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In order to better focus our efforts towards improving and maintaining Wikipedia articles related to persons of the African diaspora, Wikiproject African diaspora is participating in article assessment. These article ratings not only identify topics in need of further work, but they also help us recognize excellent contributions. Parameters in the {{Project afro}} project banner define the rating of the article and place it in the appropriate sub-category of Category:African diaspora articles by quality.

How to assessEdit

An article's assessment is generated on its talkpage from the class parameter in {{Project afro}}, the WikiProject's banner. To add the banner, add the following to its talkpage:

{{Project afro|class=?|importance=???}}

To add an assessment, simply fill in the class parameter with the appropriate letters. The following values may be used:

Articles for which a valid class is not provided are listed in Category:Unassessed African diaspora articles. The criteria for the different classes is below.


Quality scaleEdit

WikiProject African diaspora uses the same criteria for grading articles as set out by the Version 1.0 Editorial Team. If you are not sure what class an article falls under, leave a note on the WikiProject's talkpage, and someone will help you out.

WikiProject article quality grading scheme


African diaspora articles are rated on this importance scale. Importance must be regarded as a relative term. If importance values are applied within this project, these only reflect the perceived importance to this project An article judged to be "Top-Class" in one context may be only "Mid-Class" in another project. The criteria used for rating article priority are not meant to be an absolute or canonical view of how significant the topic is. Rather, they attempt to gauge the probability of the average reader of Wikipedia needing to look up the topic (and thus the immediate need to have a suitably well-written article on it).