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Notes about the above edit

  • Åland - An attempt was made in 1995-96 to organise cricket in Mariehamn, with a consignment of cricket equipment shipped out to the town's principal sports club. However, it was reported that interest was minimal, outside a few British expats.
  • Azerbaijan - At least one match every weekend between June and November.
  • Cambodia - Phnom Penh Cricket Club founded in 1999.
  • Christmas Island - played by Australian and New Zealand workers in a ground within the airport.
  • Colombia - Bogota Cricket Club founded in 1964
  • Congo (DRC) - Gujurat Cricket Association played a team in Mbole in 1960 [1]. It was reported (in 2016?) that school and street cricket was being introduced to the Ndjili district of Kinshasa [2].
  • Dominican Republic - Cricket association founded early last year (see article written by myself here). National side pencilled in for the next Stanford 20/20
  • Ecuador - national side came last in the South American Championship last year, see here.
  • Ethiopia - British and Indian embassies play against each other.
  • Hungary - 8 teams playing regular cricket and national junior and senior teams, go to to read more. [3]
  • Kiribati - Two or three matches played each year, occasionally a national side plays against Tuvalu.
  • Liberia - Liberia was part of the West African Cricket Conference, but never provided any players for the West Africa cricket team. The game now seems to have died out.
  • Libya - Cricket Association formed in 2001, clubs in Tripoli and Benghazi.
  • Mauritius - Four clubs, but limited mostly to the wealthy Indian population.
  • Monaco - There is a Monte Carlo Cricket Club, but since their ground was demolished to make way for a supermarket, they now play their games near Nice.
  • Mongolia - Mongolian Cricket Club founded in 1995 - another MCC!
  • Nauru - Game declining due to equipment shortages.
  • Netherlands Antilles - Sint Maarten are officially part of the West Indies Cricket Board and play in the Stanford 20/20, Curacao played against Venezuela two years ago.
  • Nicaragua - Played against Costa Rica in 2002, and against El Salvador and Costa Rica earlier this year.
  • Norfolk Island - Cricket Association formed in mid 1990s, hope to gain ICC affiliate membership in next few years.
  • North Korea - Pyongyang Cricket Club played against teams from Shanghai earlier this year, see [4]
  • Paraguay - Cricket association formed in 2002
  • Puerto Rico - officially covered by the USACA, but national side were runners-up in South American Championship in 2004. Pencilled in for next Stanford 20/20 and Cricket Federation hope to gain affiliate membership in their own right.
  • Romania - cricket was played between 1893 and 1930, but no current signs.
  • Seychelles - A small club plays occasional matches against teams in Mauritius.
  • Solomon Islands - played since 1870s, international played against Fiji in 1977. Played in 1991 South Pacific Games. Current Cricket Association formed in 2000 though coup that year caused many players to leave the country.
  • Sudan - No cricket played in last twenty years. Combined Egypt/Sudan team played against MCC at Lord's in 1914. See here.
  • Syria - One of the first references to cricket outside England was to it being played there on 6 May 1676. No record of cricket there ever since though!
  • Taiwan - Three clubs playing in a 15 over tournament each year.
  • Tuvalu - Occasional matches played against Kiribati, played in 1979 South Pacific Games.
  • Uzbekistan - Some matches played amongst the expatriate communities.
  • Venezuela - National side played in South American Championship in 1999 and 2000.
  • Vietnam - Hanoi Cricket Club formed in 1993.
  • Wallis and Futuna - Cricket Association formed recently, being assisted by New Caledonia Cricket Federation. Hope to compete in 2011 South Pacific Games.
  • Yemen - As one would suspect cricket was played when South Yemen was a UK colony (Aden) and they left somewhat of a legacy. South Yemen played against Hyderabad Blues in 1971. Cricket Association formed recently, national league of eight teams.

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