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May 2019

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What's HotEdit


The WikipedianEdit

You can find the interview here.

Wikipedia EventsEdit

  • If an Admin account is compromised from now on, a new RFA may be required when getting their account back
  • Admins should have a strong password that is not used on any other site, along with 2fa enabled on their account.

Editor's NotesEdit

  • New Sections are now here, these include The Wikipedian and Wikipedia Events
  • We added a did you know section to our main page, along with some tweaks

Activity PageEdit

Answers to last month's activities!

  1. Wikiproject Oshwah
  2. Thegooduser
  3. around 9 issues
  4. September 2018

Here are this month's questions:

1. What will happen now if an Admin account is compromised?

2. Name of a Featured Wikipedia Article

3. Name of an article that has pending-changes protection

Answers will be given in next month's issue, good luck!