Note: The uploader usergroup was deleted in July 2009 when the ability to grant the Confirmed usergroup became available.


An uploader was one of the user access levels on Wikipedia. A contributor's access to perform certain actions in Wikipedia is determined by various flags on their account, some of which are automatic and others of which must be given to them manually. A user with a flag is said to be a member of that flag's 'user group', giving them certain 'permissions' and the use of certain features of the MediaWiki software. The current list of users with this feature can be found at Special:Listusers/uploader.


It was created by User:Brion VIBBER on 12 November 2008. Normally when a user signs up they have to wait four days and make ten edits before they become autoconfirmed. Autoconfirmed users have the ability to edit semi-protected pages and upload files. Brion, who is the chief technical officer for the Wikimedia Foundation, created the ability to assign the autoconfirmed permission after a discussion on the Village Pump.

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