Wikipedia:WikiProject Dentistry/Article rating

The Article Rating for WikiProject Dentistry is modeled on WikiProject Medicine's efforts to rate all related articles based on quality and importance. All articles within the scope of WikiProject Dentistry are eligible for rating. Since the study and practice of dentistry covers many topics, some articles may be shared with other WikiProjects. Working with other projects to improve shared articles will hopefully increase the quality of those articles. If any question arises on how to deal with a shared article, then the two projects can work together on the issue.

The quality scale uses Wikipedia 1.0 Assessment Scale, and the importance scale uses another of Wikipedia 1.0's criteria. In order to help categorize articles related to dentistry, just paste the appropriate template on the article's talk page.

How-to edit

The basic format for the template is {{WPDENT|class=XX|importance=YY}}. Replace XX with one of the Quality ratings, and replace YY with one of the Importance ratings. To identify an article as part of WikiProject Dentistry but not give a rating, place {{WPDENT|class=Unassessed}} on the talk page of the article.

To place a quality rating, you would type one of the following: (a greater description can be found here)

  • FA - Reserved exclusively for articles that have received "Featured article" status after peer review, and meet the current criteria for featured articles.
  • A - Provides a well-written, reasonably clear and complete description of the topic. It should have sufficient external literature references, and could at least be considered for featured article status.
  • GA - The article has passed through the Good article nomination process and been granted GA status, meeting the good article standards.
  • B - Usually has a majority of the material needed for a completed article. Nonetheless, it has significant gaps or missing elements or references, needs substantial editing for English language usage and/or clarity, balance of content, or contains other policy problems such as copyright, Neutral Point Of View (NPOV) or No Original Research (NOR).
  • Start - The article has a meaningful amount of good content, but it is still weak in many areas, and may lack a key element such as a standard infobox.
  • Stub - The article is either a very short article or a rough collection of information that will need much work to bring it to A-Class level.

To place an importance rating, you would type one of the following: (a greater description can be found here)

  • Top - Subject is critical for the subject of dentistry
  • High - Subject contributes to a depth of knowledge of dentistry
  • Mid - Subject fills in details about dentistry
  • Low - Subject is mainly about special interest in dentistry