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Spotlight is a process by which a number of editors collaborate online and concentrate on improving a single article through the #wikipedia-spotlight channel on the freenode IRC network (see this tutorial for help with IRC). You can access the channel using freenode webchat or another IRC client. The project's history can be observed through its newsletter.

The article currently under the Spotlight is at Suggested articles.

Please add your name to the participants here, and suggest articles here.


Spotlight articlesEdit


  • You'll know if your page is being looked at by Spotlight by the template on the top of the talk page, and the page will have the Wikipedia Spotlight category.
  • The current article will be tagged with {{Spotlight}} on the talk page. That template auto-detects which namespace it is in, and adds the appropriate text.
  • After completion, {{Spotlighted|date}} will be placed on the talk page.
  • When working on the article, please put {{Spotlight working|~~~~~}} within the section that you are working on.


There is a userbox that participants can add to their user pages. Adding this will place your name in the Wikipedia Spotlight contributors category.

{{User Spotlight}}

 This user contributes to


Anyone may award the Spotlight barnstar to contributors, by placing {{Spotlight Barnstar|put your comment here ~~~~}} on the talk page of the user to whom you wish to award it

Spotlight Spotlight