Wikipedia:WikiProject Brazil/Transportation in Brazil task force

This is a task force of WikiProject Brazil.

Goals Edit

  • Identify articles to improve that are related to railways, highways, subway systems, and other modes of transportation in Brazil
  • Increase broader participation in WikiProject Brazil, by creating a more organized space for collaboration

Participants Edit

  1. Giso6150 (talk · contribs)
  2. Hack (talk · contribs)
  3. Prburley (talk · contribs)
  4. Westindiaman (talk · contribs)

Assessment Edit

As you assess articles for this task force, please follow these basic guidelines:

  • Do not leave class or importance blank, if possible
  • If in doubt, use importance=low and class=stub
  • Nearly every article will overlap with some other WikiProject(s), add a template for those as well (see list below)

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Articles needing attention Edit

Requested articles Edit

Request additional article(s)

From Federal highways in Brazil template Edit

Resources Edit

  • TRID. A database of the Transportation Research Board and the OECD Joint Transport Research Centre. Most international journal publishers also represented. Updated daily.
  • Ministério dos Transportes do Brasil. Brazilian Ministry of Transport. Includes some statistics, legislation, and news on transport in all modes. In Portuguese.
  • IBGE. Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics. Primarily in Portuguese.
  • Portal da Legisclação, Governo Federal. Brazilian Federal Government Legislation Portal. In Portuguese.
  • Northwestern University Transportation Library. Index of approximately 300 international transportation periodicals. Updated daily, document delivery by inquiry.
  • Hathi Trust. Includes a large number of out-of-copyright historical materials on transport in all modes in Brazil; materials not in full text likely available via interlibrary loan. Updated frequently.
  • WorldCat. OCLC WorldCat. Not specific to transportation, search results not always specific, but most comprehensive database for Brazil-related materials. Search results can be scoped to Brazil and/or Portuguese-language materials. Updated daily. Search interface in English by default, in Portuguese, and other languages (at bottom of home page).