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Most Popular Wikipedia Articles of the Week (June 17 to 23, 2018)Edit

Prepared with commentary by Stormy clouds

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Olé, Olé, Olé!Edit

Ladies and gentlemen, it is football season, and I, for one, am ecstatic. Since the 14th of June, every remote control in my house has lain idle; the football, and nothing but the football, is on, and that is the end of discussion. And we're not even at it! It's the World Cup, an unstoppable force that lets every soccer aficionado worldwide neglect everything else, even the heinous organisation that is responsible for the footy festivities. However, this week, we were reminded that other stuff exists, with the shocking death of a rap star, which is perched atop this week's iteration of the report. However, the list is still dominated utterly by Telstars and VARs, making it fun for a devout footballing fan to compile.

So, without further ado, for the week of June 17 to 23, 2018, the 25 most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the WP:5000 report were:

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes
1 XXXTentacion   7,306,664 XXXTentacion, the 20-year old rapper behind "Sad!", amongst other hits, died in a shooting in Florida. His sudden death through gun violence, reminiscent of other prominent rappers, evoked a large reaction, and propelled a large swell of people to his article. Views on the death are decidedly mixed, between those who admired his music and its outlook on mental health issues, and those who criticised him due to his violent past (he was convicted of domestic abuse). I won't comment on his legacy, but the shocking nature of his death left him atop the Report this week.
2 2018 FIFA World Cup   4,163,410 Now this is more in my wheelhouse. Six consecutive articles related to football appear in the Top 10 of the report, demonstrating the sheer power of the World Cup to captivate and intrigue. The football has been engrossing thus far, and I have been duly glued to it - between the influx of penalties wrought by the VAR system, to the propensity of players to hit absolute screamers in matches (for technique alone, this remains my favourite finish to date), this World Cup has truly caught the attention. As to who will win, I remain clueless. However, for brevity, let's discuss the footballing reasons behind the following entries, and why they are drawing such attention.

  • Ronaldo (CR7, not the harshly nicknamed "fat Ronaldo", incidentally a World Cup legend in his own right), netted three for Portugal against his Iberian rivals, claiming the match ball and a valuable point. He then scored the winner against a feeble Morocco, eliminating them and ensuring qualification for Portugal. Amidst the turmoil and anarchy at his old club, a nation's hopes ride on his back. SI!!!

  • The 2018 contest is the 21st time that the footballing teams of the world have convened for a month of hard contested bouts. Wikipedians were drawn to two articles, regarding the contest as a whole and its evolution through time, and a comprehensive list of competitions prior, as they investigate more about the origins of the fabled trophy, named for FIFA's early president Jules Rimet.

  • Ronaldo, curiously, is not alone in having the hopes of an entire country on his shoulders. Messi, his only peer in the modern game (sorry, #15), is also flying the flag for his native Argentina, albeit with far less success. A draw against Europe's mightiest minnows (in which he missed a penalty), followed by a thumping 3-0 loss to Croatia, has left Argentina in severe jeopardy of elimination in the group stages. That would be quite a descent from the last tournament, where we claimed the Golden Ball. Messi's legacy is on the line, as, without a World Cup win to emulate that of Mexico '86, he may be doomed to remain in the gargantuan shadow of Diego Maradona, cursed to be considered Argentina's second greatest footballing son.

