Wikipedia:WikiProject Cricket/Key biographies

These are the key biographies for development by WP:CRIC. All should have importance=high on their talk pages but the really important rating is the class one. We need all of these up to B-class at least and as many as possible up to GA and FA.

The biographies are those of people who are highly rated in reputable sources including those who appear in some of the Wisden, Hall of Fame and ICC Player of the Year listings such as Wisden Leading Cricketer in the World, Wisden Cricketers of the Century, Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy, Six Giants of the Wisden Century, Australian Cricket Hall of Fame, John Woodcock's Hundred Greatest of All Time and the ESPN Legends of Cricket list.

The list is not exhaustive so please add anyone we've missed but remember they have to be high importance by reference to reputable sources and not someone who hit a Twenty20 six last week.

Key biographies Edit

Name Era Class Comments
Gubby Allen 1921–53 Start
Harry Altham 1908–65 Start
Curtly Ambrose 1985–2000   GA
John Arlott 1946–80 Start
Warwick Armstrong 1898–1922   GA
Palwankar Baloo 1905–21 Start
Charles Bannerman 1870–88 Start
Sydney Barnes 1894–1929 C
Ken Barrington 1953–68 B
Lord Frederick Beauclerk 1791–1825 Start
Bishan Singh Bedi 1961–81 Start
William Bedle 1701–31 B
Alec Bedser post-SWW Start
Billy Beldham underarm Start
Richie Benaud post-SWW B Broadcasting stuff not included
Jack Blackham late 19C Start
Ivo Bligh, 8th Earl of Darnley late 19C Start
Colin Blythe early 20C Start expansion needed plus citations
Allan Border late 20C B Missing a number of citations
Bernard Bosanquet (cricketer) early 20C   FA 2011
Ian Botham late 20C C
Geoffrey Boycott late 20C   GA Passed September 2009
Donald Bradman inter-war   FA FA confirmed June 2008
Johnny Briggs (cricketer) late 19C Start
Jem Broadbridge roundarm Start
William Caffyn roundarm Start
Neville Cardus writer   FA
Shivnarine Chanderpaul 21C Start
Greg Chappell late 20C B A lot of cleanup. Lots of content. Heavily edited recently by disgruntled Indian fans, so it seems. NPOV issues
Ian Chappell late 20C   FA FA confirmed November 2007
William Clarke (cricketer) roundarm Start
Robert Colchin underarm Start
Herbie Collins inter-war   GA
Denis Compton post-SWW Start shortage of references, otherwise not bad
Learie Constantine inter-war   FA
Martin Crowe late 20C Start
Joe Darling late 19C   GA
Alan Davidson (cricketer) post-SWW   GA Passed October 2007
John Derrick source Start
Allan Donald late 20C Start Needs cleanup, a bit random
John Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset underarm B
Rahul Dravid 21C Start POV issues
Godfrey Evans post-SWW B
Aubrey Faulkner early 20C Start
Fazal Mahmood post-SWW B
Andrew Flintoff 21C B
Tich Freeman inter-war Start
C. B. Fry late 19C Start good overall, but the cricket section needs major expansion
Joel Garner late 20C Start
Sunil Gavaskar late 20C Start Would be good to have a couple more references, however is very good otherwise
Lance Gibbs post-SWW Start substantial, but lacking in references and structure
George Giffen late 19C Start
Adam Gilchrist 21C   FA FA confirmed March 2007
Graham Gooch late 20C Start needs sectioning and, though substantial, should be further expanded
W. G. Grace late 19C C currently being developed
Jack Gregory (cricketer) inter-war Start lacks references and needs expansion
Clarrie Grimmett inter-war Start
Richard Hadlee late 20C B
Wes Hall post-SWW Start substantial, but lacking in references and structure
Wally Hammond inter-war   FA 2010
Hanif Mohammad post-SWW Start needs expansion
David Harris (cricketer) underarm Start
George Harris, 4th Baron Harris late 19C Start
Neil Harvey post-SWW   GA Passed June 07
Lindsay Hassett post-SWW   GA late 2009
Martin Hawke, 7th Baron Hawke late 19C Start
Arthur Haygarth writer C Needs more cites, expansion and images for B
Tom Hayward early 20C Start
George Headley inter-war   FA May 2011
Ian Healy late 20C Start
Patsy Hendren inter-war Start
Clem Hill early 20C   FA FA confirmed March 2008
George Hirst early 20C   FA March 2011
Jack Hobbs inter-war   FA
Michael Holding late 20C Start Anecdotal humour is disproportionate
Len Hutton post-SWW   FA Jan 2011
Kapil Dev late 20C Start Comprehensive, some language issues
Imran Khan late 20C B Ignored the politics section, this is small
Archie Jackson inter-war   FA
Stanley Jackson early 20C Start needs more images, expansion and refs for B class
C. L. R. James writer Start
Douglas Jardine inter-war   FA 2010
