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Nuvola apps kword.png ScheduleEdit

This is the schedule for Articles for improvement. Here, you can find the articles that have been chosen to be an AFI, as well as those that are scheduled to be one in the future. Archived entries are accessible here. If you're looking for a plain-text list of scheduled articles, see the schedule archive.

This week is week 18 of 2021 (beginning 3 May 2021)


Watches are one type of fashion accessory.

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Next week is week 19 of 2021 (beginning 10 May 2021)


Tattooing among women of the Koita people of Papua New Guinea traditionally began at age five and was added to each year. The V-shaped marks on the chest, with certain others, indicate that the woman is marriageable. Photo taken in 1912.

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The week after is week 20 of 2021 (beginning 17 May 2021)


A computer lab equipped with desktop computers

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The following week is week 21 of 2021 (beginning 24 May 2021)


Cooked pork chops on a plate

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Preparing a scheduled weekEdit

Successfully nominated articles are moved from the nominations page to the WP:Articles for improvement page. Articles are selected for the schedule by random by a bot and posted at WT:AFI.

The bot also creates the subpages for the scheduled week. The only additional required human action should be:

Specify a picture and caption by following the redlinks in the box above. Use the format File:Example.jpg to specify the picture, and include a bolded link to the selected article in the caption.

The article template {{AFI}} is maintained by a bot and does not need to be added or removed manually. Similarly the {{Former AFI}} template is also automatically added to the talk page of the past week's selection.