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Sorga Ka Toedjoe is a film from the Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia) which had its premiere in Surabaya on 30 October 1940, one of fourteen domestic productions released that year. The black-and-white film featured traditional kroncong music and was targeted at native audiences. It was directed by Joshua and Othniel Wong for Tan's Film, a company owned by the ethnic Chinese brothers Khoen Yauw and Khoen Hian. The Wongs had worked for Tan's since 1938, when they directed the hit film Fatima featuring Rd Mochtar. Sorga Ka Toedjoe was the first production by Tan's Film after Mochtar left the company. Starring Roekiah and Djoemala as a younger couple and Kartolo and Annie Landouw as an older couple, it was a commercial and critical success. Roekiah and Djoemala took leading roles in three more films before Tan's closed in 1942, following the Japanese occupation of the country. Sorga Ka Toedjoe is now believed to be lost. (Full article...)