic with Peggy. Roxy moves back several weeks later when the Vic is heavily damaged by fire. After a few weeks Roxy moves back into Number 27 with her daughter Amy.

In October 2010, Billie Jackson died and mum, Carol Jackson embarked on an on/off relationship with Billie’s friend, Connor Stanley, unbeknown to Carol that he was also in a relationship with her step-granddaughter, Whitney Dean. Carol and Connor rented out 29B as a love nest and when their relationship was revealed in early 2011, there was no possible of chance of it being re-used with Carol or Connor.

In Late 2011, Roxy and Amy returned to 29B however Jack was awarded temporary custody of their daughter when she almost drowned under the care of Ben and Jay Brown however she was returned to her mother and they have moved out of the flat. In summer 2012, Ray Dixon moved into flat 29B. In May 2013, Ray left Walford to live nearer his daughter, Sasha.

Kush Kazemi and Shabnam Masood move into the flat in 2015. Kush's mother Carmel Kazemi later moves in after her ex-husband plans to sell her house, but moves back a few weeks later. Shabnam left the square in February 2016 after the breakdown of her marriage. Carmel moves back into the flat in April 2016 after her ex-husband sells her house. Carmel's son Shakil moves into the flat in May 2016. Carmel decides in October 2016 that the flat is too crowded and that they should all move somewhere bigger, securing a rental agreement on Number 41. But Kush decides he needs his own place and so Carmel and Shakil move into Number 41 without him.

In September 2017, Denise Fox moved in after she and Kush get engaged. In December, Carmel and Shakil move back in after they're evicted from Number 41. In May 2018, Shakil is killed in a stabbing.

Current residents:

Character Resident
Kush Kazemi 2015–
Denise Fox 2017–
Carmel Kazemi 2015, 2016, 2017–

Previous residents:

character Resident
Sharon Rickman 2005
Dennis Rickman 2005
Ronnie Mitchell 2009
Glenda Mitchell 2010–2011
Carol Jackson 2010–2011
Connor Stanley 2010–2011
Roxy Mitchell 2009, 2010, 2011
Amy Mitchell 2009, 2010, 2011
Ray Dixon 2012–2013
Shabnam Kazemi 2015–2016
Shakil Kazemi 2016, 2017–2018

31 Albert SquareEdit

31 Albert Square is a vicarage, home to Alex Healy. Phil Mitchell buys the house and rents it to Alex's father Jeff and sister Mel. In 2002, Phil moves in with his mother, Peggy, daughter Louise and godson Jamie. Kate Morton also lives here before and during her Marriage to Phil. Peggy later leaves for Brazil.

When Phil was arrested for armed robbery, Kate moved out after handing Louise back to her mother, Lisa Shaw, leaving Phil's sister Sam on her own. She married Andy Hunter and he moved in with her. Sam was conned out of the Mitchell Empire by Phil's lawyer, Marcus Christie, and when Andy found this out, he threw her out.

Andy left the house to Pat Butcher in his will, so when he was murdered, the house went to her. Billy Mitchell and his girlfriend Honey Edwards lived with Pat, but later moved out.

Pat thought that she could have some peace and quiet until Kevin Wicks, his children Carly and Deano, soon-to-be wife Denise, and her children Chelsea and Libby all moved in. Aubrey Valentine stayed there during his brief time in Walford, and Yolande Trueman also stayed there when her husband Patrick threw her out for having an affair with Aubrey. When everyone else went on holiday, Pat was glad to have the house to herself again, but Bert Atkinson asked to move in temporarily with his dying ex-wife, Evie. After Evie died in the living room, Bert moved out.

In October 2007, Deano and Chelsea were imprisoned for six months for attempting to pervert the course of justice and Kevin died on New Year's Eve, leaving Pat, Carly, Denise, Libby and the recently returned Chelsea as the occupants. Pat's grandson Steven Beale also stayed there until Ian asked him to move in with the Beales at number 45. Carly and Denise have left on a trip, and Chelsea and Libby have moved in with the Truemans, leaving Pat living there alone, so she invited Billy and Honey Mitchell to move back in with their children Janet and William, only to have Honey refuse, but after some intervention from The Mitchells, they accepted. In March 2008, Billy and Honey accepted an offer on a new flat close to the square and moved out.

April 2008 saw the return of Bianca Jackson. She is now living with Pat along with her four children, sons Liam and Morgan, daughter Tiffany and stepdaughter Whitney. Ricky Butcher, Bianca's Ex-husband and Liam's father began staying there for several weeks but was thrown out by Bianca after he kissed her.

Tony King had arrived in September 2008 to live with Bianca and her family but secretly he was sexually abusing Whitney. On 8 December 2008 on Whitney's 16th Birthday Bianca had found out that Tony had been sexually abusing Whitney for three years since she was 12. Tony had then fled but the police caught up with him and he was arrested.

For a brief time since December 2008 to January 2009 Janine Butcher had moved in to Pats' for a while but Pat had then kicked her out for her mischief which caused havoc and chaos. As of January 2009 Pat lives with her niece Bianca, Bianca's children stepdaughter Whitney, daughter Tiffany and sons Liam and Morgan and Liam's dad Ricky. Tiffany actually also turned out to be Ricky's daughter from Bianca and Ricky's one night stand in 2002.

In June 2009 Whitney's biological mum Debra Dean will moved in for a brief stay as she had know where to go and turned to Bianca and Whitney for help. Debra left Walford a week later. Debra returned in July 2009 running scared from a mysterious man who turns out to be Debra's son Ryan Malloy who is also Whitney's half-brother. In July 2009 Debra revealed that she was hiding a knife for Ryan which he used in self-defence when he mixed in with the wrong crowd. Whitney finds out and hides the knife herself so that neither Debra nor Ryan will be able to find the knife. Whitney soon wanted to become a happy family with Debra and Ryan bu Debra said it was never going to happen and Ryan was going to leave Walford but stayed because of Whitney and Ronnie Mitchell. Ryan later moved out after Bianca had said that it was getting too crowded with so many people living in the same house so he decided to look for somewhere else to live and ended up being Janine Butcher's flatmate. In Mid October 2009 Ricky Butcher moved back in with fiancee Sam Mitchell despite Bianca's dismay. Sam moved out two days later as she couldn't handle living with Ricky and Bianca's kids. Janine moves back in December after leaving number 43A due to an argument with Ryan. Pat briefly moves in with Janine after suffering from a heart attack but shortly afterward Janine kicks her out and back to number 31. Bianca's brother Billie moves in temporarily after returning for her wedding.

In July 2010, Pat, tired of being treated as a servant, moved in with Peggy. A few weeks later, Bianca's mother Carol Jackson moved in after Max threw her out. After the Queen Vic was set on fire in September of that same year, Pat moved back in.

In January 2011, Whitney moved out to live with Janine Butcher, however moved back in shortly after and Ricky briefly left in July 2011 before returning in December. Sadly in January 2012, Pat died from cancer with son, David Wicks by her side. He then stayed in number 31 until Pat's funeral. Weeks later, Ricky once again left Albert Square for France and Liam went to visit him for two months in March. In April, Bianca was arrested and was sent to a prison in Sussex. Carol, Tiffany and Morgan went to Sussex to be closer to Bianca. Whitney and Derek were left in charge of the house and they were joined by Whitney's boyfriend, Tyler Moon. Derek soon discovered he had a daughter, Alice Branning and she moved into number 31 as well. Tiffany and Morgan briefly returned to the house for Janine Butcher's wedding. Carol, Bianca, Liam, Tiffany and Morgan all returned in November 2012 and Derek and Alice moved out and into number 23.

