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A priority for AfroCreatives WIkiProject is to encourage not just an increase in the volume of Wikipedia edits, but a continued improvement in the quality of edits. The assessment ratings are a vital measure of the quality of articles in the African film and television category. They are equally useful for ACWP and our community of editors to evaluate and track the progress of individual articles as well as of the category more broadly.

The assessment ratings mentioned here (see below table) have no relationship whatsoever to grading in education or review scores like A/B/C/D/F or other rating systems (10-point scale, 5-star system, etc.) that you might see on homework and product reviews. They represent the amount of work needed to bring the article to the next rating, which depends on both the quality of the writing and the depth of coverage of the topic, which greatly varies by subject.

Note that the differences between Stub, Start, and C classes are fairly subjective; at those ratings, the best way to improve the article is to look at the specific criteria for B-Class and aim to satisfy those. Learn more

The overwhelming majority of African film and TV articles are stubs. ACWP aims for a majority of articles to graduate to a minimum status of Start while always aiming for higher.

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