Javed Miandad late 20C Start
Sanath Jayasuriya 21C Start
Mahela Jayawardene 21C C
Gilbert Jessop early 20C Start needs structuring and more citations
Jacques Kallis 21C Start
Rohan Kanhai post-SWW Start good quality but far too short
Bart King early 20C   FA FA confirmed May 2007
Alan Knott late 20C Start
Jim Laker post-SWW Start
William Lambert (cricketer) underarm Start
Brian Lara late 20C C lacks article prose
Harold Larwood inter-war   FA
Dennis Lillee late 20C C hagiography
William Lillywhite roundarm Start
Ray Lindwall post-SWW   GA Passed January 2008
Clive Lloyd late 20C Start Not much more than a stub
George Lohmann late 19C Start with more references might make GA
Thomas Lord underarm Start needs expansion
Charlie Macartney inter-war   FA FA confirmed Oct 2007
Archie MacLaren late 19C   FA
Vinoo Mankad post-SWW Start lacks references and needs expansion
Rod Marsh late 20C Start
Malcolm Marshall late 20C Start hagiography
Peter May post-SWW Start
Stan McCabe inter-war   GA Passed Jan 07
Glenn McGrath 21C Start POV hype, some inline cites
Keith Miller post-SWW   GA Passed March 2009
Arthur Morris post-SWW   FA FA confirmed November 2007
Muttiah Muralitharan 21C B NPOV issues etc. Rationale is obvious
Alfred Mynn roundarm Start
Richard Newland underarm B
Monty Noble early 20C Start
John Nyren writer Start
Richard Nyren underarm Start
Bill O'Reilly (cricketer) inter-war   FA FA confirmed May 2007
Kerry Packer patron Start
George Parr (cricketer) roundarm Start
Fuller Pilch roundarm Start
Graeme Pollock late 20C B
Bill Ponsford inter-war   FA FA confirmed June 2009
Ricky Ponting 21C B
Mike Procter late 20C Start Some language needs to be toned down
Sonny Ramadhin post-SWW Start starts well but then tails off, having almost nothing about his career after 1950
K. S. Ranjitsinhji late 19C Start short on references, otherwise good
John Richard Reid post-SWW Start lacks references and needs expansion
Wilfred Rhodes early 20C   FA 2010 FA
Barry Richards (cricketer) late 20C Start
Viv Richards late 20C Start chronological account only for early career
Tom Richardson late 19C Start pretty good, though short of citations and occasionally verging on hagiography
Charles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond patron Start difficulties due to multi-project interest
Andy Roberts (cricketer) late 20C Start Not much more than a stub
Kumar Sangakkara 21C B
Alfred Shaw late 19C Start Needs structuring and more citations
Arthur Shrewsbury late 19C B a good beginning
Bob Simpson (cricketer) post-SWW B Could do with a clean-up
John Small (cricketer) underarm Start needs expansion
Garfield Sobers post-SWW C currently being developed
Fred Spofforth late 19C Start Weasel words
Brian Statham post-SWW Start needs citations to support statements that - though probably true - currently appear as POV. Otherwise pretty good - substantial and well structured
Lumpy Stevens underarm Start needs expansion on a chronological basis and a style section
Herbert Sutcliffe inter-war B
Maurice Tate inter-war Start
Hugh Tayfield post-SWW Start pretty good but on the short side and lacking in citations
Bob Taylor (cricketer) late 20C C
Herbie Taylor inter-war B
Sachin Tendulkar 21C B Massive NPOV problems, no proper chronological account. Has inline cites
Jeff Thomson late 20C Start
Fred Trueman post-SWW Start Hagiography
Hugh Trumble early 20C   FA FA confirmed May 2008
Victor Trumper early 20C Start
Johnny Tyldesley early 20C Start
Frank Tyson post-SWW Start
Hedley Verity inter-war   FA
Bert Vogler early 20C C Needs more references and coverage of his death for B class, possibly another image
Clyde Walcott post-SWW Start
Tom Walker (cricketer) underarm Start
Courtney Walsh late 20C Start
Waqar Younis late 20C Start
Shane Warne late 20C B chronological account missing for mid career; signs of hyperbole
Pelham Warner early 20C Start
Wasim Akram late 20C Start Nationalism issues
Steve Waugh late 20C Start Career in detail. need proper sources
Thomas Waymark underarm Start
Everton Weekes post-SWW B
Edgar Willsher roundarm C Needs expansion
George Finch, 9th Earl of Winchilsea patron Start
John Wisden roundarm Start
Bill Woodfull inter-war   GA Passed May 07
Frank Woolley early 20C Start
Frank Worrell post-SWW Start shortage of references, otherwise not bad
Bert Sutcliffe post-SWW Start
Bob Willis late 20C   GA
Colin Cowdrey post-SWW C
Dave Gregory (cricketer) late 19C Start
Desmond Haynes late 20C Start
Inzamam-ul-Haq 21C C
James Lillywhite late 19C Start
Mark Boucher 21C Start
Tom Wills roundarm   GA
Tony Greig late 20C B