Whitney and Tyler's relationship ended when she revealed she kissed Joey Branning and Tyler moved out and in with Michael. They have since reunited and got engaged, however Tyler has not moved back in. Bianca, Tiffany and Morgan move away in July 2014. In late 2014, Fatboy is kicked out by Dot and moves in to No. 31 but later moves back in. Sonia Fowler and her daughter Rebecca move in after her and Martin split up. In May 2015, Sonia's girlfriend Tina moves in. Max Branning later moves in after not being able to pay the mortgage on his house and Whitney then moves out to live with her boyfriend Lee Carter in The Vic. Max is later arrested and charged with the murder of Lucy Beale and Liam goes to live with Ricky in Germany as he could not keep the secret that his girlfriend Cindy's 12 year old stepbrother, Bobby, who were both Lucy's half siblings, was the real culprit. Max's ex-mother-in-law, Cora Cross later moves in after Carol and her granddaughter Abi find her living on the streets, but she goes and lives in Patrick's shed. In 2015 Carol leaves to travel the world. Tina's mum Sylvie moves in with them so that Tina can care for her, as she has dementia. However, in 2016 Sonia takes a job in Kettering and leaves Walford then after a week alone Tina and Sylvie move in with Shirley at Number 23B.

After Number 3C becomes too crowded to live in, Stacey and Martin Fowler, Stacey's half-brother Kyle Slater, Stacey's cousin Belinda Peacock, and Stacey and Martin's children move into the house alongside Martin's daughter Rebecca, who was already living there. Belinda soon leaves to go travelling with a friend. And Kyle leaves to work in France a few weeks after. Martin's sister Michelle Fowler returns from America after over 20 years away on Christmas Eve, and moves into Number 31. She then moves out to live with Sharon a few weeks later. In August 2017 Whitney returns to Number 31 after being thrown out of The Queen Vic for kissing the landlord and her ex father in law Mick Carter. Martin and Stacey later have a baby girl called Hope.

Max Branning briefly moves in with Stacey in December 2017, but is soon kicked out on Christmas Day after it transpires him and Stacey slept together on Christmas Eve. In January 2018, Tiffany returns and moves in with Whitney. After Martin and Stacey split up, Stacey is initially kicked out, but she later moves back in without consulting Martin and kicks him and Rebecca out instead. Mo Harris returns in March and informs Stacey that her cousin, Kat Moon has died. Stacey’s mother Jean also arrives on the square. Kat is later revealed to be alive, and all three move into the house. Stacey’s cousin, Hayley Slater also moves into the house in May after she decides to stay in Walford. When Martin moves back in after reconciling his marriage to Stacey, he demands Stacey to evict her relatives as he wants his home back.

Current residents:

Character Resident
Martin Fowler 2016–
Stacey Fowler 2016–
Lily Fowler 2016–
Arthur Brian Fowler 2016–
Hope Fowler 2017–

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Alex Healy 1997–1999
Jeff Healy 1997–2000
Melanie Healy 1998–2000
Jamie Mitchell 2002
Phil Mitchell 2002–2003
Louise Mitchell 2002–2003
Peggy Mitchell 2002–2003
Kate Morton 2003–2004
Sam Mitchell 2002–2005
Andy Hunter 2004–2005
Bert Atkinson 2006
Evie Brown 2006
Billy Mitchell 2005, 2007–2008
Honey Mitchell 2005, 2007–2008
Janet Mitchell 2007–2008
William Mitchell 2007–2008
Dean Wicks 2006–2007, 2008
Carly Wicks 2006–2008
Denise Wicks 2006–2008
Chelsea Fox 2006–2007, 2008
Libby Fox 2006–2008
Steven Beale 2007–2008
Billie Jackson 2010
Ricky Butcher 2008–2012
Pat Butcher 2005, 2006–2010, 2010–2012
Derek Branning 2012
Alice Branning 2012
Tyler Moon 2012–2013
Janine Butcher 2008, 2013
Scarlett Moon 2013
Terry Spraggan 2013
TJ Spraggan 2013
Rosie Spraggan 2013
Bianca Jackson 2008–2014
Morgan Butcher 2008–2014
Fatboy 2014–2015
Liam Butcher 2008–2013, 2013–2015
Cora Cross 2015
Carol Jackson 2010, 2011–2015
Sonia Fowler 2010, 2014–2016
Tina Carter 2015–2016
Sylvie Carter 2016
Belinda Peacock 2016
Kyle Slater 2016
Michelle Fowler 2016–2017
Max Branning 2015, 2017
Martin Fowler 2016–2018
Rebecca Fowler 2015–2018

41 Albert SquareEdit

Pat and Frank Butcher moved here in November 1993 when they were married. Pat later remarried and her husband Roy moved in with her. Roy's son Barry and his wife Natalie moved in with them. Natalie moved out when she and Barry broke up. Roy's other son Nathan Williams also lived her for a while.

When Roy died, Barry kicked Pat out of the house. Barry started a relationship with Janine Butcher, who moved in, but later was arrested for the murder of Laura Beale after Barry had died.

The house was bought by Johnny Allen who leased it to Alfie Moon. Alfie lived here with his brother Spencer, and grandmother Victoria. Victoria died in December 2005 and Alfie went to America with Kat. Alfie's cousins Jake and Danny Moon also lived here, until Danny was chased from the Square by Johnny Allen. Jake lived here until his sharp exit in October 2006.

After Jake left, Ruby inherited the house from her father and lived there with her boyfriend Sean, best friend Stacey, and her boyfriend Bradley. They all moved out when Ruby left Walford, and she planned to rent out the house. In July 2007, Kevin Wicks and his wife Denise expressed an interest in purchasing the house. In September 2007, they were devastated when they discovered the property had been sold.

Several weeks later, The Masood family were revealed as the new owners of Number 41. Masood Ahmed, Zainab, Shabnam and Tamwar Masood now live there.

On 5 June 2008, Keith Miller surprised the Masoods by moving himself in after being kicked out of his house by stepdaughter Dawn Swann. After Keith and Dawn's brother Mickey left for the Cotsworlds, Dawn, Jase Dyer, Jay Brown and Dawn's baby Summer temporarily lived here after Number 27 has been burnt down by Dr. May Wright and is being refurbished by the council. They later moved into a B&B outside of the Square. In October 2008 Shabnam Masood left the square to go to Pakistan.

In April 2009 Zainab and Masood's eldest son Syed Masood turned up after being in contact with Zainab and being away from them for four years. Syed later moved in with Zainab, Tamwar and Masood in May 2009. In June 2009 Syed's girlfriend Amira Shah moved in with the Masoods for a brief time and then later moved in with Janine Butcher. Amira moves back in after she marries Syed. In April 2010, Syed and Amira rent 11A Turpin Road, therefore leaving Number 41 much to the dislike of Zainab. Syed comes back to stay with the Masoods in May 2010 after he says to the Masoods that he will get his life on track and keep away from Christian Clarke after their secret affair was revealed a month earlier. In July 2010 Syed decides he can't fight his feelings any longer and he can't change who is for his family so he decides to get back together and move in with Christian.

