Wikipedia:Version 0.5

Articles included in the Version 0.5 test release

This CD contains a collection of a total of 1,964 core articles taken from the English version of Wikipedia (, the online encyclopedia. This is a test version, designed to prepare the way for a larger release. Considerable effort has been made to exclude errors, but it is not perfect. Although the collection is not comprehensive, it does include most major topics. Some specialised articles have been included, in order to showcase excellent writing on narrower topics. Articles may be found using the search engine, the alphabetical list or the navigation pages.

The collection contains all countries of the world, all global cities and all known chemical elements as of January 1st, 2007. All articles are released under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL, For a complete list of contributors for a given article, visit and consult the history section of the article. All images are either declared to be public domain, GFDL, or Creative Commons licenses ( For information about author and copyright for a specific image, please visit or

1 Arts
2 Language and literature
3 Philosophy and religion
4 Everyday life
5 Society and social sciences
6 Geography
7 History
8 Applied sciences and technology
9 Mathematics
10 Natural sciences