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Earth at perihelion (13:51 UTC, 2021) {ref improve}
Feast day of Saint Basil of Caesarea >15 {cn} tags
366 – The Alemanni, an alliance of west Germanic tribes, crossed the frozen Rhine in large numbers to invade the Roman Empire. date not cited, may not be an appropriate date to feature the article
533 – Mercurius, a Roman priest, was elected Pope John II; he was the first pope to adopt a new name upon elevation to the papacy. tagged with {single source} and {lead too short}
1666 – The foundation stone of the Castle of Good Hope, the oldest extant building in South Africa, was laid. tagged with {unreliable sources}
1860 – French mathematician Urbain Le Verrier announced the "discovery" of the planet Vulcan at a meeting at the French Academy of Sciences in Paris. refimprove section
1905Russo-Japanese War: The Siege of Port Arthur ended when the Russian fleet surrendered to Japanese forces at Port Arthur, a deep-water port and Russian naval base in present-day Lüshunkou, China. refimprove
1942 – In the largest espionage case in American history, over 30 members of a Nazi spy ring led by former South African Boer soldier and adventurer Fritz Joubert Duquesne were convicted following an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. lots of CN tags (7), esp in one section (Leo Waalen)
1949Luis Muñoz Marín became the first democratically elected Governor of Puerto Rico. lots of CN tags (15)
1971 – At Ibrox Park in Glasgow, Scotland, 66 people were killed in a stampede during an Old Firm football match. refimprove section
1981 – English serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, the "Yorkshire Ripper", was arrested in Sheffield, eventually ending one of the largest police investigations in British history. tagged with {refimprove} & {unreliable sources}
1975Lalit Narayan Mishra, the Indian Minister of Railways, was assassinated in a bomb blast at Samastipur, Bihar. refimprove
2006An explosion at a coal mine in Sago, West Virginia, U.S., trapped 13 miners for nearly two days, leaving only one survivor. refimprove



January 2: Feast day of Saint Gregory of Nazianzus (Roman Rite Catholicism, Anglicanism)

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