In 2011, Tamwar's wife Afia moves in. She departs in June 2012 after deciding that she can never be truly happy in Walford. In July 2012, Masood's brother, AJ Ahmed moves into the Masood household and in December, family friend, Ayesha Rana arrives. Three months later, February 2013, Zainab and Masood end their relationship and she and Kamil leave Albert Square. Ayesha then leaves shortly after. In July 2013, Fatboy becomes a lodger for the Masoods but moves out to live with Dot. Shabnam returns to the square in January 2014. Jane Beale lodges with Masood in 2014. Shabnam later moves in with her fiancée Kush. Tamwar goes travelling in April 2016. Christian and Linda Clarke temporarily stay with Masood in May 2016 whilst visiting Jane in hospital. After Masood leaves Walford to travel the world, Carmel Kazemi and her son Shakil move into Number 41 after renting it off Masood. But the day they move in, Masood returns, and as a rental contract has been signed, they are forced to live together. But Masood soon leaves to live in Pakistan, after Zainab announces she's divorcing her husband, and takes Kamil with him.

Masood returns in December 2017, and tells Carmel he won't be renewing her tenancy agreement. The following month, he moves his aunt and uncle, Mariam and Arshad Ahmed in. They are soon joined by their foster daughter Daisy and Masood later moves in too. Daisy moves out a few weeks later to live with her new adoptive parents and Harley move in with Masood and Arshad and Mariam.

Current residents:

Character Resident
Masood Ahmed 2007–2016, 2018–
Arshad Ahmed 2018–
Mariam Ahmed 2018–
Harley 2018–

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Frank Butcher 1993–1994
Nathan Williams 2001–2002
Roy Evans 1996–2003
Pat Butcher 1993–2000, 2000–2003
Natalie Evans 1999–2003
Barry Evans 1996–2004
Janine Butcher 1993–1996, 2003–2004
Alfie Moon 2004–2005
Spencer Moon 2004–2005
Victoria Moon 2004–2005
Danny Moon 2004–2005
Jake Moon 2004–2006
Ruby Allen 2006
Sean Slater 2006
Stacey Slater 2006
Bradley Branning 2006
Keith Miller 2008
Mickey Miller 2008
Dawn Swann 2008
Summer Swann 2008
Jase Dyer 2008
Jay Brown 2008
Syed Masood 2009–2010, 2010
Amira Masood 2009, 2010
Afia Masood 2011–2012
Zainab Masood 2007–2013
Ayesha Rana 2012–2013
Jane Beale 2014
Shabnam Masood 2007–2008, 2014–2015
Tamwar Masood 2007–2016
Christian Clarke 2016
Linda Clarke 2016
Kamil Masood 2010–2013, 2015–2016
Carmel Kazemi 2016–2017
Shakil Kazemi 2016–2017
Daisy 2018

43 Albert SquareEdit

43 Albert Square was originally owned by Andy O'Brien and Debbie Wilkins. Sue Osman lived with them after the death of her baby Hassan, and Naima Jeffery lodged with them for a while too. After Andy died in 1986, Debbie sold the property to James Willmott-Brown. When James bought The Dagmar, he moved into the flat above that, so he sold the property to Alan McIntyre, who then had the house converted into flats.

In 2013, the flats were converted to a house where Sadie, Jake and Bella lived until 2014. After a fire at Number 23, Alfie breaks into Number 43 and hides his family in there for a couple of weeks until they are kicked out.

In January 2018, Jack Branning buys the house and rents it out to Mel Owen after she returns to Walford after over a decade away and her son Hunter Owen later joined her in February 2018. Billy Mitchell moves in with Mel after she finds him sleeping rough in the e20, but he moves out a couple of weeks later.

Current residents:

Character Resident
Mel Owen 2018–
Hunter Owen 2018–

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Sue Osman 1986
Naima Jeffery 1986
Andy O'Brien 1985–1986
Debbie Wilkins 1985–1986
James Willmott-Brown 1986–1988
Sadie Young 2013–2014
Bella Young 2013–2014
Jake Stone 2013–2014
Mo Harris 2014
Kat Moon 2014
Alfie Moon 2014
Tommy Moon 2014
Bert Moon 2014
Ernie Moon 2014
Billy Mitchell 2018

43A Albert SquareEdit

In 1988 the downstairs flat, 43A Albert Square, was bought by Den Watts for Sharon, Michelle and Vicki who moved here in May. They housed an unwanted lodger, Donna Ludlow, for a brief period.

Grant Mitchell bought the downstairs flat from Sharon in late 1990. Sharon moved back to 43A in April 1991 and then her and Grant left that October when they became the owners of The Queen Vic. 43A was then sold to Frank and Pat Butcher, who lived here from May 1992 until November 1993, when they sold it to Phil.

In 1994 Kathy Beale moved into the lower flat with Phil until they moved to 5 Albert Square. Ricky Butcher and Bianca Jackson then lived in 43A in 1996. Simon Raymond lived in 43A with his boyfriend Chris Clarke in 1998 and he later lived with Tony Hills here.

Before she married Jim, Dot Cotton also lived in 43A with her son Nick and grandson Ashley from 2000 until the following year.

Robbie Jackson and his girlfriend Nita Mistry lived in flat 43A in 2003 with Nita's son Anish. When they moved to India, Zoe Slater and Kelly Taylor moved in. Zoe moved out when she couldn't afford the rent, and was replaced by Gus Smith.

Kelly moved out of 43A in 2004 when she went to live in Ibiza and Gus's brother Juley moved in.

Keith Miller lodged with Gus and Juley when his wife Rosie kicked him out of their house.

In April 2007, Mickey Miller and his girlfriend Li Chong moved in with Gus. In July Li moved out, and Mickey moved back home following the birth his niece, Summer Swann, leaving Gus on his own.

In December 2007, Sean Slater moved in. Gus had told him that he already had a new tenant lined up, but Sean went ahead with his plan to get his feet under the table, and had the locks changed. When Gus returned from visiting his Auntie that evening, Sean had moved himself in and gave a shocked Gus the first months rent upfront. Gus was speechless.

After numerous clashes with Sean and a hostage situation, Gus left Walford in May 2008 with Keisha to go on tour and left Wellard the dog in the care of Mickey Miller and Sean later moved back in with his family at Number 23.

In June 2008, Lucas Johnson put down a deposit for the flat in order to be nearer to his daughter, Chelsea Fox. Lucas's son Jordan also lives here.

After Lucas and his son Jordan had moved in with Denise, Janine Butcher moved in with her friend Billy Mitchell and his foster son Jay Brown.

Billy and Jay later moved out to go and live back in the The Queen Victoria.

Archie Mitchell briefly stayed with Janine as he had no where to go after the breakdown of his marriage and his family but then left a few days later in April 2009.

Syed Masood also stayed here briefly near the end of April 2009 as his father disowned him for his lies in the past but then he eventually went to live with the Masoods as the family agreed to give him another chance.

Amira Shah, Syed Masood's girlfriend moved in in June 2009. In July 2009 Janine had told Amira that she had a week to move out or she will kick her out after Amira had been offered a job at Booty by Tanya Branning after she and Janine had competed for the job with Amira winning.

In July 2009 Whitney Dean's half brother Ryan Malloy moved in with Janine.

In September 2009 Janine's brother Ricky Butcher moved in after he had a bust up with Sam Mitchell and Bianca Jackson. Janine moves out in December and moves into number 27 after Archie proposes to her. Janine moves back in after settling things with Ryan. Pat Butcher also stays here briefly before Janine kicks her out.

Ryan moves out for a while after he says to Janine its over as things were not working and the fact that she was acting childish. But they eventually get back together with him moving back in and becoming engaged as he proposes to her.

Syed Masood and boyfriend, Christian Clarke moved in with Syed's daughter, Yasmin Masood in 2011 however Yasmin's mum, Amira Masood returns to ask Syed if she can have custody of Yasmin and he agrees and then Syed and Christian leave Walford for America.