  • Finally, we have the previous World Cup, hosted in Brazil. 2014 was memorable for a whole host of reasons, from James' sublime volley for Colombia to the 7-1 blitzkrieg inflicted on the hosts by a rampant German side. They went on to win the tournament, defeating Lionel Messi's Argentina with an extra-time goal from Mario Götze to secure their fourth title, and first post-reunification.
3 Cristiano Ronaldo   1,376,672
4 FIFA World Cup   1,297,469
5 List of FIFA World Cup finals   1,038,969
6 Lionel Messi   994,470
7 2014 FIFA World Cup   905,222
8 Incredibles 2   895,572 This film, above all others released this summer, holds a special interest for me. Pixar has begun creating sequels of late, such as Finding Dory, to its beloved classics from the early 2000s. Given that I was a young child in this timeframe, I absolutely adore these classics, most of all the studio's take on the superhero genre. The sequel entered release in the States last week, but unfortunately, due to the World Cup, I won't be afforded the chance to see it for another month or so. However, all reviews indicate that it is excellent - once again Pixar defies the notion that if all films are super, none of them are.
9 Money in the Bank (2018)   827,392 I'll be honest; I have never comprehended the allure of wrestling. If I wished to witness great acting and faux fighting, I would attend the theatre. However, it draws mega money - who can forget that time that a wrestling bout filled the world's largest stadium, in North Korea, of all places. The appearance of this article, concerning a scuffle to claim a briefcase loaded with dollar bills, is testament to this popularity. Apparently, Braun Strowman won.
10 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom   810,821 The latest film in Universal's monstrously large series hits US multiplexes this weekend, following a massive, inescapable marketing push. The film was released in Ireland a fortnight ago, affording me to see it in advance of my American brethren. I was not particularly thrilled, despite Andy Dwyer's charisma. At a certain stage, one has seen too many CG variations of a velociraptor and tyrannosaurus rex before the novelty wears off.
11 Race 3   771,824 Bollywood returns to the report in bombastic fashion this week, just being denied a spot in the top 10. As is customary, this film, the third in its franchise, features a Khan - Salman, in this case. The action caper has drawn great box office receipts in India, where star-power is still a crucial cinematic commodity, as it collects hundreds of crore.
12 2018 NBA draft   769,071 The draft for basketball was held during the week, as franchises picked from the best college talent to bolster their ranks in preparation for the upcoming season. Without the presence of Sam Hinkie, there is no process to follow, so the draft is distinctly less engaging for a statistics-loving fan like myself. Maybe the Sixers and The Process can follow through on the promise of the draft with their new GM, Bryan Colangelo (oh, scratch that).
13 Deaths in 2018   763,549 Once again, morbid curiosity prevails, and the list of the death, driven to higher numbers due to the demise of #1, and a number of high-profile suicides (Bourdain and Spade, for instance), lands on the list.
14 Juneteenth   747,623 Slavery was abolished on the 19th of June 1865 in the state of Texas, giving rise to a celebration of the Emancipation movement which continues to this date every Juneteenth in the USA. The holiday, observed in 45 states, fell last Tuesday, leading to a surge of interest in the holiday, propelling view counts upwards. It is a beautiful celebration of human spirit and resilience, and poems by Maya Angelou are read to commemorate the date when the caged bird was freed.
15 Neymar   670,148 Honestly, I am not the largest fan of Neymar. His talent is undeniable, and if applied correctly he can rival Messi and Ronaldo as a great of the game. However, I feel that he makes too many poor decisions, from his financially-motivated move to an inferior league to his placement of a Pot Noodle on his head. Perhaps he is storing his skill for the later stages, but he has not exactly set the world alight so far against Costa Rica or Switzerland, being outshined by the little magician. His strong personality, propagated by the media, drives vast amounts of viewers his direction. His highlight this week, for me, was crying on his knees after scoring into an open goal from less than ten yards out. His passion is clear - his preparedness for World Cup glory remains to be seen.
16 Charles Krauthammer   658,822 A conservative pundit pre-dating the infuriating fascination with the red pill, Krauthammer was an excellent journalist, receiving the Pulitzer Prize in 1987 for his work with the influential Washington Post. (A publication that we encountered earlier this year, interestingly) He died this week, driving many to his article, and landing him in the Report.
