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Welcome to the Compositions task force of the Classical music WikiProject! This task force will focus primarily on articles about and relating to classical compositions (except operas, which are already sufficiently covered by WikiProject Opera). Major works will be at the forefront.



To join this task force, simply add the following to the bottom of this list: # ~~~

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Former and inactive participants




Task force userbox


You can also identify yourself as a participant by changing the WikiProject Classical music userbox as follows:

{{User WPClassical|composition=yes}}

This userbox should appear:

Task force banner


Any article within the Classical music WikiProject which falls under the scope of the Compositions task force should be tagged as such by changing the following to the existing WikiProject Classical music banner as follows:

{{WikiProject Classical music|composition=yes}}

This banner should appear:

 Classical music: Compositions
 This article is within the scope of WikiProject Classical music, which aims to improve, expand, copy edit, and maintain all articles related to classical music, that are not covered by other classical music related projects. Please read the guidelines for writing and maintaining articles. To participate, you can edit this article or visit the project page for more details.
This article is supported by Compositions task force.

Assessing articles


There is no internal WikiProject assessment system for articles at the moment.

Article guidelines

See Guidelines page.

It is sometimes useful to create a navigational box at the end of article, which groups together all compositions of a certain type by a certain composer (for example Template:Beethoven symphonies), providing a reader with easy access to similar articles. These boxes should be created in following way, using the same format and colour scheme as the existing boxes:

|name       = Composer type of composition <!-- For example Schubert violin concertos -->
|state      = uncollapsed
|titlestyle = background:tan; <!-- Tan is the standard colour for navboxes -->
|title      = '''Type of composition''' by '''Composer'''
|list1  = <div>
'''First Article'''{{·}}
'''Middle Articles'''{{·}}
'''Last Article'''
<small>[[List of compositions by Composer]] <!-- Only include this line if link exists -->
[[Category:Composer templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]

For details on how to code more complicated navboxes, please consult the existing navboxes in Category:Composer templates.

Stub template


Any article within the scope of the Compositions task force which also qualifies as a stub as per WP:STUB should be tagged as such by adding one of the following at the end of the article as appropriate:





If you are not sure which template to use, or if none are appropriate, add the following at the end of the article:


Please note that the tag should be removed once the article has been expanded. In addition, please consider rating the article in the project banner on the talk page (see below).

Categories of classical works


All articles should be classed in an appropriate subcategory of both Category:Compositions by composer and Category:Compositions by musical form or an appropriate combined category. If the main instrument(s) used is not clear from the musical form, the article should also be classed in a subcategory of Category:Compositions by instrument.

Example 1: Violin Concerto (Mendelssohn) is classed in both Category:Violin concertos and Category:Compositions by Felix Mendelssohn.
Example 2: Saxophone Concerto (Glazunov) is classed in both Category:Compositions by Alexander Glazunov, Category:Concertos and Category:Compositions for saxophone.
Example 3: String Quartet No. 16 (Beethoven) is only classed in Category:String quartets by Ludwig van Beethoven.

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