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Roller Coaster Task Force


Welcome to the Roller Coaster task force! The purpose of this task force is to standardise and improve all roller coaster related articles on Wikipedia.

To doEdit

Importance scaleEdit

The classifications and criteria listed below should be used to rate an article's importance to the task force, which prioritizes articles that are most likely to be researched and visited by readers seeking more information on roller coasters. Those with the higher importance have a greater need to be well-written and complete. In some circumstances, the popularity of a subject may lead to a higher importance rating than another subject with greater importance to the industry.

Ratings are subjective, so editors may not always agree on the proper classification. Questions or concerns should be posted at WT:WikiProject Amusement Parks.

Status Template Notability Examples
Top {{Top-Class}} Subject is a crucial aspect of the roller coasters task force. This includes articles covering coaster types and technology, as well as coasters with historical significance. Wooden roller coaster
The Racer
High {{High-Class}} Subject covers significant manufacturers, prolific people, and coasters that have set notable records or are widely-recognized within the industry. This also includes articles covering models with multiple installations at multiple parks. Vekoma
LaMarcus Adna Thompson
Kingda Ka
Mid {{Mid-Class}} Classification covers most roller coasters, particularly those with at least some recognition outside of their respective region. Lesser-known companies and individuals may be classified here as well. Apollo's Chariot
E&F Miler Industries
Low {{Low-Class}} Subject is a loosely-related aspect of roller coasters, or may represent a product that is themed to roller coasters. This also includes coasters and companies that are unfamiliar to most readers. Euthanasia Coaster
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
??? None Subject is of unknown notability. Articles of unknown importance and have not been rated.


Placing articles into categories is now done automatically by the infobox. It will add any page including it to these categories, as long as the appropriate parameters are filled out correctly:

  • Roller coasters
  • Park Category
  • Manufacturer Category
  • Primary (wood or steel) and secondary type categories
  • Height category (Hyper, Giga, Strata)

If you see any redlinks in an infobox, check to ensure you have filled all fields in correctly and leave a message on the talk page if the problems persists.

Articles about types of roller coasters and roller coaster elements should be placed into Types of roller coasters and Roller coaster elements, respectively.

User boxesEdit

Wikitext userbox where used
{{Template:User Roller Coaster TF member}}
Rollercoaster Tornado Avonturenpark Hellendoorn Netherlands.jpgThis user is a member of the
Roller Coaster Task Force.
linked pages
{{User:UBX/coaster|coaster name|number of rides}}
Rollercoaster Tornado Avonturenpark Hellendoorn Netherlands.jpgThis user's favorite roller coaster is coaster name, which this user has ridden number of rides times.
linked pages