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Donna Ludlow 1988–1989
Michelle Fowler 1988–1990
Vicki Fowler 1988–1990
Sharon Watts 1988–1990, 1991
Grant Mitchell 1991
Frank Butcher 1992–1993
Phil Mitchell 1993–1996
Kathy Beale 1994–1996
Ben Mitchell 1996
Bianca Jackson 1996–1998
Chris Clarke 1998
Simon Raymond 1998–1999
Tony Hills 1998–1999
Dot Cotton 2000–2001
Nick Cotton 2000–2001
Ashley Cotton 2000–2001
Robbie Jackson 2002–2003
Nita Mistry 2002–2003
Anish Mistry 2002–2003
Zoe Slater 2003
Kelly Taylor 2003–2004
Keith Miller 2005
Juley Smith 2004–2006
Mickey Miller 2007
Li Chong 2007
Gus Smith 2003–2008
Sean Slater 2007–2008
Lucas Johnson 2008
Jordan Johnson 2008
Billy Mitchell 2009
Jay Brown 2009
Archie Mitchell 2009
Amira Shah 2009
Ricky Butcher 1996–1998, 2009
Ryan Malloy 2009–2010, 2010
Pat Butcher 1992–1993, 2010
Whitney Dean 2011
Lydia Simmonds 2011
Janine Butcher 2009, 2010–2011
Yasmin Masood 2011–2012
Christian Clarke 2011–2012
Syed Masood 2011–2012

43B Albert SquareEdit

Phil Mitchell originally lived in 43B Albert Square in 1991 when his brother Grant lived below him at 43B with Sharon Watts.

Steve Owen and his sister Jackie lived in the middle flat, in 1999. Steve was later joined by Melanie Healy.

Steve sold 43B to Sharon Watts and her fiancé Tom Banks in 2002. Tom died later that year, but Sharon kept the flat on and her sister Vicki Fowler came to live with her, as well as her adopted brother Dennis Rickman. The Watts later moved out of 43B in 2003, but Dennis and his girlfriend Zoe Slater, came back to live there in 2004. Both moved out when the relationship ended.

In April 2008, Ricky Butcher was offered the flat but refused. Vinnie Monks then lived in the flat with his girlfriend Shirley Carter and her bestfriend Heather Trott. On 1 August 2008, Vinnie, after discovering Shirley had feelings for Phil Mitchell, threw her out of the flat but decided Heather could still stay. On 5 August 2008, Vinnie handed over the keys to the flat to Shirley, stating he was moving in with Gary and Minty.

Shirley then asked her friend Heather to move in. Heather had later moved out in April 2009 after Shirley starting sleeping with Phil Mitchell and they both kept getting drunk and leaving the flat in a mess. Shirley had later got her act together and dumped Phil as he was just using her which then made her to make a fresh start by getting a job at the chippy after losing her job as a barmaid at the Queen Victoria pub and she also asks Heather to move back in in May 2009. In October 2009 Heather Trott gave birth to a baby boy whom she had named George Trott. Billy Mitchell and Jay Brown also stay here for a brief time before moving in with Archie Mitchell. Phil Mitchell and son Ben moved in in December 2009 after Archie Mitchell had kicked the rest of the Mitchells out due to the loan they had been given by Ian Beale being sold to Archie and his fiancee Janine Butcher. The loan was not paid back so therefore Archie then owned The Queen Victoria. After Archie is killed Roxy gets The Vic and Phil informs Shirley that he and Ben will be moving back there. Shirley is surprised when her niece Zsa Zsa comes to stay in early 2010. In March 2010, Shirley, Heather, Zsa Zsa and George all move to number 27 with Phil Mitchell and his son Ben. Heather and George move out shortly and back to 43B when Phil tells them that there isn't enough room for everyone. When Roxy kicks Billy and Jay out of their home due to their being unable to pay rent, they move into the flat with Heather and George. In August 2010 they are all evicted because the landlord could not make his mortgage repayments.

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Jackie Owen 1999–2000
Steve Owen 1999–2001
Melanie Healy 2000–2001
Tom Banks 2002
Sharon Watts 2002–2003
Vicki Fowler 2002–2003
Dennis Rickman 2002–2003, 2004
Zoe Slater 2004
Vinnie Monks 2008
Phil Mitchell 1991, 2009
Ben Mitchell 2009
Shirley Carter 2008, 2008–2010
Heather Trott 2008–2009, 2009–2010, 2010
George Trott 2009–2010, 2010
Billy Mitchell 2009, 2010
Jay Brown 2009, 2010
Zsa Zsa Carter 2010

43C Albert SquareEdit

The top flat, 43C Albert Square, was originally inhabited by Donna Ludlow, but she was kicked out in August 1988. The flat was then bought by Joanne Francis, one of the managers of The Firm in 1988. She then sold it to Julie Cooper in 1989, who eventually sold it to Phil Mitchell,

Phil sold the upstairs flat to Sanjay and Gita Kapoor. In 2008 43C was merged with 43B, thus giving 43B an upstairs.

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Donna Ludlow 1988
Joanne Francis 1988–1989
Julie Cooper 1989–1990
Sanjay Kapoor 1993–1998
Gita Kapoor 1993–1998

45 Albert SquareEdit

45 Albert Square ("Rosedene") has been home to the Beale family since the start of the Second World War (1939) when it had an outside toilet. The property was owned by the council until 2004 when Pauline purchased it from them. Lou Beale lived here until she died in 1988. Her children Pauline and Pete were born in the house, and Pauline later lived here with her husband Arthur and their children Mark, Michelle and Martin. Mark and Michelle later moved out, and Arthur died. Pauline's friend Derek Harkinson moved in with her but moved out after an argument. Martin's wife Sonia also moved in, and Pauline handed over half the house to Martin and Sonia. Sonia left Martin for Naomi Julien and moved out again. Pauline's new husband Joe Macer and his friend Bert Atkinson since moved in, but in April 2006 Pauline kicked them both out after her discovery of their criminal past and dumped them on Dot and Jim Branning. Pauline eventually relented and let Joe return home in June 2006.

Pauline lived in the house alone again after learning that Martin and Sonia were back together. She accidentally stared a fire in the kitchen, but she continued to live there alone. Pauline was due to go to America on Christmas Day 2006, and packed all her things, but died in the Square after arguing with Sonia in the living room, which ended in Pauline getting slapped and both her, and her treasured fruit bowl smashed off of the ground and also with Joe (off-screen). Martin then set about clearing all her belongings out of the house.

On 26 January 2007, Joe confessed to Dot that he had caused Pauline's death by hitting her with a frying pan. Dot tried to tell her husband Jim but Joe covered her mouth. Jim freed Dot and in the struggle, Joe fell through the bedroom window and onto the Fowler family run market stall, and died instantly.

In Pauline's will, she left her half of the house to Martin. The mortgage was now paid through an insurance policy of Pauline's. Pauline's will, however, stated that Martin would lose his right to her half of the house if he lived there with Sonia. Sonia, Martin and Rebecca left Walford. The will stated that if Martin was denied his right to the house, it was to go to his cousin, Ian Beale, who moved in and currently lives there with his family. The house was then currently empty, although Pauline's ashes remained on the mantelpiece until Dot Cotton buried them by Arthur Fowler, who was Pauline's first husband. While it was empty, Peter Beale and Jay Brown broke in, as did Max Branning and Stacey Slater. Honey Mitchell expressed interest in renting it from Ian but Ian refused to rent to the Mitchells.

