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This was copied from somewhere else and is in the process of being adjusted for the Beetle project's needs.

WikiProject Beetles manages lots of articles related to beetles. This section is an attempt to categorise some of the main ones as to quality level and address which ones need work the most.

This is an ongoing task and your help would be appreciated. Have a read of some of the existing classifications so you know what this is about, and please do read the instructions before starting, as there are a few tweaks and other jobs we can do at the same time as classifying with minimal extra effort and good returns!

Article Assessment DepartmentEdit

Welcome to WikiProject Beetles' Article Assessment Department. The bot providing the classification information runs once a day, so most of the time the data presented here have a lag of one day.

How to gradeEdit

  • Locate ungraded beetle related articles which are within the scope of the project. Those we know about reside in Category:Unassessed beetle articles and Category:Unknown-importance beetle articles
  • Grade the article using the grading and importance scheme below.
  • Once graded, the {{WikiProject Beetles}} template needs to be included (not subst'd) on the Talk page with the correct Template:WikiProject Beetles. These need to be updated after improvements to the article to reflect the article status.
  • Apply small fixes on the spot (or big fixes if you have the time and inclination).
  • While you are there, check that the article is in at least one (and usually only one) beetle category.
  • If the article is graded better than a stub but it has a stub template, remove the stub template(s) from the article.
  • If the article needs a photo, put a |needs-photo=yes parameter into the {{WikiProject Beetles}} template
  • If an article might be in need of either merging or splitting, please note the article first and, for merge proposals, any articles you would suggest merging the article into. In addition, make a discussion on the WikiProject Talk Page and maybe ping several of the WikiProject Beetle members to ask for their opinion before merging/splitting.


Place some examples of the template usage/grading procedure here.

  • For example, change {{WikiProject Beetles}} to {{WikiProject Beetles|class=B|importance=Low}} if you think it's a low importance B class article... then explain why on the comments subpage.

Grading schemeEdit

Quality scaleEdit

Importance scaleEdit


Assessment logEdit

Beetle articles:
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The logs in this section are generated automatically (on a daily basis); please don't add entries to them by hand.

Assessment log

October 6, 2022Edit



October 2, 2022Edit


  • Cybistrinae (talk) reassessed. Quality rating changed from Stub-Class to Redirect-Class. (rev · t) Importance rating changed from Low-Class to NA-Class. (rev · t)

October 1, 2022Edit


  • Dynastini (talk) reassessed. Quality rating changed from Stub-Class to Start-Class. (rev · t)


  • Antodon (talk) assessed. Quality assessed as Stub-Class. (rev · t) Importance assessed as Low-Class. (rev · t)