Wikipedia:What user rights are not

This is a list of what autopatrolled and rollbacker rights are not.

Common notsEdit

  • These rights are not prizes, titles or honours. They are simply tools to help you edit.
  • These rights are not quality guarantees. Rollbackers can be blocked – and it has happened – if they abuse the function.
  • These rights are not promotions. They are only extra tools. Just because you are a rollbacker does not mean you will never make mistakes while reverting vandalism; just because you are an autopatrolled does not mean you will always maintain an NPOV in articles.


  • Autopatrolled rights are not a way to vandalise unseen. There are many ways to spot vandalism, such as using Lupin's tools. Even though new page patrollers might not spot your vandalism, recent changes patrollers might. And don't forget the random page patrollers who just might come across your article.
  • Autopatrolled rights do not indicate that the quality of your pages can be guaranteed. Just because you are trusted not to vandalise does not mean that your articles are good.
  • Autopatrolled rights are not necessary. You don't really need them if you're simply trying to write an article or two.
  • Autopatrolled rights are not for your convenience. Rather, they make life easier for new page patrollers.


  • Rollbacker rights are not a means to edit war. Doing so may cause your right to be removed by an administrator.
  • Rollbacker rights are not something to brag about. It's like having a screwdriver that only 1 out of 1000 people have. After all, probably 998 of the people have other kinds of screwdrivers. In this case, everyone else can revert and undo. Rollback is just another kind of tool.
  • Rollbacker rights are not necessary. If you only patrol recent changes, say, once a month, why would you need to rollback?

Pending changes reviewerEdit

  • Pending changes reviewer rights are not something to be shown in a WP:HATSHOP.
  • Pending changes reviewer rights are not anything other than the ability to approve pending changes.

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