17 2026 FIFA World Cup   595,270 With the furore surrounding the World Cup at present (it is the central theme of the Report), it is hardly surprising that Wikipedians are looking towards the future of the tournament. FIFA decided to hold the 2026 iteration of the contest, which will feature an expanded 48 teams, in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The World Cup will return stateside for the second time, following USA '94. Unfortunately, while the MetLife Stadium will hold matches, Ireland will be unable to return to the site of one of their greatest triumphs, where Ray Houghton stunned the Italians.
18 Brooks Koepka   568,124 Koepka has quietly risen to the top of the golf sphere. He lacks the grandiosity of a McIlroy or Reed, but absolutely possesses the talent. He proved this once again at Shinnecock Hills, as he defended his US Open title and claimed his second major, demonstrating his stunning quality on challenging courses.
19 2010 FIFA World Cup   546,248 World Cup fever continues to pervade all corners of Wikipedia, as people reminisce about the tournament eight years ago, which took the contest to African shores for the first time. It will be best remembered by Spaniards, as La Roja recovered from defeat against Switzerland in their opening game to claim their first World Cup in a final which incorporated a karate kick, the best Dutch team this side of Johann Cryuff, and a late winner from Andres Iniesta.
20 2022 FIFA World Cup   540,703 And the global soccer contagion has led people to think about the next tournament, which will be infamously hosted in Qatar. I could touch on the much publicised deaths of construction workers, the insanity of holding a competitive football tournament in scorching heat, in a country with no World Cup heritage, or the sickening extravagance of the construction plans, which include the construction, at the cost of $90 billion or so, of a new city to host the final. I could go on a rant about the lunacy involved on FIFA's behalf, but instead, I will point out that this article is longer than the one which reached the report, and let you make your own conclusions.
21 Xherdan Shaqiri   540,039 Another World Cup related entry, as Wikipedians have been drawn to the article of the Swiss magician. The Stoke attacker has been heavily linked with a move to Liverpool in recent weeks, and a series of sublime World Cup performances, including a decisive goal (and divisive celebration) against Serbia, in addition to two assists, show that the Kosovan native may justify a starting place alongside the Reds' terrific front three.
22 Avengers: Infinity War   538,222 You should have aimed for the head. Snap.
The box office behemoth, starring the Mad Titan, continues to captivate the minds of Wikipedians worldwide, driving swarms of people towards his article. Suffice it to say, there would only have been 269,111 views if Cable had his way. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust et al.
23 Pete Davidson   533,636 The Saturday Night Live comedian, who I have found somewhat humorous through his dry delivery, hit the headlines this week following his engagement to Ariana Grande. I guess that makes one less problem. This news helped put focus on his Wikipedia article. His persona, heavily autobiographical in nature, is that of a depressed Staten Island native, with a mutual dislike between the comedian and his homeland. Given his bride-to-be, and new luxurious lifestyle, perhaps we will see his comedy adapt.
24 Romelu Lukaku   513,565 Lukaku, the aerially dominating front-man for Man Utd, is currently in Russia with the Belgians, and is tearing defences asunder each game. Having scored two against Tunisia to complement his brace against Panama, Lukaku became the first player since the aforementioned Diego Maradona to score two goals in two consecutive games at the World Cup. One day later, 'arry did the same.
25 FIFA World Rankings   506,711 We close with a final football related item, as many Wikipedians are viewing the most highly regarded certain international teams, according to FIFA's system, which is soon to be scrapped in favour of a revised, Elo-inspired system. At present, reigning World Cup champions Germany are top of the pile. Or perhaps those perusing the article are wondering how Peru are considered to be the eleventh best team in the world. Post Poulsen and Mbappé, I know I am.


  • This list excludes the Wikipedia main page, non-article pages (such as redlinks), and anomalous entries (such as DDoS attacks or likely automated views). Since mobile view data became available to the Report in October 2014, we exclude articles that have almost no mobile views (5–6% or less) or almost all mobile views (94–95% or more) because they are very likely to be automated views based on our experience and research of the issue. Please feel free to discuss any removal on the talk page if you wish.
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