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The TFAR requests page is currently accepting nominations from July 19 to August 18.

Planned requests for beyond that date can be entered below. Articles on this list aren't automatically accepted, because TFA coords have a variety of constraints to meet when scheduling articles, and articles competing for the same dates might show up at TFAR.

Before nominating here, please check for dead links using checklinks or otherwise, and make sure all statements have good references. This is particularly important for older FAs and reruns.


Date Article Reason Primary author(s) Added by (if different)
July 20 Siege of Berwick (1333) Why Gog the Mild
July 26 Battle of Caen (1346) Why Gog the Mild
August 4 Death of Ms Dhu Why Freikorp
August 14 Sega Genesis Why Red Phoenix
August 20 Marchioness disaster Why SchroCat
August 22 Operation Goodwood (naval) Why Nick-D Coffeeandcrumbs
September 2 The Breeders Tour 2014 Why Moisejp Feminist
September 2 Lawrence Weathers Why Peacemaker67
September 4 Sasha (DJ) Why Lazz R KingEuronIIIGreyjoy
September 7 Finn M. W. Caspersen Why ColonelHenry (blocked) ??? (Paintspot)
September 8 Wipeout 3 Why David Fuchs Harizotoh9
September 15 Operation Paravane Why Nick-D Coffeeandcrumbs
September 16 Kevin Beattie Why Dweller, The Rambling Man
September 23 The Shawshank Redemption Why Darkwarriorblake KingEuronIIIGreyjoy
October 1 Simon Hatley Why Wehwalt
October 5 Kate Winslet Why Krimuk2.0
October 15 Al-Mu'tadid Why Cplakidas
October 17 Battle of Neville's Cross Why Gog the Mild
November (any day) Knight Lore Why czar
November 5 Guy Fawkes Why UpdateNerd KingEuronIIIGreyjoy
November 12 Aitraaz Why Krish! (indef'd for socking) Dank
November 22 Donkey Kong 64 Why czar
December 13 Taylor Swift Why FrB.TG Feminist
December 25 Ho Ho Ho (album) Why Aoba47
January 3 Cyclone Ada Why Juliancolton
January 10 South China Sea raid Why Nick-D Coffeeandcrumbs
February 8 Baden-Powell House Why Wimvandorst Dolotta
February 15 Roger B. Chaffee Why Kees08 Coffeeandcrumbs
March 10 Bombing of Tokyo (10 March 1945) Why Nick-D Coffeeandcrumbs
March 17 William F. Raynolds Why MONGO ??? (Paintspot)
April 5 Adventure Time Why Gen. Quon ??? (Paintspot)
April 13 Gottlob Berger Why Peacemaker67
April 20 Super Columbine Massacre RPG! Why David Fuchs L ke
May Waterloo Bay massacre Why Peacemaker67
May 7 The Mummy (1999 film) Why David Fuchs Feminist
June 14 Operation Inmate Why Nick-D Coffeeandcrumbs
June 28 Phillip Davey Why Peacemaker67
July 24 Peter Sellers Why SchroCat and Cassianto ??? (Paintspot)
July 29 Eris (dwarf planet) Why Serendipodous and Worldtraveller LaundryPizza03
August 15 Surrender of Japan Why Raul654 Coffeeandcrumbs
August 26 Australia women's national wheelchair basketball team at the 2012 Summer Paralympics Why Hawkeye7
September 9 Michelle Williams (actress) Why Krimuk2.0
October 20 Rwandan Civil War Why Amakuru
November 2 Warren G. Harding Why Wehwalt
November 21 Super Mario World Why Jaguar Harizotoh9

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