In April, Ian decided to move in there himself with his family, but Peter and Lucy refused because they believed the ghost of Pauline would haunt them. Eventually Ian gave the ashes to Dot, and Peter and Lucy agreed that as Pauline's ashes were no longer in the house, she would not haunt them. Dot had them in her house for a few months until her and Ian decided to place them to rest in Arthur's grave so they now are together since 1996 for eternity.

Ian has since realised the living room and the dining room were too small so he knocked the wall out between the two rooms to make more room. When the house was owned by Pauline, the living room was used as a bedroom, for when Pauline's son and family lived there. When Ethel Skinner was gravely ill, Pauline let her live there. Ethel asked Dot Cotton to euthanise her on her 80th birthday, and after a while, reluctantly agreed. The dining room was used both as a living room and a dining room, where Pauline's treasured fruit bowl sat on the table for years. The kitchen has now been re-fitted and the old fireplace in the kitchen has been raised up a bit since Pauline lived there. There are now three bedrooms – the master which used to be Lucy's, which she once shared with Bobby, and the attic conversion that Joe and Bert made, shared by Steven and Peter until Steven's departure.

Jane's brother, Christian turned up in January 2008 and lived with the Beales for a month, sleeping on the sofa until Ian leased the flat above Beale's place to him. Lucy stayed with Christian for a few months due to family issues but moved back in with Ian and his family before her death.

From November 2008 to February 2009 Jane's mother Linda Clarke had come to stay for a few months as she had split up with Jane and Christian's father Roger Clarke as he had been having an affair.

From December 2008 to January 2009 Lauren Branning briefly lived with the Beales after Tanya Branning had asked best friend Jane Beale to look after her while Tanya was in prison as she covered for Lauren as Lauren could not live with her father Max Branning as she had run him over in October 2008.

In May 2009 Ian, Jane and Bobby went on a trip to Scotland and returned at the end of June 2009. They had left Christian in charge of looking after Lucy and Peter and taking care of the businesses. Christian has also moved in while Ian and Jane are away to look after Lucy and Peter.

As part of a wife-swap Jane has swapped places with best friend Tanya Branning for a week. In November 2009 Jane had left Walford for a while as she felt she needed a break from Ian as he wouldn't understand her need for a child of her own. In December 2009 Jane returned to the Beales. In the first half of 2010 Lucy got pregnant, and agreed to give the baby to Jane, but Ian convinced her to have an abortion and lie that she'd miscarried. Ian, Lucy, and Peter kept this secret from Jane. Lucy also cheated on her exams, with Ian's blessing. When the school found out and told Lucy she would have to take them all over again, Lucy was angry that Ian pretendeded he hadn't known what she'd done. She went to stay with her grandmother Bev. Ian and Jane divorce, and she leaves Walford in January 2012. Ian gets engaged to Mandy Salter, and a returning Lucy tries to split them up. Ian suffers from a nervous breakdown after Ben Mitchell confides in him about killing Heather Trott. Mandy's mum Lorraine passes away, and Mandy wants to postpone the wedding and grieve however Ian refuses to let her and carries on with their wedding plans. On their wedding day, Ian's erratic behaviour worsens when he and Lucy have a row and he chooses Mandy over Lucy. Mandy is perturbed by this and tells Ian she is leaving him.

Denise Fox moves in when she starts a relationship with Ian and Peter later moves back in. When Denise discovers Ian slept with prostitute Rainie Cross on the night Lucy was murdered she is disgusted and moves back in with Patrick. Jane moves back in and she and Ian later get married but Peter moves to New Zealand with Lauren Branning and Beth goes to live with her dad TJ. And Cindy later goes to live in Germany with Liam. Bobby is finally arrested, charged and imprisoned for Lucy's murder in June 2016 and is sent to a youth detention centre for 3 years. Lauren and her son Louie Beale move in with Steven in July 2016. Ian also puts the partition wall back up between the dining room and the living room in order to turn the latter into an accessible bedroom for a paralysed Jane. The dining room then became the living room as well. Soon after Jane returns from hospital Mark Fowler Jr arrives in Walford and moves into Number 45 briefly.

In September 2017, Steven dies in a fire, and Lauren and Louie move in with Lauren's sister Abi Branning for a few weeks before returning to the house. Jane leaves in October after being threatened by Max, and in February 2018, Lauren and Louie leave Walford. The following month, Ian takes the partition wall back down again.

Current residents:

Character Resident
Ian Beale 2007–
Kathy Beale 2015–

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Albert Beale 1938–1965
Harry Beale 1938–1959
Ronnie Beale 1938–1965
Pat Beale 1961–1965
Pete Beale 1945–1969
Lou Beale 1938–1988
Kenny Beale 1941–1965, 1988
Michelle Fowler 1969–1986, 1993–1995
Arthur Fowler 1965–1996
Mark Fowler 1968–1987, 1990–2001
Ethel Skinner 2000
Dot Cotton 1999-2000
Nick Cotton 2000
Ashley Cotton 2000
Lisa Fowler 2001
Vicki Fowler 1993–1995, 2003–2004
Derek Harkinson 2001–2005
Bert Atkinson 2005–2006
Joe Macer 2005–2006, 2006
Pauline Fowler 1945–2006
Martin Fowler 1985–2007
Sonia Fowler 2004–2006, 2006–2007
Rebecca Fowler 2005–2007
Christian Clarke 2008, 2009
Linda Clarke 2008–2009
Lauren Branning 2008–2009
Tanya Branning 2009
Mandy Salter 2011–2012
Lorraine Salter 2012
Joey Branning 2012
Lucy Beale 2007–2010, 2012–2014
Denise Fox 2013–2014
Patrick Trueman 2014
Peter Beale 2007–2010, 2013–2015
Cindy Williams 2013–2015
Bobby Beale 2007–2015
Mark Fowler Jr 2016
Steven Beale 2007–2008, 2016–2017
Jane Beale 2007–2012, 2014–2017
Lauren Branning 2016–2017, 2017–2018
Louie Beale 2016–2017, 2017–2018

46 Albert SquareEdit

46 Albert Square is the address of The Queen Victoria.

Current Residents:

Character Resident
Mick Carter 2013–
Tina Carter 2013–2014, 2014–2015, 2017–
Shirley Carter 2013–2014, 2017–
Linda Carter 2013–2016, 2017–
Ollie Carter 2015–2016, 2017–
Callum Highway 2018-

