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Template:Did you know nominations/Queen's Sophia Bible

Round 5Edit

FA: 100 pointsEdit

GA: 30 pointsEdit

  1. A Polish Nobleman Talk:A Polish Nobleman/GA1
  2. Sejmik Talk:Sejmik/GA1 (1.2x multiplier)
  3. Stephen Báthory Talk:Stephen Báthory/GA1 (2.4x multiplier)
  4. Polish–Russian War of 1792 Talk:Polish–Russian War of 1792/GA1 (1.6x multiplier)
  5. Sikorski's death controversy Talk:Sikorski's death controversy/GA1
  6. Liberum veto Talk:Liberum veto/GA1 (1.6x multiplier)
  7. Polish–Prussian alliance Talk:Polish–Prussian alliance/GA1
  8. Partition Sejm Talk:Partition Sejm/GA1
  9. Ryszard Siwiec Talk:Ryszard Siwiec/GA1 (1.4x multiplier)

FL: 45 pointsEdit

FP: 35 pointsEdit

FPO: 35 pointsEdit

FT: 10 points per article in topicEdit

GT: 3 points per article in topicEdit

DYK: 5 or 10 pointsEdit

  1. Bible of Queen Sophia Template:Did you know nominations/Queen's Sophia Bible
  2. Kamienie na szaniec Template:Did you know nominations/Kamienie na szaniec
  3. A. B. Dobrowolski Polar Station Template:Did you know nominations/A.B. Dobrowolski Polar Station
  4. Battles of Parczew, Jabłoń and Milanów Template:Did you know nominations/Battles of Parczew, Jabłoń and Milanów
  5. Testament mój Template:Did you know nominations/Testament mój
  6. Propaganda of success Template:Did you know nominations/Propaganda of success
  7. Kim Am Template:Did you know nominations/Kim Am
  8. Ryszard Siwiec Template:Did you know nominations/Ryszard Siwiec (1.4x multiplier, 5 extra base points, 2 bonus points)
  9. Kenneth A. Bollen Template:Did you know nominations/Kenneth A. Bollen
  10. Józef Piłsudski Monument in Warsaw (Piłsudski Square) Template:Did you know nominations/Józef Piłsudski Monument in Warsaw (Piłsudski Square)
  11. Roman Dmowski Monument in Warsaw Template:Did you know nominations/Roman Dmowski statue in Warsaw
  12. Fedor Solntsev Template:Did you know nominations/Fedor Solntsev (shared autorship)
  13. Józef Wybicki Template:Did you know nominations/Józef Wybicki (1.4x multiplier, 2 bonus points)
  14. Rejtan (painting) Template:Did you know nominations/Rejtan (painting) (5 extra base points)
  15. Neo-Slavism Template:Did you know nominations/Neo-Slavism
  16. Anti-Superstition and Black Magic Ordinance Template:Did you know nominations/Anti-Superstition and Black Magic Ordinance (5 extra base points)
  17. Killing Us Softly Template:Did you know nominations/Killing Us Softly

ITN: 10 pointsEdit

GAR: 4 pointsEdit

  1. Talk:Battle of Warsaw (1831)/GA1