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David Duchovny in 2011
David Duchovny

"The Truth" was the two-hour ninth-season finale of the American science fiction television series The X-Files, premiering on May 19, 2002. Written by series creator Chris Carter and directed by Kim Manners, the finale was the most-watched episode of the ninth season, with 13.25 million viewers. It received mixed reviews, with many commentators criticizing its lack of closure. Others were pleased with the episode's conclusion and with the full return of actor David Duchovny (pictured) as Fox Mulder, following his departure from the series after the eighth-season finale. The ninth season focused on the paranormal investigations of FBI special agents John Doggett (Robert Patrick), Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish), and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). In the finale, Scully learns that Mulder—who had been missing for almost a year—was being held for the supposed murder of a bioenhanced soldier in a secret government program. "The Truth" served to conclude many story arcs. (Full article...)