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Angie Watts 1975–1988
Diane Butcher 1988–1990
Ricky Butcher 1988–1990
Mo Butcher 1988–1990
Eddie Royle 1990–1991
Tiffany Mitchell 1996–1998
Frank Butcher 1988–1990, 1999–2000
Steve Owen 2001
Lisa Fowler 2002
Spencer Moon 2002–2004
Victoria Moon 2002–2004
Vicki Fowler 2004
Zoe Slater 2004–2005
Den Watts 1975–1988, 2004–2005
Dennis Rickman 2004–2005
Sharon Watts 1975–1988, 1991–1996, 2001–2002, 2004–2005
Chrissie Watts 2004–2005
Carla Mitchell 2006
Grant Mitchell 1991–1999, 2005, 2006
Courtney Mitchell 1997–1999, 2006
Stella Crawford 2007
William Mitchell 2007
Janet Mitchell 2006–2007
Honey Mitchell 2006–2007
Sean Slater 2008
Janine Butcher 1989–1990, 1999–2001, 2009
Archie Mitchell 2008–2009
Pat Butcher 1988–1990, 2010
Billy Mitchell 2005–2010
Danny Mitchell 2010
Jay Brown 2008–2010
Glenda Mitchell 2010
Danny Mitchell 2010
Louise Mitchell 2002, 2010
Ben Mitchell 2006–2010
Ronnie Mitchell 2007–2010
Sam Mitchell 1995–1996, 1999–2000, 2002, 2005, 2009, 2010
Phil Mitchell 1991–1996, 2001–2002, 2005–2010
Peggy Mitchell 1994–2002, 2005–2010
Shenice Quinn 2011–2012
Mo Harris 2011–2013
Tyler Moon 2013
Jean Slater 2011–2013
Amy Mitchell 2008–2010, 2013
Roxy Mitchell 2007–2010, 2013
Tommy Moon 2010, 2011–2013
Alfie Moon 2002–2004, 2010–2013
Kat Moon 2010–2012, 2013
Stan Carter 2013–2015
Elaine Peacock 2015
Nancy Carter 2014–2016
Lee Carter 2014–2016
Babe Smith 2015–2017
Whitney Carter 2015–2016, 2017
Woody Woodward 2017
Johnny Carter 2013–2014, 2016–2018

47 Albert SquareEdit

The ground floor flat of 47 Albert Square was originally owned and lived in by Alan McIntyre, a local builder. Saeed and Naima Jeffery owned the top flat originally, but then sold it to Alan, who rented it to Ali and Sue Osman in 1986. When Mehmet Osman gambled away his home, his wife Guizin and his children Rayif, Emine and Murat, moved into Ali and Sue's flat. By 1989 the Osmans had all vacated.

In 1992 Mark Fowler and Steve Elliot lived in the top flat and Hattie Tavernier lived here with Steve until he jilted her. Nigel Bates moved in when Steve left in 1993 and Arthur Fowler came to stay after he was thrown out of his marital home for having an affair. Siblings Tiffany and Simon Raymond lived in the ground floor flat with Tony Hills in 1996, whilst drug-dealer Dan Zappieri and his girlfriend Melanie lived in the top flat for a while. Lorraine and Joe Wicks later lived in the top flat.

Later the top flat was occupied by Ricky and Bianca Butcher, whilst the ground floor flat was used as a squat by Robbie Jackson, Lenny Wallace and Huw Edwards. Later Barry and Natalie Evans lived in the ground floor flat for a while. In 2010, Grace and Mercy Olubunmi move in, and are later joined by Zsa Zsa Carter when she is made homeless. Zsa Zsa leaves Walford a few months later.

In 2013, Max Branning and his wife, Kirsty move into number 47B while Ava Hartman and her son, Dexter move into 47A. In June, Max leaves Kirsty after he discovers she lied to him about being pregnant and he moves into number 5 and the following month Sam James moves in with Ava and Dexter, but in November, Ava forces him to leave. Ava then moves away and Dexter moves in with his grandmother Cora Cross. Carl White briefly moves into the top flat in 2013 before he is murdered by Ronnie Mitchell. Terry Spraggan and his children move into the flat in 2014 before moving to Milton Keynes. Kat and Alfie Moon squat in 47B in December 2014 after they are kicked out of Number 43 for squatting. Alfie Moon and Donna Yates later move in to 47A. Alfie then moves in with Kat at 91A George Street. Roxy Mitchell moves in to 47B in May 2016 after revealing that the previous residents trashed the flat and the landlord was desperate to rent it out cheaply. But the following month she gives up the lease on the flat and moves into Phil's. When Donna's foster mother Claudette Hubbard proves to Donna that she's changed, Donna allows her to move in with her. Claudette leaves the square in November, and in April 2017, Donna moves out when her landlord fails to fix her boiler.

In May 2017, the flats are sold to mysterious property company, Weyland & Co, whose Chairman, Hugo Browning states they plan to demolish them.

Previous residents (47A):

Character Resident
Tiffany Mitchell 1996–1997
Simon Raymond 1996–1997
Robbie Jackson 1997–1999
Lenny Wallace 1997–1999
Huw Edwards 1997–-999
Barry 1999–2000
Natalie Evans 1999–2000
Zsa Zsa Carter 2010
Grace Olubunmi 2010
Ashley Chubb 2011
Mercy Olubunmi 2010–2011
Fatboy 2010–2011
Sam James 2013
Ava Hartman 2013
Dexter Hartman 2013
Alfie Moon 2015
Claudette Hubbard 2016
Donna Yates 2015–2017

Previous residents (47B):

Character Resident
Saeed Jeffery 1984–1985
Naima Jeffery 1984–1986
Sue Osman 1986–1989
Ali Osman 1986–1989
Guizin Osman 1986–1989
Rayif Osman 1986–1989
Emine Osman 1986–1989
Murat Osman 1986–1989
Hattie Tavernier 1992
Mark Fowler 1992–1993
Steve Elliot 1992–1993
Arthur Fowler 1993
Nigel Bates 1993–1996
Joe Wicks 1996–1997
Lorraine Wicks 1996–1997
Bianca Jackson 1997–1999
Ricky Butcher 1997–2000
Max Branning 2013
Kirsty Branning 2013
Carl White 2013–2014
Terry Spraggan 2014
TJ Spraggan 2014
Rosie Spraggan 2014
Alfie Moon 2014
Kat Moon 2014
Tommy Moon 2014
Bert Moon 2014
Ernie Moon 2014
Roxy Mitchell 2016

George StreetEdit

87 George StreetEdit

The first known occupants of 87 George Street were Natalie Price and her mother Andrea. Later Ted, Tony and Sarah Hills lived here. Followed by Terry and Irene Raymond and their guests Troy Harvey and Irene's aunt Maureen Carter. After Terry and Irene split, Janine Evans came to live here with Terry. SJ Fletcher was the last known person to live here, in 2006. In 2009, NO.87 was made into a bed and breakfast called King George Guest house.

89 George StreetEdit

Jules Tavernier was the first known occupant of 89 George Street, when he moved into the ground floor flat in 1994. He also housed Blossom Jackson and Nellie Ellis for a while. Rosa, Gianni, Teresa and Nicky di Marco also lived here. Shirley Benson lived here in 2003.

The top floor flat was once occupied by noisy neighbour Gavin Sharp, who was forced out by Shirley's friends, the Ferreiras. Pat Butcher then lived here. Laura and Bobby Beale also lived here with Pat for a while and Natalie Evans stayed for a while in 2004.

The basement flat's first known occupants were Steve Elliot and his girlfriend Lydia. Beppe di Marco lived here with his lodger Nina Harris. Later Billy Mitchell moved in and lived here with Janine Butcher and then his wife Little Mo. Kate Mitchell lived here from 2003 until her departure in January 2005. The latest known residents of the flat are Vince Franks and his son Jez.

The Fox family, Denise, Chelsea and Libby lived here in the top floor flat from May 2006 until October 2006 when they moved in with Pat at number 31 Albert Square.

After a short time Shirley Carter started renting the top floor flat. Her son Deano Wicks moved in for a while, but then he moved back to Pat's. Heather Trott moved in with Shirley in September 2007 to escape her controlling mother, Queenie. In February 2008 Shirley asked Heather to leave the flat, intending Deano to move in once he was released from prison. Deano had other ideas and left Walford, leaving his mum alone.

On 11 March 2008, Shirley was evicted from the top floor flat by her landlord Norman. Norman is the last known occupant of the flat, explaining to Shirley at the time that he needed to live there after being caught cheating by his wife.

