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Welcome to the Domestic pigeon task force of WikiProject Birds.



This task force covers anything related to the care and breeding of domesticated pigeons. The following types of articles fall within the scope of this task force's mission:

  • breeds of domesticated pigeons
  • racing pigeons and other aerial competitions (e. g. thieving competitions)
  • important books related to raising domesticated pigeons
  • magazines (past and present) associated with pigeon keeping
  • biographies of important people in the history of the keeping of domesticated pigeons
  • aspects of genetics specific to domesticated pigeons
    • documentation of what is known regarding mutants found only in domesticated pigeons
  • history of domesticated pigeons and mankind's relationship with the pigeon.

Articles regarding doves, other species of pigeons, and other columbiformes are outside of the scope of this task force. This is because the scope of domestic pigeons is already substantial without adding the subject of doves and other species of pigeons.



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  4. Chrisrus (talk) 14:57, 7 July 2013 (UTC)

To doEdit

  • Tag related articles.
  • Find editors who have shown interest in this subject and ask them to take a look here.
  • Suggestions for articles to be created (add your suggestions for articles to be created here and remove articles as they are stubbed in)
    • There are many pigeon stubs to be found on the list in the article Dickin Medal.
    • William H. Pensom
    • Wendell M. Levi
    • Willard Hollander
    • United States National Pigeon Association
    • American Racing Pigeon Union
    • American Pigeon Journal (Magazine)
    • The Pigeon (Book)
    • Encyclopedia of Pigeon Breeds (Book)
    • List of famous pigeon fanciers
    • Hundreds of articles for pigeon breeds
    • Extinct pigeon breeds (e. g. The Finnikin)
    • Genetics of domesticated pigeons
    • Feather ornaments found in domesticated pigeons
  • Identify articles for improvement
  • Review importance and quality of existing articles


Tagging and assessmentEdit

Until such time as this task force is upgraded to a stand alone WikiProject, any articles that are within the scope of this task force should be tagged with the project banner of WikiProject Birds. i.e. use {{BirdTalk}} template on talk page.


By convention, category notation goes at the end of the article before interlanguage links:


For main project templates, see the main project page for WikiProject Birds.

Userbox templateEdit

Participants can add the following userbox to their user page which will add them to the Domesticated pigeons task force category.

  This user is a member of the domestic pigeon task force

Infobox templateEdit

We now have one we can use here: Template:Infobox Pigeonbreed

Stub templatesEdit

Featured/Good contentEdit



General works on domesticated pigeonsEdit

  • Levi, Wendell (1977). The Pigeon. Sumter, S.C.: Levi Publishing Co, Inc. ISBN 0853900132.
  • McClary, Douglas (1999). Pigeons for Everyone. Great Britain: Winckley Press. ISBN 0907769284.
  • Hiatt and Esposito, DVM, Shannon and Dr. Jon (2000). The Pigeon Guide. Silvio Mattacchione & Company. ISBN 1895270189.
  • Vriends and Erskine, Matthew M and Tommy. Pigeons. Barron's. ISBN 0764129910.

Works concerning pigeon healthEdit

  • Walker, Dr. Colin (2000). The Flying Vet's Pigeon Health & Management. Knox Veterinary Clinic. ISBN 1876677910.
  • Marx, Dr. David (1997). A Veterinary Approach to Pigeon Health. Lake Charles, LA: Racing Pigeon Digest Publications. OCLC 41852125.

History of pigeonsEdit

  • Hansell, Jean (1998). The Pigeon in History. Bath, UK: Millstream Books. ISBN 0948975504.



  • Australian Racing Pigeon Journal [1]

United StatesEdit

  • Purebred Pigeon magazine[2]
  • Racing Pigeon Digest[3]