Wikipedia:Simple RM closing instructions

Requested move discussions require an uninvolved administrator, page mover or experienced editor to determine consensus and act accordingly. This is a simple guide to the technical process of closing such discussions. Remember to wait until the discussion is in the Elapsed or Backlog section of the requested move queue before closing. Unlike the closure of articles for deletion discussions, RM discussions require manual closure.

Therefore, here is the super-simple guide to closing RM discussions.

  1. Once you've determined consensus, edit the section of the talk page where the RM discussion is taking place. If no consensus has emerged, and you do not feel that an additional relisting will clarify consensus, a close of no consensus may also be appropriate without relisting.
  2. If consensus is unclear, and you believe that additional discussion would help to clarify the consensus, add {{subst:relisting}} directly after the nominator's message and signature, and do not close the discussion.
  3. If you decide to close the debate, remove the {{requested move/dated}} tag from the talk page, or change {{requested move/dated}} to {{subst:requested move/old}}, then below the section heading, add {{subst:RM top|result}}.
  4. Replace result with either moved, not moved or another phrase which describes the result of the discussion. You may add a closing rationale immediately after the boldfaced result if you think it is necessary. Do not sign the post, the template will automatically include your signature.
  5. Any non-admin closure must be declared with the template {{subst:RMnac}} placed directly after the reasoning for the close within the {{subst:RM top}} template.
  6. At the end of the section, add {{subst:RM bottom}}.
  7. Add {{Old move}} to the talk page using {{Old move |date=<proposal date> |from=<original name of article> |destination=<name of destination article> |result=<result of discussion> |link=Special:Permalink/<oldid>}}.
  8. Save the page with an appropriate edit summary, like Closing requested move survey; page moved/not moved, and carry out the action specified in your closing statement. If the action includes moving page(s), follow the moving and cleanup procedures.

For technical instructions on actually moving the page, please see the page mover guide.