On 15 July, Ian Beale announced to his wife, Jane that he had purchased the property after remortgaging their home. After cleaning the top flat and being initially refused by Ian, Dawn Swann handed two months rent to him in order for her and her partner Jase Dyer to live their with their respective children, Summer and Jay. On 18 July, Dawn and Jase had a flatwarming party and invited the residents of the Square.

In 2008 Garry Hobbs paid the deposit for Callum Monks to live here renting from Ian Beale.

In January 2009 Ronnie Mitchell moved in as Callum Monks moved back in with Garry Hobbs, Minty Peterson, Dawn Swann and Summer Swann due to Ian raising the rent on the flat and Callum was unable to afford it.

Ronnie later moved back in with the rest of the Mitchells in March/April 2009.

In June 2009 Bradley Branning's girlfriend Syd Chambers moved in to flat 89B with her son Noah Chambers and dog Sugar and was later joined by Amira Shah in July 2009 after Janine Butcher had kicked her out. Zainab Masood briefly stayed with Amira in 2009 to get some space from her family. In October Syd and Noah leave Walford and move to Canada leaving Amira on her own. Amira moves out in 2010 after marrying Syed. Zsa Zsa Carter, Leon Small and Fatboy squat here briefly in early 2010.

Billy Mitchell, Julie Perkins and their granddaughter, Lola Pearce move in however after taking the rap for something Lola did, Julie leaves. In 2012, Lola gives birth to a baby girl, whom she calls Lexi Billie Pearce. She lives with them briefly before being taken away by social services. Her granddad, Phil Mitchell is awarded full-time care of Lexi so she goes and lives with Phil. Lexi is returned to Lola and Billy in May 2013. Shirley Carter and Tina Carter move in with Billy, Lola and Lexi in November 2013. In December 2013, Shirley and Tina moved out. In May 2014, Janet Mitchell Moved in with them. Lola and Lexi later move to Newcastle in July 2015. Billy's boss Les Coker moves in with Billy in October 2015 but moves back out in February the following year. After Honey and Billy reunite her and the children move back in to the flat in March 2016. Jay moves in after Phil kicks him out in April, but moves out after he is discovered to be dealing drugs. Billy, Honey and the children later move out and into the flat above Coker and Son's leaving the flat empty.

91 George StreetEdit

91 George Street is a semi-detached house converted into flats. Past occupants include Nigel and Debbie Bates and, Debbie's daughter Clare Tyler. Dot Cotton stayed with them briefly too. Frank Butcher lived in the basement flat in 1998.

Sam Mitchell shared the basement flat here with Minty Peterson after she was thrown out of her home by Andy Hunter in December 2004. The doorstop used to kill Den Watts was hidden in her kitchen cupboard until Chrissie Watts uncovered it following a burglary.

SJ Fletcher was the last known occupant of this flat. Sam briefly squatted there over New Year 2009/2010 when she was hiding from the police due to her breaking her bail conditions. Minty was the only one who knew she was there until he told Ronnie Mitchell and she took Sam to the police.

In 2014, Jake Stone, Aleks Shirovs, Tina Carter and Tosh Mackintosh lived in the top flat. In May 2014, Jake was arrested for the murder of Lucy Beale and Dean Wicks replaced him. Aleks moves in with Roxy and gives his share of the flat up. Dean and Stacey Slater start a relationship and she moves in with daughter Lily. Tina & Tosh have yet another domestic which ends in Tina moving back to The Vic and Tosh leaving for Croydon. After Kat realises Alfie started the fire in No. 23, her, Mo and the kids move in. When Stacey finds out Dean raped Linda Carter she kicks him out. In 2015, Mo steals money from Kat, so Kat kicks Mo out. Mo moves in with her fiancee (Fat Elvis) away from Walford. Kat & Alfie win Jackpot on a scratchcard and move to Spain witn the kids. Before leaving Alfie buys Stacey No. 3C Albert Square. Leaving the house unoccupied.

93 George StreetEdit

93 George Street is where short-term Walford resident Al lived. He moved in for two weeks in August 2006.

Victoria RoadEdit

55 Victoria RoadEdit

55 Victoria Road ("Pytchley") was originally owned by Julie Cooper's gran, and Julie inherited it upon her death. She sold it to the Karims in 1989 and it was later bought by Rachel Kominski in 1990. Michelle Fowler lodged with her daughter Vicki as did Shelley Lewis, until Michelle's brother Mark bought the house in 1995. Mark then lived here with his wife Ruth, although they rented the property to Huw Edwards and Lenny Wallace from 1996-1997 to earn some extra money. During Huw and Lenny's tenancy, Alan Jackson stayed in the house, as did the singer Frankie Pierre. Mark and Ruth returned to the premises in 1997. Their foster daughter Jessie Moore lived with them for a brief period and after Mark and Ruth's marriage broke down Mark moved out and Louise Raymond lodged here with Ruth and so did Mark's cousin Conor Flaherty. Ruth moved to Scotland in 1999 after having an affair with Conor and becoming pregnant by him, so Mark moved back in.

Garry Hobbs and his fiancée Lynne lived with Mark for a while and Lisa Shaw moved in after falling out with her boyfriend Phil Mitchell. Lisa and Mark lived together with Lisa and Phil's daughter Louise. Lisa later got back with Phil, and Mark went travelling in February 2003, so the house was left empty for a while.

The Ferreira family moved in, in 2003, but the house was repossessed and they were forced to move out a year later.

The house was then bought by Ian Beale who lived here with wife Jane and children Lucy, Peter and Bobby Beale. Ian's younger brother Ben stayed here when Ian brought him back from South Africa after his mother and stepfather were killed, but he later decided to live with his father, Phil at the Queen Vic. Ian, Jane and the children moved into 45 Albert Square, and the house was rented to Danny and Jess Fuller. The Fullers have since left Walford to be nearer their daughter's school, leaving the property empty. Denise and Kevin Wicks approached Ian about buying number 55, but Kevin died and Denise left, so doubtless that the arrangement has fallen through.

For a time, the occupants were unknown, although on 27 February 2009, Ian revealed he was renting the property again. In November 2010, Phil Mitchell bought the house and is now living there. In 2012, Ben was sent to prison for the murder of Heather Trott, Jay was kicked out by Phil, and Shirley left to spend time with her daughter, leaving Phil living there on his own. He then discovers that Lexi Pearce, Lola's daughter, is also his granddaughter and when social services take Lexi away, Phil applies to foster her and successfully wins, so she comes and lives with Phil. In May 2013, Lola wins full custody of Lexi so she leaves Phil's house. In September 2013, Phil's cousin Ronnie Mitchell is released from prison and moves in with Phil while he recovers from his crash. When Shirley Carter returns to Walford with her sister Tina Carter, Phil allows them to stay, but later tells them to leave. Roxy Mitchell moves back in with her daughter Amy Mitchell after Alfie Moon ends their short marriage - but they later move back out. In 2015, Ben's girlfriend Abi moves in. Sharon and Dennis moved into Ronnie's in April 2016, as she and Phil had split up. Abi moved to Dot's in April because she and Ben split up. Louise Mitchell moved in with Phil in April as well because her mum, Lisa kicked her out. Phil kicked Jay out in after he was wrongly convicted of being a paedophile. Sharon and Phil reunited in May and she and Dennis moved back in. Roxy moved back into the house in June 2016 after giving the lease up on her flat. After Jay returned to Walford after being left homeless for several weeks, Sharon invited him to move back in. In January 2017 Roxy dies at Ronnie and Jack's Wedding and later in January Michelle Fowler moves in the house. In February, Phil and Sharon decide to take an extended holiday in Italy. Sharon soon returns to Walford, but Phil remains in Italy. Ben and Jay move into Number 18 in March. Phil eventually returns in August 2017 and moves back into the house and in April 2018, Michelle leave Walford.

