Wikipedia:Tip of the day/September 30

Interwiki links and shortcuts

You can make links that lead to Wikipedia's sister projects, and a few other places, without the arrow that accompanies external links. Here's how:

Prefix Example Shortcut
[[wikibooks:]] wikibooks: [[b:]] b:
[[meta:]] meta: [[m:]] m:
[[mediawikiwiki:]] mediawikiwiki: [[mw:]] mw:
[[wikinews:]] wikinews: [[n:]] n:
[[wikiquote:]] wikiquote: [[q:]] q:
[[wikisource:]] wikisource: [[s:]] s:
[[wikipedia:]] [[wikipedia:]] [[w:]] w:
[[wiktionary:]] wiktionary: [[wikt:]] wikt:
[[commons:]] commons: [[c:]] c:
[[wikidata:]] wikidata: [[d:]] d:
[[wikispecies:]] wikispecies: [[species:]] species:
[[google:]] google: used for google queries
[[mediazilla:]] mediazilla: used with bug numbers
The long form doesn't work within the same project. The shortcut works everywhere.