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Although we strive to comply with all Wikipedia guidelines, there are a lot of them. The ones here are listed for convenience and also may be particularly helpful when editing Gundam articles:

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In addition to the above guidelines and recommendations, follow the guidelines and recommendations of the following "parent" WikiProjects when they apply:

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Even if not directly Gundam-related, the following WikiProjects that may contain useful advice and information that you can use:


A list of participants can be found at Category:WikiProject Gundam participants.

Technically speaking, anyone who edits / contributes to Gundam articles is a participant, and there are no requirements other than that. If one wishes they can further identify themselves with the project by listing their name as a participant. This helps spread the word about the project and can help other editors see what types of articles that user is interested in editing.

To add yourself to the project listing add the following to your user page.

[[Category:WikiProject Gundam participants|{{subst:PAGENAME}}]]

Or, if you wish to use the userbox, add {{User WP Gundam}} to your user page instead as it includes the above wikicode.


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These articles are currently nominated for deletion, please follow the links to discuss about them.

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These articles are proposed to be deleted, feel free to edit them to meet Wikipedia's policy so that they will not be nominated for deletion.

A huge number of Gundam images has been proposed for deletion. Please see [1]

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  • List of Turn A Gundam mobile units‎ Need urgent attention

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{{Early Universal Century Mobile weapons}}

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Wikipedia stand point on fictional mechanical units and itemsEdit

  • An article should not be created if it contains no real world significance.
    • If it does not contain any real world significant other than being one of the items in the series, the real world impact is by the series itself instead of the mecha.
    • Examples of real world significance are appearance in another series, not dedicated to the original series, preferably not any Gundam series. An exception is something like the SD Gundam G Generation series, and the HG, MG, PG, EX models series which contains different mecha from different Gundam series and is not dedicated to one Gundam series. The MG and EX model series are best sources since they contain mechas from the Patlabor, Aura Battler Dunbine, Yukikaze and Ace Combat series as well.
  • A list of mechas is acceptable and should be created per WP:FICT guideline of fictional characters, they are considered minor characters until they receive enough real world impact and flooded the list to too long.
    • If the list became too long (larger than 32kb and is warned by wiki's editing page), try to separate them into different series and land, sea, air based lists before separating them into fictional nations.

Valid arguements in AfD discussionsEdit

WP:Notability should be the main issue of articles being deleted. According to WP:FANCRUFT, Approach section, in AfDs the main focus should be on notability, not about the article is fancruft or not since fancruft could be notable. If anyone just leave a note of fancruft or not notable/nn, point them to WP:CRUFTCRUFT. If the page contains not even one single reliable third party source, leave it, there is no way the fight could be won. Improve the article to a better state, cite verifiable and reliable sources before trying to save a page.

Sample pagesEdit

Here are a few pages that are written to try to follow the guidelines of WP:FICT, the contents containing more real world analysis instead of plot summary. These are not perfect articles still need more work on them but is considered better following wikipedia's policy and guidelines than most of the others:

    • The designs should include impacts on later productions, specifically stating who is the designer and why the design influenced later designs. Real world impacts should be stated, like production of model in a different series and appearance in a non Gundam related series. Instead of having a page with just technical specification and plot summary.

Current sourced real world impact CE mechasEdit

  • Strike, Skygrasper, Freedom, having not only appearance in the Super Robot Wars series, but the two MS are featured in a 3D modeling technique book and modeling review in Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan magazines. First two are the only CE mecha appearing in the PG model series and the latter is the only unit appearing in the MG series other than the first two and Strike Freedom. Also impacted later production and design of the Strike Noir, Cosmograsper and Strike Freedom.

Vandal alertEdit

troll frequently vandalize pages related to Gundam by adding in unreferenced material into articles, changing numbers randomly even when easily accessible official sources like the Gundamofficial is presented and kept doing a series of self-reverts to confuse other editors that he/she has mixed in vandalism edits. User reported several times but admins are too busy and have little knowledge which material is correct and only treat those vandalism as "controversial edits (content dispute)". This user has been blocked from editing several times.

Newer edits of the suspected user with smartly removes the sources along with his/her edits, which makes it easier to report such case to admins to certify a longer term block, cheers.
  • The above user currently uses the IP: and is currently back.
  • The above user might be back with the IP: They may not be the same person, since edits are somewhat different, but they share the same poor English and making up numbers persistent vandal styles.
    • They also share the same interest in non-anime articles, like their 10/21 edits of potential superpower articles [3].
    • This particular IP is being blocked for a month(last til 24 Feb, 2009)
  • User talk: same vandal again.
    • Blocked for 55 hours (will be back around 16 July, 2009)
  • User: replied talk page section and edited articles of same interest, same number vandalism without source(claiming his/herself having more reliable sources yet never presented them) poor English standard(cannot understand the difference between fourth and forth and multiple user replies and edit summaries)
  • List of Superior Defender Gundam Force characters is constantly being vandalized with dubious characters by unregistered users with similar attributes. I removed some of them, but my edit was reverted by User:Cwobeel, who I have already contacted regarding the issue, but you guys with greater knowledge of Gundam than I should be able to properly resolve it. Additionally Superior Defender Gundam Force had some false information that I have since removed, but a close eye should be kept on that page as well.