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Traditional Day in Benin stub
49 BCJulius Caesar and his Thirteenth Legion crossed the Rubicon in violation of Roman law, starting a civil war. Rubicon: refimprove; Civil War: unreferenced section
1645William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury and a supporter of King Charles I, was beheaded in the midst of the English Civil War. refimprove section
1810 – Childless after 14 years of marriage, Napoleon divorced his first wife Joséphine so he could remarry in the hope of having an heir. unreferenced section
1954BOAC Flight 781 suffered an explosive decompression at altitude and crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, killing everyone on board. unreferenced section
2004Helge Fossmo, the village priest of Knutby, Sweden, orchestrated the murders of his wife and his neighbor, a crime that shocked the country. refimprove section



January 10

Lucas gusher at the Spindletop oil field
Lucas gusher at the Spindletop oil field
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