Wikipedia:WikiProject Children's literature/Assessment

Welcome to the assessment department of the Children's Literature WikiProject! This department focuses on assessing the quality and importance of Wikipedia's children's and young-adult literature related articles through the WP:1.0 program.

Assessing articles


Any user can add articles to this WikiProject by adding {{WikiProject Children's literature}} to the article's talk page. This should only be done if the article relates directly to the project scope, and if you find any articles which seem to be incorrectly tagged then they can be delisted by removing the project template from the talk page.

Articles are assessed through the |class= and |importance= parameters in their {{WikiProject Children's literature}} project template. Class is used to denote the quality of the article, and importance to denote its importance to WikiProject Children's Literature. The possible values for each of these can be found in Assessment Criteria below. Often when articles are first tagged they will not be assessed on these qualities, but they will automatically be added to the project and should be assessed shortly, allowing for delay due to backlog.

Any user can assess articles for this project, even if they are not a member. However, some users prefer an outsider's opinion on articles they are closely involved in, and you can request an assessment from project members by adding the article to the list of Assessment requests below. These will be dealt with by a number of editors; if you would prefer one particular individual for some reason, it may be better to contact them through their talk page.

Ratings are often subjective and will change over time as the article develops. If you have any problems with the ratings system, you may wish to leave a message at the project talk page or the article discussion page.

Department tasks


If you want to help the assessment department, please contribute to any of the following tasks:

Assessment Criteria


This project uses the WP:1.0 assessment criteria to assess articles. The criteria specific to this project are listed below.

Quality scale


This WikiProject uses the WP:1.0 quality scale to assess its articles. If you feel any article is incorrectly assessed, you can either change it yourself, selecting the correct article class from the table below, or request an assessment from this department for a more objective viewpoint.

Importance scale


The criteria for rating importance are intended to give a probable indication of the relevance of each article to this particular project and the likelihood of the topic's inclusion in a traditional encyclopedia. Importance is intended to be a neutral, international value which is not affected by editor demographics or regional biases, but some subjectivity is always present. If you do not agree with an article's importance rating, you may wish to contact the user who assessed the article, or begin a discussion of that article at the Article Discussion page.

Label Criteria Examples
Top Subject is a "core" topic for children's literature and is highly significant to a general audience. Dr. Seuss
Newbery Medal
High Subject is very notable or significant within the field of children's literature and has some significance to a general audience. Curious George
Judy Blume
Mid Subject is notable or significant within the field of children's literature (or to a historian), but not necessarily outside it. Walk Two Moons
Quentin Blake
Low Subject is not particularly notable or significant even within the field of children's literature, and may have been included primarily to achieve comprehensive coverage of a notable author or other notable subject. Absolutely Normal Chaos
Anthea Bell

Assessment requests


If you have made significant changes to an article on this project and would like an outside opinion on a new rating for it, please feel free to list it below along with your signature and any comments you wish to leave. This is not required, and you may assess the article for yourself, but any articles here should soon receive attention from a project member, who may also leave comments on the article's talk page. If you assess an article on this list, please use <s> and </s> to strike it through so that other editors do not waste time going there. Assessed articles will be removed periodically.

Please do not place articles which you believe to be Good Article or Featured Article class on this list. These have their own nomination procedures, which can be found at Good Article nominations and Featured Article nominations.

Please do not place articles which have not yet received assessments on this list. Any unassessed article with the project tag will automatically be categorised as unassessed and will be dealt with as soon as possible. There may be a short delay due to backlog.

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