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Welcome to WikiProject Bridges and Tunnels.

  • Goals: To increase the number and quality of articles about bridges and tunnels, improve their formatting and language, add references and media, and increase standardization.
  • Scope: This project is related to articles about specific bridges and tunnels, types of bridges and tunnels, lists of bridges and tunnels, bridge and tunnel categorization, and related templates.

If you would like to help, check the to do list or articles needing attention. Feel free to include yourself to the list of participants.

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Membership templateEdit

Template for members to include on their user page: {{WikiProject Bridges and Tunnels}}; or Use the following on your userbox form to show you are part of this project:

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Article templateEdit

The template to place on an article's talk page (pretty basic) is {{WikiProject Bridges and Tunnels}}.

  • For a Start quality article, use {{WikiProject Bridges and Tunnels|class=Start|importance=}}.
  • For a list of bridges and tunnels, use {{WikiProject Bridges and Tunnels|class=list|importance=}}.

Class and importance guidelines are shown on the Assessment page.


To doEdit


The basic Wiki guidelines should be followed normally. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and Pulaski Skyway serve as good models.


The introduction sentence should include what type of bridge or tunnel it is, what it crosses (river, canyon, etc.), and where it is located:

'''Bridge''' is a [[bridge type]] that spans [[body of water or land]] between [[city, state]], and [[city, state]]. (Notable information here, e.g., if it's the oldest/tallest/largest of its type). It was built in [[year]] by [[agency responsible for construction]] and was designed by [[notable engineer or firm]].

Images and mediaEdit

Please upload media to Wikimedia Commons so that it can be used across all Wikipedia projects easily. If there are many pictures a gallery at the bottom of the page is an option to consider.

Infoboxes and templatesEdit

  • {{Infobox bridge}} and {{Infobox tunnel}} are the preferred templates for individual structures and work best for users if placed at the top of the page. Refer to the template pages for detailed instructions.
  • {{Infobox bridge type}} should be used for bridge design types.


The article should be included in the category for the type of bridge that it is (example Category:Suspension bridges). It should also contain a category based on location, such as Category:Bridges in New York (state)

There has been much discussion at Wikipedia talk:Categorization and on this talk page about the best way to organize articles within categories. For this project we will place all bridge articles in a category based on location (by nation for countries not yet with a lot of bridge articles where subdivision hasn't happened (Category:Bridges in Japan), or small countries with relatively few bridges (Category:Bridges in Singapore)), or states/provinces for larger countries (Category:Bridges in New York (state)). If these categories are further divided amongst subcategories, the articles will remain included within the larger category (For example: all the bridges in Category:Toll bridges in New York (state) and Category:Bridges in New York City will be included in Category:Bridges in New York (state)). This makes the category pages the easiest to navigate at the price of adding slightly redundant categories on the individual articles. This has been found to be the best solution until MetaWiki supports the inclusion of subcategory articles within parent category pages.

Why write an article about this bridge or tunnel?Edit

A good article should contain as much of the following, and more, as possible:

  • WHAT is this bridge or tunnel?
  • How long/wide/high/tall is it?
  • What sort of construction is it? (See bridge types, below.) Made of what? Concrete, steel, wood, stone, reinforced styrofoam?
  • When was it built?
  • Why was it built?
  • Who built it?
  • Who designed it?
  • What precedes it? That is, were there any previous bridges on that site? Maybe a ferry?
  • What context is it in? Any history? Battles, political or otherwise? Other events?
  • What kind of effort went into it?
  • How much did it cost?
  • Is or was there anything special about its design, location, circumstances, paint color, or manner of failure or destruction?
  • What does it carry? Roads? Railroads? People? Elephants? How many elephants?
  • Does it move? Intentionally? How so?
  • Provide a picture! Or several!
  • What are its coordinates?
  • What makes it worth an article?

The more you can put into an article, the more references (more references mean more people care), the more data in general, the less susceptible to AfD the article is.


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Specific bridgesEdit

See the list of Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks at the ASCE Civil Engineering historic landmark list (also at List of historic civil engineering landmarks); the bridges below don't have articles yet, unless they're here under another name:

Since these bridges are listed as Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks, they're probably noteworthy enough to deserve articles.

Now-demolished bridgesEdit

Bridges that were landmarks in their time but are now gone, but which heartily deserve articles.

Bridge engineersEdit

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There are 15 Bridge FAs (see Category:FA-Class Bridge articles), one former bridge FA, and one tunnel FA:
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