Batting graphs edit

Based on original by Raven4x4x (talk · contribs)

Templates edit

  • Can be used for Tests, ODI, Twenty20, FC, anything

Instructions edit

  • Open up to the datasheet page as an example
  • First column is year of the innings, or month in the case of a season
  • Second column for runs in innings
  • 3rd col mark 1 if not out.
  • 4th col is total runs for last 10/5 innings as desired for running average
  • 5th col is total outs for last 10/5 innings per above, using the sum function of 10 or 5 subtract the sum of ones in the not out column
  • 6th col is divide to get running average of last 10/5 innings

Graph rendering edit

Old excel edit

My old excel computer doesn't work at the moment, so can't write down the graph technique for it

New excel (2009 onwards) edit


  • Select the whole data area and click on the chart icon and select 2D column. There will be multicolumns everywhere. It's auto so you can't butt in immediately
  • Right click on graph and go to "select data"
    • The horizontal axis labels are by default 1 2 3 etc, so click on edit and then drag down the year column, to switch it to years
    • Then delete the data series for not out, year, total runs, total outs, keeping only runs and average
  • Right click on x-axis and "format axis" and then "alignment" on the LHS and then rotate the text by 270 degrees
  • Because the chart thing is rigid to begin with, both the runs and average are shown as bars.
    • Right click on the average data series and select "change series chart type" and switch to line with no data points.
    • Colour in columns with red by "format data series" and "fill" red. For the line, use "line color" blue
    • Insert text box and type in title
    • Copy the chart to Paint, and then using the paintbrush, add appropriately colored blue circular dots of the same tint above the not outs
      • Save as PNG
Note: Adjust colour as desired, eg in a season's graph, red bars for Test innings and pink for FC