Current residents:

Character Resident
Louise Mitchell 2016–
Dennis Rickman Jr. 2013–2016, 2016–
Sharon Mitchell 2013–2016, 2016–2017, 2017–
Phil Mitchell 2010–2017, 2017–

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Lexi Pearce 2012–2013
Shirley Carter 2010–2012, 2013
Tina Carter 2013
Ronnie Mitchell 2013–2014
Amy Mitchell 2012, 2013–2014
Abi Branning 2015–2016
Ben Mitchell 2010–2012, 2014–2017
Jay Brown 2010–2012, 2013–2017
Michelle Fowler 2017–2018

93 Victoria RoadEdit

Marge Green lived here with her bed-ridden mother in 1989.

Victoria SquareEdit

41 Victoria SquareEdit

41 Victoria Square is the address of Kenwyn House, a complex of low-class bedsits. The property was managed by Minty Peterson but he is no longer involved. Pat Butcher lived here after Barry threw her out, and Laura Beale also lived here when Ian disowned her after discovering she was pregnant. After Bobby Beale was born, Laura met her end by falling down the stairs and dying.

Turpin RoadEdit

10a Turpin RoadEdit

The flat above the beauty salon is not seen until the second series of EastEnders: E20. Stevie Dickinson moved there in August 2010 with her boyfriend Olly Manthrope-Hall. Olly moves out in September when he ends their relationship, and Stevie asks Asher Levi to move in. He brings his brother Sol Levi with him, and Naz Mehmet also uses the opportunity to move in. Although Olly's name is on the lease, by the end of the series, Stevie is able to convince Roxy to allow her to remain in the flat along with her new friends. Though in 2014 Sharon buys the salon and turns it into a bar, The Albert and the flats above become the Upper Floor of the bar.

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Olly Manthrope-Hall 2010
Stevie Dickinson 2010–?
Asher Levi 2010–?
Sol Levi 2010–?
Naz Mehmet 2010–?

11a Turpin RoadEdit

The flat above the pharmacy was lived in by Billy, Little Mo and Freddie Mitchell until Billy and Mo's marriage broke down.

Billy moved back in May 2006 with Honey, who has since become his wife, and their baby daughter Janet. Honey's father Jack also stayed here when he comes to visit.

In November 2007, Manju Patel had purchased the shop from Billy's cousin Phil Mitchell and gave Billy and Honey a month to move out. Newlyweds Bradley and Stacey Branning expressed an interest in renting, but Stacey had a change of heart once she realised Billy and Honey would be homeless.

Following Billy and Honey's eviction by Mrs Patel and her nephews., the occupants were unknown until April 2010, when Syed and Amira Masood rented the flat from Mrs Patel. Amira later moves out and leaves after finding out about Syed and Christian's affair, Syed later moved out in July 2010 because he realised he still loved Christian. In 2014, Market Trader Kush Kazemi moves in.

13a Turpin RoadEdit

The flat above the bookmaker was initially owned by Richard Cole. Sanjay and Gita Kapoor then lived here before moving to number 43. The next known occupant was Annie Palmer, followed by Simon and Louise Raymond.

In April 2001, Barry and Natalie Evans lived here very briefly.

15a Turpin RoadEdit

The flat above Beale's Plaice was originally inhabited by Ian Beale, his children and their nanny Laura Dunn from when Ian went bankrupt in 2000 until he became solvent in 2004, when he moved into his cousin Mark Fowler's old house. Alfie and Spencer Moon later moved into the flat with their grandmother and cousins Jake and Danny after Den Watts evicted them, following his dishonest accquistion of the Queen Vic. The Moons lodged there until Johnny Allen agreed to lease Number 41 Albert Square to Alfie, after Nana had been attacked by a burglar.

In February 2007 Bert Atkinson and his grandson Jay moved in. In July, Bert moved on and Jay's father Jase Dyer moved in and took over the tenancy until February 2008 and when Ian evicted Jase and Jay and later let the place to his brother-in-law, Christian Clarke. Lucy Beale is currently staying with Christian, at Ian's request. Lucy later moved back home and Linda Clarke - Jane's and Christian's mother had come to stay but then she moved in with Ian and Jane.

In September 2009 Christian's friend James Mackie came to stay. In July 2010 Syed finally gets back together with Christian and moves with him after accepting his sexuality and their relationship. In 2011 the flat is demolished, leaving Beale's Plaice stood alone.

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Christian Clarke 2008–2011
Syed Masood 2010–2011
Darren Miller 2011
Jodie Gold 2011

51a Turpin RoadEdit

This is the flat above On the Spot Cash, the past and current occupants are unknown.

53a Turpin RoadEdit

This is the flat above Coker & Mitchell Funeral Directors, previously occupied by Les Coker and Pam Coker. Not mentioned until 2014 when the Cokers' shop opened. The shop below was previously a charity shop and Lipsy's. Les and Pam's grandson Paul moves in with them in 2015 until his death the following year. Les and Pam subsequently decide to retire and move to Worthing. Billy Mitchell later moves in with his wife Honey and children Janet and Will when he is allowed to live there rent-free for running the business. However Les and Pam later begin to charge the family rent after sacking Billy. The following month Billy moves out after his marriage to Honey breaks down.

Current residents:

Character Residet
Honey Mitchell 2017–
Will Mitchell 2017–
Janet Mitchell 2017–

Previous residents:

Character Residet
Paul Coker 2015–2016
Les Coker 2014–2015, 2016
Pam Coker 2014–2016

55a Turpin RoadEdit

This is the flat above the Polish delicatessen, the past and current occupants are unknown.

57 Turpin RoadEdit

This is a house split into flats. Heather Trott, Andrew Cotton and George Trott lived in the bottom flat before Heather is murdered by Ben Mitchell in March 2012. Rainie Cross moves in, in 2014 but the landlord throws her out after one day because she is a prostitute and he caught her with a client.

Previous residents:

Character Resident
Heather Trott 2011–2012
Andrew Cotton 2011–2012
George Trott 2011–2012
Rainie Cross 2014

Walford TowersEdit

Walford Towers is a tower block of flats, situated outside of the Square. When a character is seated on the "Bench of Tears", Walford Towers can be seen in the distance.

Pete Beale originally lived here with Kathy and their son Ian. Lou Beale came to stay for a while too. Before she moved to the Square, Dot Cotton also lived here. Ian later lived here with Cindy Beale. Phil Mitchell had a flat in the block which he 'shared' with his 'wife' Nadia. Natalie Evans also lived here briefly with her son Jack.

Ray, Trisha and Leo Taylor lived here until summer 2005, but when Leo died Trisha moved away and Ray was left on his own.

Also Billy Mitchell and his wife Honey Mitchell, their children Janet Mitchell and William Mitchell once lived here when they were homeless and had no where to stay.

In April 2017, it was mentioned by Denise Fox that the tower blocks were being demolished.

In May 2017, Ted Murray and Joyce Murray are rehoused in the flat 23A by the council after their flat in Walford Towers is earmarked for demolition.

In June 2017, the Taylor family (Karen Taylor, Keanu Taylor, Bernadette Taylor, Keegan Baker, Riley Taylor, Chatham Taylor) are relocated from Walford Towers and the family moves in the flat 23B.