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Tilastopaja is a database offering athletics statistics from Finland and worldwide.

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Example citation

  • <ref>{{Tilastopaja|id=|name=|sex=|fi=}}</ref>
  • The id field is mandatory and relates to the number found in the target athlete biography URL
  • The name field is optional and changes the output text for the athlete's name. This defaults to the article name (minus any disambiguation handles in parentheses).
  • The sex field should be used when linking to female athletes. The behavior of the "sex" field depends on whether the "fi" field is populated or not. If the "fi" field is populated, "sex=w" should be used for all female athletes and "sex=m" can be optionally used for male athletes. If the "fi" field is not populated, the "sex" field must be empty for male athletes and can have any non-empty value for female athletes.
  • The "fi" field is optional. If populated this will change the URL to access the Finnish side of the database. Many Finnish athletes, particularly older ones, are held under the Finnish language portion of the website.


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